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Ricardo Mayorga in a Car Accident and Sick with Flu
Sugar Lee Santiago, (August 22, 2004) 
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Press in Nicaragua are reporting that Ricardo Mayorga has not reported to training camp since Tuesday morning (Aug 17) of this week because of flu-like symptoms, writing that Mayorga left Monday's training camp because he felt dizzy and weak after a less than stellar sparring session.

"The truth is that I don't feel good," Mayorga told La Prensa, a local newspaper in Nicaragua. "I wanted to train but I couldn't make it to the gym because my body hurts all over."

In an unrelated story, La Prensa reported that Mayorga may have been in a major car accident on Tuesday of this week. Reports say that witnesses saw Mayorga losing control of his red BMW and landing in a deep ditch where locals made a human chain trying to get him and other victims involved out.

"We made a chain to help him and a woman that was involved," said an eye witness on the scene named Manuel Espinoza, who was traveling on a bus when the accident occurred. "He (Mayorga) came out on his looking scared and puzzled because of the accident."

"It wasn't me" Mayorga told La Prensa, denying his involvement in the accident. "Yes, there was an accident and yes, it was my car, but I was not the driver. I loaned the car to a friend and he was in the accident because he brought the car to my house and it was wrecked."

Note: La Prensa also reported that they met with Mayorga Wednesday night and "El Matador" showed no visual evidence of any type of injury that would be consistent with a car accident of that nature.
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