21 Questions on Boxing, Music, Movies, Books and More
By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 5, 2009)  
I realize the way you readers look to find out our new articles at Doghouseboxing.com every day. But I also realize that behind the words, the famous boxing names and the articles, there are people like you and me. So I want to bring us, the readers, close to you. That is why I have decided to make this column for you once a week. I want you to know us the writers at Doghouseboxing.com on a more personal level, and plan to run these 21 questions to each of the writers. To start with, I will answer the questions for you myself. Enjoy!  

Antonio Santiago: 

1. What is your first boxing memory?

My first boxing memory is watching Ali-Foreman with my dad. But for some reason, I thought Foreman was knocked out in round seven until I grew a bit! I don’t know why, but that image of Foreman down stuck in my mind for the rest of my life. I guess I was meant to be involved in boxing! 

2. Which is the fight that made you a fan?
There are two basically: The first Pryor-Arguello fight, and the Gomez-Pintor fight. These took place within 3 weeks of each other in 1982, and Gomez-Pintor was my all-time favorite for a very long time! 

3. Which is your favorite boxing fight?
Vazquez-Marquez III!! Other fights I absolutely love are Gomez-Pintor, Pryor-Arguello I, Hagler-Hearns, Chacon-Limon VI, Christy Martin-Deidre Gogarty, Laila Ali-Jacquie Frazier Lyde, Ward-Gatti I, Morales-Barrera I, Trinidad-Vargas and Ali-Frazier III, the “Thrilla in Manila”. 

4. Who, would you say, is the love of your life?
When I was 13, a girl named Thelvenetsy Hernandez. I have never loved anyone like I did her and everybody knows that. Pilly, where are you now???  
5. Which is your favorite song?
“She Loves You”, by The Beatles, although I also hold Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like a Wolf”, Menudo’s “Sube a Mi Motora”, Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer”, Survivor’s “Eye of The Tiger”, “What a Feeling” by Irene Cara and Europe’s “The Final Countdown” up there real close in my list!  

6. Who is your favorite singer/musician?
Paul McCartney of The Beatles.
7. Which is your favorite music group? 
The Beatles. 

8. Which is your favorite movie and why?
Rocky. Quite simple. Rocky is an inspiring movie and a great inspiration to me back when I was an amateur boxer.  

9. Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Sylvester Stallone and Julia Roberts. I love everything they are on!  
10. What’s your favorite drink?
Diet Coke, although lately I’m buying Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper much more than anything else.   

11. What’s your favorite food?
I love Mexican food, but my favorite are hot dogs. But you can’t go wrong with Mexican food, really! 

12. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

13. Which is your favorite vacation spot?
I’ve been to many places, and I love them all, but I really enjoyed Puerto Rico when I went to visit my family in 2008. 

14. Which are your hobbies apart from boxing?
I love collecting toys and autographs, watching movies, acting, and I love everything related to commercial aviation. I also enjoy reading and hitting on women all the time! I love hanging with my nieces.   

15. Who is the most famous person you ever met in person?
Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. The most famous boxer I’ve ever met is Muhammad Ali.  

16. What’s your favorite color?
Red. Red is the color of blood, of the heart, of love and of most boxing gloves! Many apples are red too and apples are my favorite fruit. Also, The Beatles’ famous red album is, well, red.  

17. Which is your favorite book?
I don’t have one really, but The Bible is a great book and so are Teddy Atlas’ book, Larry Bird’s “Drive”, and Gary Carter’s “Dream Season”. R.E.G. Davies’ series “An Airline and it’s Airplanes”, which have come out with editions for Delta Airlines, TWA, Eastern Airlines, Varig, Pan Am, Aeroflot, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Lufthansa, are a must have for us airline world fanatics. Anything that has to do with boxing and airlines for me, I guess.
18. Which is the most memorable blooper committed by you?
Wow! I have too many!! I was talking to my mayor in Caguas, Puerto Rico, during my graduation. He was there to see me because I earned a special award that night, for overcoming a situation in which my diabetes put me in a coma at the classroom and graduating even as doctors told me it was best to drop-out. Anyways, I tried to talk to him in a philosophical way, and he could not understand what I said. He looked at me like I was crazy! I still turn red just remembering that!  

19. Your most painful memory?

I was getting ready for a basketball game with my team, practicing my free-throws, at an open air basketball court. Someone else at a baseball park next to our court hit a home run and, of all places, the baseball landed on my nose!!! I broke it in 21 different places. I was taken to the hospital and there, thinking of what had just happened and what was the likelihood of getting your nose broken by a baseball while playing basketball, I got a laugh attack in the middle of the ER and in the middle of my horrible pain! The pain lasted roughly three weeks in which I took a lot of Tylenol! 

20. Which are your favorite sports teams?
The Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns in the NBA, the Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA, the New York Mets and Arizona Diamondbacks in the MLB, the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL, the Phoenix Coyotes in the NHL. In addition, I am a big fan of several sports teams in Puerto Rico and of several professional soccer teams around the world. 

21. Give us the saying you lead your life by.
Every body is a human being.

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