Boxing: Antonio’s Reliable Source on Fernando Vargas, Heidi Klum, Kate Plus 8, Anna Nicole and Yes... Boxing!
By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 19, 2009)  
Last week I was seating on my front yard, doing nothing, just relaxing and enjoying doing nothing, when something extraordinarily out of the blue happened in front of my eyes. There were these two teen girls who were walking by on their way home from school. There is a third one, a pre-teen, who lives near my house and whose name I will obviously not mention here because it is not in her interest nor yours that you know who she is.

Anyways, the pre-teen girl’s mom pulled over her van next to the two teen girls walking in front of my house, and asked one of them to come close, and then proceeded to scold her for kissing the pre-teen girl-the driving woman’s daughter-on her mouth at school. She asked the teen girl how old she was and when answered “14”, she threatened to call the police.

There are a couple of things amiss in that case, I have figured. #1, we are not talking about an 18 years old plus kid getting involved with a minor here. So if the mom had called out the police, what would they have done? Likely, not much. #2, the mom acted like her daughter was not at fault. From what I heard, this was not a forced scenario here, but a kiss between two willing, close-aged partners. By scolding the 14 year old girl, the pre-teen girl’s mom was actually saying that only she was to blame for the kiss, and her daughter had done nothing wrong. She was also trying to protect her daughter. From a friend she had willingly shared a kiss with and whom she may actually now begin seeing behind her mom’s back, consequently making matters worse for mom who will have no idea what her daughter is up to then.

Now, I understand that we need to protect our children from the world’s dangers. I myself dedicate time to remind my own two nieces that the world is not as Black and White as it may seem to them and that there are many elements out there we need to be on the lookout for. But the same thing I saw happen in front of my own eyes begged for me to wonder: when do we cross the line between protecting our children and overprotecting them?

Overprotected children often have several issues after growing up, such as self-esteem problems, suicidal thoughts, feelings of powerlessness, lack of interest in daily happenings and hobbies, and depression. Many times, when we are growing, we see our parents as a Superman or Wonder Woman who always save us from trouble, but what happens if, after growing up overprotected, you get in trouble and find out that “Superman” and “Wonder Woman” are not there anymore to catch you on the rebound?? That fall will be very painful!!

That is why, as parents, uncles and family, we have to figure out where exactly is the line between protecting our children and overprotecting them. We should not cross that line.

Protect your children. Do not overprotect them. They will be the ones who will grow to be happy adults for the rest of their lives at the end when you don’t overdo it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Now Introducing, the Gosselins!!

I bet Michael Buffer and Jimmy Lennon Jr. are auditioning for this upcoming fight, which is heating up and will likely become an all-action brawl before the two combatants in it are done. “Tito” Trinidad-Fernando Vargas has nothing on this one, which may just be the fight of the decade for the 2000’s-and the 2010’s as well.

It is the upcoming, main event between Jon and Kate Gosselin, of course!!

The famous couple are, according to, are-symbolically only, of course-getting their fists up and ready to swing at each other.

Last week, Jon allegedly tried to stop production of the reality-tv series “Kate Plus 8”. Kate answered by claiming Jon had removed $230,000 from their account, and Jon followed suit by alleging that Kate was hiding money and suggesting that the upcoming their twins’ October 8th birthday part can end up being World War III. The Gosselins also have sextuplets from their relationship.

Will you two use Everlast? Or perhaps you prefer Reyes or Tuff Wear?? We will have to wait and see ‘til the first bell rings!!

98 Degrees of Love

Ever since about 1998, Nick Lachey has been on our television screens as an assortment of things. Starting as a member of boy band 98 Degrees, he went on to be half of the Nick and Jessica reality television show, and he even was a sportscaster-wannabe. Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman, Emanuel Stewart and Lennox Lewis of HBO World Championship Boxing need not worry. Their jobs are safe as long as future sportscasters are as good as Lachey.

So, with him having been all that in public, what’s next for Nick? Well, how about loverboy?

According to, Lachey and ex-girlfriend Vanessa Minillo are giving it a second try. Nick, whose brother Drew Lachey is also a former 98 Degrees member, told Good Day Philadelphia that he’s happy being on a relationship. “I was single for a minute there, and then we’ve kind of patched things up”, he said, adding that Minillo is a smart girl.

But, if she is so smart, how come she is not with me, Antonio Santiago, instead of being with Nick Lachey??? Sometimes there are things you just can’t figure out!

Baby News!

One’s a new welcome at Heidi and Seal’s family as the pair have added to their family.

Supermodel Heidi Klum and supersinger Seal are the proud parents of a new, baby girl, who was born in Los Angeles on Friday, October 9th at 7:46 P.M. The baby girl’s name is Lou Sulola Samuel. My sister in law Heather, who has been looking at names like Cali Fornia for her future child with my brother Jose, should borrow that name!

I guess Lou Duva can now say he shares a woman’s name. Duva, whom I met personally in 1997, is a great guy to hang with. But I certainly wish Lou Sulola doe NOT look like him!!

P.S.: I still can’t understand celebrities’ obsessions with weird names! Next, you will have some famous actress name her child Planet Earth Saliva!

And to Lou Sulola Samuel, God bless you and may you have a wonderful life!

Ring The (Wedding) Bells!!

For us boxing fans, there’s nothing sweeter than the sound of a bell announcing the start of a great fight. The same can be said of love couples. Sort of anyways. For them, there is nothing sweeter than the sound of wedding bells announcing the start of a great marriage!

And that’s what actors Geoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks, she of the “Mad Men” series, heard on Sunday, October 11th in New York. According to, the half-oranges exchanged their vows at Il Buco restaurant at the Big Apple. Hendricks was wearing a gown by Carolina Herrera, a Venezuelan designer who is as much a source of pride to Latinos as Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., Wilfred Benitez and Roberto Duran are.

Congratulations to Geo and Chris! May you have many knockout years together ahead of you!

And come out loving each other after the bell(s)!

Do We Need This?

Hmmn, when I have a kid, I’ll make sure that he or she becomes a Disney movie actor or actress. That way, I myself can become a celebrity, if nothing but by having celebrity producing sperm! That’s the way to go for talent-less people who want to be famous, according to Michael Lohan, anyways!

Lohan is only famous because his daughter Lindsay worked her steaming hot butt off on Disney films all the way until she became a Hollywood starlet, but he does seem to believe he has found something at which he is talented (not!)

Daddy Michael has joined the (God help us!) Celebrity Boxing Federation as an amateur boxer. I hope Jose Canseco does not know the Federation’s address, because he needs not apply. Meanwhile, according to, Lohan stopped by Jon Gosselin’s home to ask Kate’s ex-sidekick to join the CBF. Gosselin has so far turned down the invitation.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy celebrity boxing. That’s because I enjoy all kinds of boxing. But do we really need a federation filled with non-celebrity “celebrities” to knock each other’s brains out in what would be called a boxing fight between people with as much knowledge of how to actually fight as the LAPD has of respecting suspects’ rights? I think not!

Then again, they might actually fight better than some of our so called “professional boxers”, so who knows?

Anna Nicole Investigated for Homicide??

The late Anna Nicole Smith was a person who never ceased to amaze us. From the moment she married that old millionaire fart, to her tragic and unexpected death, she was a woman from whom we learned to expect the unexpected. If she were a sport and not a woman, she’d been boxing without a question!

The latest news involving Smith, however, are very serious. And, as was her trademark in life, also very unexpected. According to Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero, Smith was investigated by the FBI of plotting the death of E. Pierce Marshall, another millionaire fart who wanted to inherit Smith’s late husband, J. Howard Marshall II’s large fortune. The FBI got as far as interrogating Smith but she was not considered a suspect.

Once controversial, always controversial, I guess!!

Flight With a Fight!

Air India is, as we all airline buffs know it, one of the world’s best airlines and a legendary name in aviation. It is one of the safest too, their last tragedy being in 1985 and that was not even the airline’s fault at all because it was a terrorist attack when it happened. So it saddens us airline fans when we find out that the iconic sub-continent airline is actually struggling financially!

And the latest news from the Mumbai, India, based company are not helping the airline’s status either. You see, according to AOL News, one of the airline’s flights on Sunday, October 4th, between Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Mumbai, almost turned into a boxing ring as the pilot and co-pilot of the airliner went at it versus the flight’s flight attendants. The brawl took the participants outside the plane’s cockpit and into the passenger aisles. It happened after an alleged incident of sexual harassment took place in said flight. The attendants later complained to Air India about sexual harassment conduct by the pilots.

Now, rarely do two of my passions, boxing and aviation, mix. But when they do, watch out! It could turn deadlier than a group of sharks at the beach!!

Our Hearts Are With

Alejandra Guzman. The controversial Mexican rock singer, who has been compared to Madonna sometimes, declared that she has been under medical supervision for an unspecified condition, Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero claims. Guzman, 37, daughter of equally legendary singer Enrique Guzman and actress Sylvia Pinal, had to cancel some concerts and promotional activities.

Elizabeth Taylor. The legendary actress, considered by many alongside Marilyn Monroe to be among the prettiest Hollywood actresses in history, detailed on her Twitter account, according to Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero, her future heart surgery and asked her fans to pray for her. Taylor is 77 years old.


Donna May Mims, 82. Ms. Mims was the first woman to win a Sports Car Club of America championship. She did her feat in 1963. Ms. Mims was known as the “Pink Lady” in car racing circuits. She also participated in the first Cannonball Run race.

In an interesting twist, her body was placed inside a Corvette car, in a driving position, instead of the regular casket during her funeral. According to AOL Autos, she died after complications from a stroke, on Tuesday, October 12th.

May she rest in peace.

Seen and on the Sceen

Multiple time world Junior Middleweight Champion Fernando Vargas can now be seen at the Food Lovers Fat Burning System’s infomercials. The brand claims it’s system helps one lose weight while eating non-diet foods. One look at Vargas’ past weight problems and one has to wonder if that’s why he had trouble making weight for some of his fights!!

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