Boxing: Antonio’s Reliable Source on Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson and Yes... Boxing!
By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 10, 2009)  
Planes take off, and they land. Balls get hit very high by a bat, then they come down. Couples marry, and they divorce. A song starts, then it dies down all the way to it’s finish. America loved the Bee Gees and ABBA, then Disco got smashed.

Me, as I was holding my nephew for the very first time, today, I figured that once I was just like him, being held by someone my age, someone who’s probably passed by now. Someday my nephew will be my age, and he might be holding his own children or niece, or nephew in his arms, maybe remembering me.

In a way, I guess, our lives were designed to be like that. It’s a gravity law. What comes up, must come down. You know, the saying that there is a day right after each other is the most accurate saying there is. Every single day starts bright and shiny and then night dawns on it, giving way guessed it, another day!!

It’s like American pop and rock music. When we look back at the history of modern music, we see that what we hear now on the radio began as Jazz. Then Bill Haley and Elvis Presley represented the youth of the moment, leading to the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan singing for the rebellious youth of the 60’s, which in turn opened the doors to the dancing ball lamps of the seventies, to Studio 54 and to Kurtis Blow, who led us directly to Madonna, Pantera, LL Cool J, and all the way to today with Green Day and 50 Cent and to tomorrow with Corvus and God knows who else.

Fashions come and go, countries change their name, companies and brand names disappear (check out what happened to Kona Kola in 1915 at the internet!!), the rain gives way to the sun.

Even old gun barrels used to go full circle, from one point to another, before they reached the last of the bullets!

Meanwhile, my nephew, baby John, opens his eyes and then he closes them because he is tired and he must sleep. Then he re-opens them because he must eat or maybe drink. Like Elton John said, it’s a “circle of life”. And in one way or the other, we must all come full circus. And face our fears, and fight for survival, and go for our goals. Only when we do that, will we reach the night knowing that it was a good day after all!

So how’s your day so far?

Taylor Made!

Remember back in the day not too long ago, when we had the match made in Paris, the romance between my fantasy girlfriend Paris Hilton, and my fantasy kin, super rich Paris Niarchos? Well, guess what? Now, we have another couple who apparently share their names, the country singing superstar, HYW as I like them (that’s Hot Young Woman for you un-savvy peoples!) Taylor Swift and teen idol and “Twilight” movie star Taylor Lautner!

Taylor & Taylor were seen together at a Los Angeles Kings NHL Hockey game recently, where photographer Andrew D. Bernstein pictured them. According to, they later attended a party at a Beverly Hills hotel. I was invited to said party. I must fine my pilot this week’s wages, however; my private jet did not get to the airport in time and I was not able to attend! Maybe he did like those Northwest Airlines pilots and got involved in an argument with someone along the way, landing in a tiny latrine strip 150 miles away! That’s why I have to report what I read on the magazine instead of telling you I saw it in person!

Well, in any case, Taylor Swift is involved in her “Fearless” tour and Taylor Lautner is filming a sequel to “Twilight” in Vancouver, Canada. This leaves them little too precious time to be together.

This is one pair who seems to be getting along better than Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran, I’ll tell you that! And, to quote some of you who have been kind enough to email me, why does it seem like I am the only “celebrity” not to be hooked on to a nice looking, HYW???

This is Not It!

Michael Jackson’s death has made him be on the news more than he had been recently while still alive. Since he passed away, a non stop river of Jackson related items has been passed on to us by way of magazines, television and internet columns, of which I shall presume, there are none that can compare to this one! It would not even surprise me if Mikey soon joins Adolph Hitler, John F. Kennedy, Roberto Clemente, Elvis and Marilyn among those dead icons who have been rumored to be alive well after their time had been supposed to come!

Well, as many of you know, “This Is It”, a film which was recorded live during Jackson’s practice for what would have been a concert at Los Angeles’ Staples Center about 5 days before he died, has begun being shown across United States cinemas. And many of you also will have attended it by the time you read this, or are planning to attend it. But don’t count on taking Michael’s mom Katherine or his sister La Toya along for the ride. Because they are not going to watch the film.

According to Puerto Rican newspaper El Vocero, interviewed La Toya, and she categorically denied any desire to watch it.

What can I say but that I would love to have ’Toya over, and not precisely to “watch films”! And I am sad to say that, as far as Michael Jackson news goes, this is pretty much like Evander Holyfield’s “retirements”…in other words, this is definitely NOT it!!

Pay Up, Jon!

What’s the week without a good tussle rumor between the Gosselins? I now hope these two don’t disappear into oblivion (that’s “Bolivia” to you, Mike Tyson!) anytime soon, because they have been filling this column with items to talk about for the last 12 years, it seems!

Well, the latest on the not-couple-of-the-year nominees has Jon Gosselin owing hot babe Kate Gosselin $151,000 dollars, her lawyer, Mark Momjian. Momjian refuted allegations that Jon Gosselin had repaired about $180,000 dollars he allegedly took from a bank account he shares with Kate Gosselin, saying that “the only proof of money of money we received was $28,500 that was sent over a week ago”, according to Jon’s lawyer, Mark Heller, answered that “Jon has complied with all the directives of the court. He complied. He met all the mandates”.

Sounds to me like Judge Mills Lane should get between these two!!

Well, Duh!!

The only way that you are a grown up and does not enjoy sex is, maybe if you are from mars. As far as I have known, no adult person who has ever lost virginity by having regular sex with another person has ever asked for it back. Like I said when I first had sex, “good riddance, and never ever come back!” But it seems that one of Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson’s friends thinks that those two actually are from mars.

Because, according to, a friend told US Weekly magazine that the pair “love sex!”
Rodriguez, of course, is in the middle of a World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies as a member of the New York Yankees as these “news” come to light.

By the way, Hudson looks exceptionally like her MILF, Goldie Hawn. Now, that’s a “sexual experience” I’d never say “good riddance” to: a threesome involving me, Kate and Goldie!….I guess that like Juan Manuel Marquez when he was declaring he’d beat Floyd Mayweather Jr., one can only dream!

She Can’t….Go On

My radar just keeps on getting news from places I never imagined. Like, the dancing world, for instance. As much as I respect Fred Astaire and Ginger Robert’s contributions to music and culture, I cannot call myself a fan of dancers, or of Figure Skating or of anything that has to do with dancing, except maybe for “Grease”, “Footloose” and “Flashdance” and that’s because those movies have some of the best songs from the 70’s and 80’s and they are among the greatest movies of all time anyways.

But I am always a fan of hot looking babes. And mama mia, is Mia Michaels one of them!! But I guess I found out about her too late, because the choreographer, according to, is quitting the hit FOX series “So You Think You Can Dance?”. She declared in her twitter page that she is an adoring fan of the series and that the last five years have been wonderful.

Well, they probably were for her, if she did not have to stand the spectacle of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s dancing in “Dancing With The Stars”!

Hey Mia, now that you have spare time, how about a dance with me??

Welcome, Baby!!

My sister Nilda and my brother in law Nick are the proud parents of their second child, John Anthony Skrdla. And I am the proud uncle of the little bundle of joy!

The baby arrived on October 26th at a Good Samaritan Hospital.

He is my first nephew, after two beautiful nieces, Isabel Santiago and Nina Skrdla. Before I saw him for the first time, I went to a Walgreens pharmacy and bought him his first die cast car. Obviously, he won’t be playing with it until he turns three, because the toy has small parts, but it will always remain the first of a hopefully large collection of die cast cars, just like my dad did with me when I was born!

To John, from my heart, I wish you a long, knockout win filled life!!

One Brave Warrior

Fernando Vargas, Aaron Pryor, Wilfredo Gomez, Ray Mancini and Micky Ward were all known for pouring their hearts into overcoming all odds inside thet ring. They should all look up now and learn from Elena Desserich. Now, that’s one warrior who fought with a lot of heart.

Desserich died at age seven after she was diagnosed with Pediatric Brain Cancer, a deadly form of the disease that has no cure. When she was diagnosed, she was given only 135 days to live, according to But she fought on and extended it to 256 days before her body could not go any longer. She made the best out of what she had left in life, leaving written notes every night for her baby sister to read when she grows, so her sister can remember her. What she wrote can now be read, thanks to her parents’ publishing a book named “Notes Left Behind”. All proceeds will go to try to find a cure for Pediatric Brain Cancer.

Now, you are seven years old, and you know you will die, in an age where you are probably scared of walking into a dark room. Yet you decide to live the rest of your life to the fullest, and try to make the best of what’s left of it and make a difference in someone else’s life. This Angel with a capital A had the biggest heart of them all, and hopefully Arturo Gatti is asking her how to be even braver than he already was, up there in Heaven.

No one will forget you, Elena Desserich.

Seen and on The Scene

ESPN Classic showcased Muhammad and Larry, a film about the Larry Holmes-Muhammad Ali fight that took place October 2 of 1980 at Las Vegas, Nevada. The documentary presents one of boxing’s truly darkest moments, a moment that sadly was later on replayed in the forms of Terry Norris-Sugar Ray Leonard and Kostya Tszyu-Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., among others.

Rodney King will be starring in a celebrity boxing fight on November 6th at the Sheraton Hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts. He will fight actor Derrick McIntosh, who is known for his parts in “One Tree Hill” and “Entourage”. Jose Canseco will headline the card, fighting against Todd Poulton. One wonders if they really are fighting as a hobby or if they need the money or the attention, or maybe both.

Luckily, Michael Lohan and Jon Gosselin are not part of this “undercard”.

Our Hearts Are With

Leon Washington. The New York Jets NFL running back suffered a bad injury on his right leg after being tackled during a play against the Oakland Raiders in Oakland, California, this past Sunday. He left the game apparently in horrible pain and is expected to be out for some weeks. He suffered a broken Fibula and had to have an emergency operation, according to


Shiloh Pepin, 10. Pepin became known around the world as the “Mermaid Girl” for her condition in which she was born with fused legs. This condition is known as Sirenomelia, or “mermaid syndrome”. Many children have survived it after corrective surgery but Pepin’s circulatory system would have been severed by such because her blood vessels did not flow from side to side as another normal person’s would. She gained a wide fan base on television and the internet. According to AOL News, she passed away of Pneumonia at a hospital in Portland, Maine, on October 24.

Baxter, 19. Baxter was a dog who provided care and comfort to terminally ill patients. He was an abused dog who was rescued and became a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International. Baxter lived in San Diego, California. He became famous when a book about him, “Moments With Baxter: Comfort and Love From The World’s best Therapy Dog”, was published. Baxter had Arthritis, which made it impossible for him to walk. But he would visit patients aided by owner Melissa Joseph, who pushed him around with a specialized cart.

According to, Baxter passed away on Friday, October 23rd.

May they rest in peace.

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