Boxing: Antonio’s Reliable Source on Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Pratt and yes, Boxing!
By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 2, 2009)  
It’s summer, and I am bored. Dead bored. It’s 3 AM on a Sunday morning and here I am writing this column for you. It kind of reminds me of that time when United States President Bill Clinton, his cartoon version anyways, visited Beavis and Butthead in school and he got told that “it is 10 pm, do you know where your butt is?”…well, my butt is here writing.

The thing is that because you like this column, you have become a motivator to me. You are the one that helps keep this column going. Even through I once swore to myself that I would never be a gossip reporter, I have found a niche with you and with, and this is something I enjoy doing because I know you enjoy it.

So I hope that all you readers out there can always keep on coming back for more, because, after all, without your support, this column would not be possible!

Tell Us Something We Didn’t Know!

LeAnn Rimes must really think we’re fools. Either that, or she is really fooling herself. The hot babe and country singer apparently did not know that we knew she and Eddie Cibrian are dating. So, of course, she had to show us.

Rimes and Cibrian had been dating secretly, in what I will say was the loudest secret since Arnie Rothstein allegedly fixed the 1918 World Series, for months. But now, the couple decided to step out and show themselves together, hanging at a golf club in Valencia, California. Rimes and Cibrian also attended an LA Lakers NBA game a few months ago, according to the magazine that “outed” them, US Magazine.

Abe Atell would definitely be proud. And hey, I suspect that LeAnn and Eddie still leave the best moments of their relationship as “private”!

Proud Momma

Ah, who better than your mom to be by your side when the going gets tough? You gotta love moms: usually, they are the ones who stand on your corner no matter what round it is, to the very end of it. Chris Brown’s mother is no exception.

After Chris Brown was sentenced to five years’ probation for allegedly assaulting singer Rihanna, his mother, Joyce Hawkins, wrote at, that she is not ashamed of her son. Ms. Hawkins declared that “I made a promise I would never be ashamed of him no matter where I am or who I talk to. You see, this whole thing isn’t about Chris, it’s about God. He wants to show all of you the goodness of Him through Chris. Chris will be addressing all of his fans very soon. We love you so much and so does God”.

Brown was also sentenced to 180 hours community service for the actions he allegedly took.

Ms. Hawkins sounds like a very good, Christian person. But her words beg the question: does she think that if, and that is a big if there, her son beat up Rihanna as they say he did, that was about God too? I hope not, because violent acts are as ungodly as a first round knockout loss is an embarrassment for a boxer!

La-Z Boy??

Anne Heche has us used to controversy. She is the one who once dated Ellen DeGenerated, ehem, DeGeneres, in what then was the most famous lesbian couple in the world, and she is also the one that once decalred she was “Celestia, daughter of God and half sister of Christ”. But Heche had been long gone from the tabloids for a while. Until now anyways!

The actress went to the Late Show With David Letterman recently and declared her former husband, actor Coley Laffoon, to be a “lazy ass” and someone who got excited about receiving $3,700 dollars a month in child support from Heche. Laffoon, however, is not holding back and he declared on his blog, according to US Magazine, that “I wish Anne Heche could see that public bullying isn’t good for her soul or positive for her child. It’s mean”.

I only wish he could have directed those words to some of our famous boxers too. Like Lennox Lewis and Hasim Rahman. Or Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales.

I can only wish!

Anniston Butlered?

Jennifer Aniston must really love those gossip magazines. They keep her on our minds, and consequently, her bank account swollen as we keep wanting to see her movies. Even if some of them were not that good anyways. And of course, they keep bombarding us with rumors about her dating this or that man.

The latest in the line is her co-star in “Bounty”, actor Gerald Butler. For weeks, photos of her and “her Butler” have appeared on all the tabloid newspapers as they hold hands or walk together or whatever. But the thing that webpage smartly pointed is that none of those magazines cared to mention that the photos could have been taken while the two actors were filming a part for the movie, anyways.

If that has been the case, then it would be like the scene in “Lethal Weapon 3” when Danny Glover and Mel Gibson run into Glover’s film daughter kissing a man, only to discover it was part of a commercial shooting! But I do have to say, hey Jenny, at 49, you’re fine as hell! Certainly better than looking at George Foreman at that age!

Kilmer Does Not Need The Money

Do you remember a certain guy from New Mexico, named Val? Hmmnn…another hint: he played Jim Morrison in the 1991 movie “The Doors”. No, not yet? Hmmnn… about this? He once made a movie named “The Saint” and has a last name that rhymes with former WBA world Lightweight Champion Hilmer Kenty’s first name? Ok, ok, I’ll tell you who it is: it’s New Mexican, former famous actor Val Kilmer!!! Kilmer has been doing nothing for a very long time already.

But he apparently has good reason not to do anything significant, and that is that he does not need money anymore. Because if he did, he would not have taken his ranch off the market after offering it for $33,000,000 dollars. Yep, you heard right: 33 million dollar$! According to, Kilmer is not selling his ranch anymore. He is also not running for governor of New Mexico, according to an interview he gave the New Mexico Independent newspaper.

Hey Val, if you don’t want to sell the house for your sake, sell it for mine! I need 33 million!! That way, I could surely score some knockouts of my own!!

A Price With Pride

For those of you into television evangelism, Betty Price is known as the wife of the reverend Fred K.C. Price of Los Angeles’ Crenshaw Christian Center, a church with none less than 22,000 members! (and I thought the local church that fits 3,000 was large!!). She has been married to reverend Price for 50 years.

Well, Ms. Price will now be known also as a controversial writer, for her upcoming book, “Warning to Ministers, Their Wives and Mistresses”, promises to dish out counseling to pastors who have extramarital relationships as well as the people intimately involved with them. And knowing how we love church scandals, I expect this book to become a best seller. According to the website,, she declares in her book that “I received two anonymous letters within a week apart. Both women shared their involvement with very high profile men of God”. She goes on to ask: “I challenge ministers and their mistresses to ask themselves, where is God in your life? What is your commitment to God? Where is your conscience?”.

Ms. Price is a minister herself. And like a good boxing champion would, she also seems to know how to “minister the right punch” at the right moment!!

Miss Heidi

Maybe you haven’t noticed, or like many of us, you just really don’t care that much anymore anyways, but Miss Universe 2009 has already passed. And Miss Venezuela won the contest, the second year in a row that South American country’s babes get crowned as the universe’s “representant of female beauty“, as if Mars and Pluto also had females.

Well, but the person who really stole the show was Heidi Pratt of “The Hills”. The actress and now apparently, singer, sang “Body Language” during the universal contest, held this year at The Bahamas. According to US Magazine, NBC producers decided to show only half of her performance after reported she would lip-synch. So, while she thought she was seen around the world singing, the network was actually showing introduction of the 15 finalists instead. Pratt sang wearing an “excellent, dude!” bra and pants. Why did you have to cut her off, NBC? That was the best part of the entire show!!!

I wonder if this was the same work of the geniuses who thought they’d treat the audience to Heidi just before the end of the Super Bowl? These people would probably go on a commercial break just as that other Venezuelan pride, Edwin Valero, is about to deliver one of his trademark knockout blows!!

Eye Candy!

The famous German fruit candy brand, Maoam, is causing quite a stir in the United Kingdom, and it’s nothing related to one of their new flavors. In fact, it is because of something some parents are considering to be “flavour-less” on their part!

You see, according to the Daily Mail, Simon Simpkins of West Yorkshire, and his wife, were at a supermarket and decided to buy candy from the aforementioned brand for their children. That is, until they saw the candy’s wrapper. They thought that the wrapper had a lime and a lemon “doing the deed”! So they told the store’s manager, and then they made sure the brand’s company knew their feelings as well.

I’m gonna say something: I think sometimes people make too much out of nothing. The logo is, after all, just a candy comic where two characters do appear to be frolicking but more in a playful, childish way than anything else! Children, I would think most at least, do not know about sex so they cannot see what the Simpkins see about it! Leave it to us dirty minded adults to give it sexual connotations!!

Ok, I’m done with that. Now you can try to punch me in the mouth!

Seen and on the Sceen

Various boxers have been seen on television this last week. To start with, Paulie Malignaggi was ringside to enjoy the brawl between Juan Urango and Randall Bailey, which televised on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights and which I am sure, Paulie was happy to be there and see a classic in person. Hell, he’d rather be there than in Texas, where he got robbed by the boxing judges the week before!

Roger Mayweather, his nephew Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez star in the HBO series “Mayweather-Marquez 24/7”, which has been showing all week long. Rafael Marquez, Juan Manuel’s equally successful boxer brother, was also seen at the show. Talking of Juan Manuel Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera substituted him on the Tecate beer commercials one sees on Spanish television in the US. And talking of Barrera, he was, as always, seen Friday night on ESPN en Espanol’s “Golpe a Golpe”.

It was vintage Hector Camacho Sr. and Mike Tyson week at the MSG Network as the television channel showed old time fights featuring the two on it’s classic boxing show. Camacho Sr. was additionally seen wearing a gold suit at an interview he conceded before his fight with Edwin Rosario some 23 years ago. Where has time gone since then?? The network also showed the first fight between Nino Benvenuti and Emile Griffith, a win for Italian Nino.


Ted Kennedy, 77. Senator Kennedy was the brother of United States President John F. Kennedy. He once ran for President himself in 1980, losing to then current President Jimmy Carter. Kennedy was a Senator for almost 50 years. His death, from brain Cancer on Tuesday, August 25th, comes only less than two weeks after the death of his sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, according to

Ryan Jenkins, 32. Jenkins was a participant in the “Megan Wants a Millionaire” reality television show, and the principal suspect in the murder of romantic mate, swimsiut model Jasmine Fiore, whose body was found recently inside a suitcase off San Diego, California. According to E! News, Jenkins apparently committed suicide, on Saturday, August 22nd, at a hotel in a small British Columbia city in Canada.

May they both rest in peace.

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