Boxing: Antonio’s Reliable Source on Britney Spears, Jon Gosselin, Kellie Pickler,The Beatles, Nascar and yes... Boxing!
By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 9, 2009)  
September 11th is near again. It is the most dreaded date of the year by yours truly. That day, unspeakable acts of terrorism clouded our lives for those of us that lived it. I wish we could just erase that day from the calendar, that from September 10th, we could instantly jump to September 12th. But we can’t. It is just one of those days that will live on forever in infamy as we look forward to moving on.

That seems easy to say, considering I myself did not lose a loved one in those tragic events. But it is not, because that day, a bit of each of us died along with the 3,000 plus at New York City, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. Imagine then, how hard would it be to try to move on for those who actually did lose a loved one or a friend on September 11th, 2001.

But those who died gave their lives, in part, so that those of us who were left behind could learn the meaning of never quitting. We must continue to go on. No matter how difficult the task is, no matter how high the mountain in front of us, we must never give up. The world did not give up on September 11th, 2001, and neither should we. The satisfaction of knowing we did not quit awaits us at the end as a reward to our weary bodies and minds. Besides, if we do not go on, then those who died lost their lives in vain. I am sure they would have liked to see the rest of us reach our independent goals and happiness so that the terrorists who commanded the attacks know that their cowardly act did not defeat the world as a community.

And so, I want to take this moment to dedicate this week’s version of Reliable Source at the best boxing website in the world,, to those who lost their lives on that fateful day of September 11th, 2001, and to those who lost family or friends at the infamous attacks. Those who went to another world that day, your souls and your spirit lives on, and you served to unite the world, at least for one day, as one single community.

Also, I want to mention Vickie and the rest of my readers and classmates at the 24 Hour Fitness swim exercise class. You make it fun to be there even if I have been less than a faithful student as far as attendance goes these days. Besides, like I always say, Id’ rather be there with all the hot women than playing basketball against greasy men at the basketball court! So, it’s a pleasure and a honor to be able to know you all and hang around there with all the cool people!

Opps, They Did It Again!!

I want to go to one of Britney Spears’ concerts if, like I have been told, she does all kinds of sexy dancing on them. She is definitely one girl I’d “do it again” (and again!) with. But when I do, please remind me not to try to imitate her with her dancing at the concert because I might get kicked out!

You see, according to, Spears was at her Madison Square Garden concert in New York, New York (place of legendary fights like Ali-Frazier I, Duran-Moore and Sanchez-Nelson), when a group of women trying to dance sexy like Britney were taken off by burly security guards because somebody complained that they were dancing too risqué. This when Spears was performing her song named “Get Naked!!” Among the people who were thrown out by the security guards, two were identified by name as Sandra Ion and celebrity hairdresser Harlequin, who works with Amanda Lapore, among others.

As an autograph collector myself, I’ve always had what I can only describe as a love-hate relationship with security guards, some of (specially at the local NBA basketball arena) actually do know me. So I can tell you that many, although not all, should check on their attitudes. As far as this incident, if the law applies to all, and sometimes it does not, shouldn’t Britney be the first one to be kicked out of her own concert then? I mean, she was singing “Get Naked”, for sakes! And I want to ask Ion to get in touch with me. She can dance “risqué” all she wants on my lap! I won’t kick her out!!

Mamma’s Boy

Jon Gosselin seems to be a good guy to hang out with. Hey, the dude does know how to have a good time! Anyways, the former Mr. Kate Gosselin has been doing his thing, dancing‘, shakin’ and rappin’ around in Las Vegas, joined at it by none other than his own mother!

According to a report on US Weekly Magazine, Gosselin was seen in Las Vegas a few days ago, with mamma Pamela in tow, hanging around sin city’s casinos and hotels, taking photos of women there and dancing to Bon Jovi’s legendary song and one of my personal 80‘s favorites, “Livin’ on a Prayer”.

Seems like good ol’ Jon does have good taste when it comes to women after all. I have been in Vegas myself a couple of times and the babes there are top notch! And, Hey Jon, shall I make a suggestion? Next time, stay a couple weeks more! Why, 18 days more for you and your mom there, and you could have caught Mayweather-Marquez in person!

In other Gosselin news, it was reported that Jon Gosselin’s grandmother suffered an accident during a family reunion this past Saturday. According to Jon’s own page, she will be fine, and I am happy to report that she will be.

The Don Of Beauty?

No sooner than it ended, rumors about it being fixed began to be heard around the world. It involved it’s big organizer, someone named Don. It was an event which was seen in many countries, albeit by ever dwindling numbers of fans. Sounds like a boxing fight, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. It was the Miss Universe 2009 contest, and it was organized by Donald Trump, who is now being accused of having fixed it.

According to, choreographer Michael Schwandt, who has worked at the last four Miss Universes, claims that Trump has fixed the contest. “It’s kind of a surreal experience, actually. We all just kind of try to sit there…and everyone’s trying to make it go smoothly. It’s kind of the last thing everyone wants to do but we all have to do it. The other nine are judged in a preliminary show the week before and picked by those judges, but he picks six of the top fifteen (contestants)” Schwandt declared to the website. He also says that the top six are handpicked by Trump after private meetings with all the women.

I wonder what goes on in those “private meetings”. Hey Donnie, can I join in next year?

To me, this resembles a boxing fight, with Donald being the sole judge. You can be counting it round by round, but once the twelve rounds are over, you are still left wondering who won it. Unless you’re actually judging the bout as an official judge, then you know who you gave it to!

Eddie The Juggler?

Lucky be the man….Eddie Cibrian has reportedly been in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with lover LeAnn Rimes, says US Weekly Magazine. The same publication has information from a source that says that Cibrian, sadly, missed his 2 year old son’s first day of school in order to be at the country that gave us Julio Cesar Chavez.

According to the magazine, a source close to Cibrian’s former wife, Brandi Glanville, says that Brandi slammed Eddie, claiming that he is “juto too busy juggling his women to be a proper parent”….Hmmnn….women? Sounds like Eddie’s got two..or three…or four girls around, doesn’t it?

Hey Eddie, share one of them with me, won’t you?

Rivers Puts The Gloves On

Joan Rivers has been around us for a very long time already. It seems like she is the only star from the silent film era still alive! And she does look fine still, I must add, even if she is older than the sun. But she is showing, with her tongue at least, she can still pick up a fight and kick some butt!

According to, Rivers declared that Brooke Shields is the most ridiculous celebrity of modern times. Asked to name the famous person she thought earns the “title” during an interview with AOL, she said “Right now, it’s probably Brooke Shields (for) sobbing at Michael Jackson’s funeral, when she hadn’t seen him since 1993. We all know what she was doing. It was face time! My tragedy in that was that I didn’t stand up and say ‘Oh, I know what she was talking about, because I was there as a chaperone!’ I should have gotten a big black hat and gotten up there (and said) ‘I’m devastated! I’m devastated’!”
I’ve a suggestion for you, Joan: How about a big pair of red boxing gloves instead of a big black hat? Sounds like what you want is 12 rounds with Brooke!

Kellie Loves Clint

You know, one thing about being a man, is that we always love chasing the younger ladies. If we get lucky, and sometimes we do, we’ll score! Well, all things considered, and because of all he has reached in life, I consider Clint Eastwood to be a very lucky man. The former Marine got to live with Sondra Locke, to begin with, and he was a star on many of the best action movies of the 20th century, he is a millionaire, and he even was mayor of Carmel, California, for a while! So what else can you ask for? Well, for MAJOR babe Kellie Pickler to be your fan, but of course!!

Asked recently by about whose cell number she wished she could have, Pickler responded “Clint Eastwood’s! I love Clint Eastwood! I don’t care (that he’s older). He is the man!!”
Seems like Clint won this knockout! If I were him, I’d call Kelly and ask her to “go ahead, make my day!!”
With A Little Help From My Friend

Now that Rock Star is about to come out again with a video game featuring The Beatles, everything these days is about the Fab 4. Which is something I am happy about because that’s my favorite band of all times anyways. But some people seem to be taking their songs’ messages literally. One of them is singer Jessica Harp.

Harp has just finished her first solo album since she was a member of “The Wreckers” with Michelle Brand. The album has yet to be named but one of it’s singles “Boy Like Me”, is already sounding. And she told Pennsylvania radio station WIOV during a recent interview that Keith Urban, the famous country star, listened to the song, he loved it and wanted to play music in it. So he did.

Wow, with friends like him, one sure wouldn’t need anybody (else)! That combo sounds as good as the ones used by Felix Trinidad against Fernando Vargas!!

Car-less NASCAR Driver

When it comes down to the races, NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin always has his Fed Ex-sponsored car ready for him to take it 500 laps every Sunday afternoon. When it comes down to his own car? Who knows where it is? Hamlin’s car, you see, has been stolen. And the thief, or thieves, involved in the carjack, seem to be just as fast taking off with it as Hamlin is at winning at the races.

The Indianapolis 500’s champion’s 2008 Lexus LS was taken from Hamlin’s home, a police report says. The robbery happened recently. Hamlin is disappointed about it, and according to, he declared that “everyone feels violated when their house is broken into”.

Hopefully, the responsible for this can be apprehended soon. People like that are as good as Panama Lewis. And that is not a lot of good!!

Seen and on the Sceen

So many times, we have these other sports, boxing-wannabes like Wrestling, and Ultimate Fighting and all that, and even sometimes other sports like baseball and basketball too, imitate the best sport in the world. Well, now, we actually have one of those sports cross the line and actually take one of boxing’s stars away! And yes, whether you like it or not, former world Welterweight Champion Ricardo Mayorga of Nicaragua is a boxing star.

According to Dorian Price, a promoter with Shine Fights, the Central American is transitioning to the MMA, where he will star on a fight scheduled for the Shine Fights II program on Friday night.

Hopefully for Mayorga, Felix Trinidad or Oscar De La Hoya won’t decide to show up there to see if he wants a rematch with them!!

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