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By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 25, 2009)  
Prince had that song, “Let’s Party Like It’s 1999”, and in many ways, some people are indeed acting like it is 1999 again. This is because like in 1999, some people now believe doom is, again, near us. Back then we had the Y2K bug, which was a pretty real problem actually. People were afraid that once 1999 rolled into 2000, computers would confuse the year 2000 with 1900, because computers at the time were programmed to take dates on the 00/00/00 format only. If that happened, many believed, banks would go crazy, jail mates would run away, trains, planes, cars and boats would crash, atomic bombs would be launched and general chaos would prevail. But governments and computer companies around the world worked hard to solve the problem, and come January 1st, 2000, the only big thing that happened the night before were the Millennium parties that took place around the world. And millions of people who got drunk had hangovers, but that’s about it. 

Now, we have people who are talking about the 2012 phenomenon.  This is bolstered by the Hollywood production, “2012”. While talks about that year in particular have existed for many years, it is now, near 2010, that it has begun to catch fire. The Mayan Indians from Mexico and Central America stopped making their calendar after they wrote December 21, 2012, on it. Believers that this signifies that will be doomsday or the day of a new age, point to the fact that Mayans have been more or less accurate in their predictions so far.
Of course, one has to think with sense about these things. First of all, the world’s economy is down. During the days before December 31st, 1999, millions of people stocked themselves with things, which in turn made companies billions of dollars. So world companies probably figure out that if people believe doomsday is near-yet again-they will try to prepare and once again, spend billions of dollars on things that at the end will probably prove unnecessary, thus in that way making those companies get all the billions the people wasted. Secondly, while The Bible does say that there will be a day in which it will all end in this world, it also specifically says that only God will know the day, and not even his Angels will know, so how are the Mayans, their believers, etc, going to know??? The Bible has so far been more correct than any calendars in predicting stuff like that. And third, how about if the Mayans only stopped because they were tired already of writing dates upon dates upon dates? You know, writing 365 numbers 2012 times would get your wrist tired! Or maybe they ran out of stones at the city they did the calendar at. Or they just got tired of writing and said “F(orget) this S(tuff)!“ Or something. Whatever it was, something probably happened that they had to stop writing at that given moment.    

I’ll tell you what: I don’t put much stock on such predictions. They have been along since the cowboy times. In fact, many believed that the final day was near during World War II! Yet Hitler died and 64 years later we are still here! What I do believe is in planning each day you live before it begins. I have learned that even in the times of trials, looking forward to each day can get you to get by it, even the most difficult of times. As I am writing this, my tomorrow has a visit to the Goodwill store, a dinner at Applebees’ with my dad, and a night of playing video games on the Playstation and of sharing with my nephew and nieces. That alone makes me look forward to a great day, and I still am not telling you about what I might tell you about at the end of tomorrow (I might have scored with a new girl, or maybe hit the lottery or something, but I’ll tell you after it happens!).  

When I woke up today, I was looking forward to going to the Jack’s Pedals and Auntie Em’s toy store in my town and buying a TYCO Trains model of a Marvel Comics freight train car advertising Superman, for mine, my nephew and my nieces’ toy train layout and city. That in itself made me want to life this day. Back in 1989, when I battled depression after a break-up with a girl named Angie Diaz in Puerto Rico, I wanted to watch Leonard-Hearns II and Leonard-Duran III, as well as John John Molina-Tony Lopez II and many other boxing fights. Wanting to see those were some of the little things that helped me get by during those trial moments of my life.  

So, instead of thinking about 2012, why don’t we just concentrate on enjoying life as it is? Plan something for tomorrow. It could be sewing a dress for your granddaughter. Or watching a Jonas Brothers concert on TV if you are one of our younger fans in this column. Maybe you want to attend an NBA game in person. Or to buy yourself that Jeff Gordon die cast race car at Walmart.  

Because if you live your days with a purpose, no matter how large or how small it is to others, you will be guaranteed you will enjoy life, to the end of it!    

Hollywood Shocker!!! 

Well, in boxing we always say that, if a Leon Spinks beats a Muhammad Ali, for example, that is a shocking upset. And when Monica Lewinski did a “clean job that blew” Bill Clinton, the world was shocked, and Hilary Clinton upset. So, who do you think is usually involved in Hollywood news that are both a shocker, and, to many anyways, “upsetting”? 

Lindsay Lohan, that’s who.  

And she is at it again, making Hollywood news! Only this time her news-partner is already gone under the radar. Way under it.  

Lohan’s mother and another lady I’d classify as a MILF, Dina Lohan, has just told that the ex Ms. Samantha Ronson was dating the late actor Heath Ledger, he who played The Joker in the latest Batman film, and Julie Stiles’ boyfriend in “10 Things I Hate About You”. Damn, Heath Ledger kissed Julie Stiles and now he allegedly dated Lindsay Lohan? He is the first dead dude that makes me want to be him!!  

And if my memory serves me right, the time in which Dina Lohan says her daughter dated Ledger, does not it coincide with the time that Lindsay was dating Ronson? Maybe they were all a happy party of three. Which makes me want to be Ledger even more!!  

Then again, and remembering that John Ritter of “Three’s Company” is also dead, I might not want to be in that situation at all! 

And Talking of Threesomes 

Nobody really listens to the Parents Television Council, partly because in my opinion they are a whole bunch of wankers whose only purpose is to gain fame by way of criticizing. Also because usually, people in groups like these are the first ones to go out and do things in real life anyways, after having criticized television shows for showing children what their parents do. Kind of like the politicians who call for laws against homos only to then be outed!  

Well, the PTC is now targeting the popular television show, “Gossip Girl”, for a scene in which three of the characters in said show will get involved in a threesome. According to Insidetv at, the PTC sent a letter to the CW channel’s affiliates, threatening them with FCC fines. The episode that the complainers, ehem, the PTC, is talking about is one that aired on November 9th.  

I wonder if any of the PTC’s 10 members across the world saw the Klitschko-Arreola fight. And I wonder if they would dare go to Chris Arreola’s face and tell HIM he will get fined by the FCC!    

Put On Your Gloves! 

Now that Jon Gosselin is out of his ex wife Kate’s house, he seems to be looking for a new spar mate. And it won’t be Michael Lohan at a celebrity boxing fight. No sir., he wants to fight for a lotta more money than that would offer. He is fighting for $5,000,000 dollars! 

According to, Gosselin was sued by TLC Channel for breach of contract because, the channel says, among other things, that he has engaged in unauthorized business deals and interviews. Gosselin still has not announced under what pretense will he countersuit the channel that gave him fame. But if I were to stand to lose that amount of money, I’d surely fight for it too! 

Where’s Michael Buffer when you need him? Seems to me, these two sides are ready for the rumble!! 

Boxing Anniversaries 

November is a very special month in boxing. And more than a quarter of a century ago, at about the same day but one year apart, two super fights involving two Central Americans who were looking to become the first world Champion in four different categories in boxing history against two African American Champions took place.  

First, on November 12th, 1982, Alexis Arguello, former WBA Featherweight, WBC Junior Lightweight and then current WBC Lightweight Champion of the world, faced Aaron Pryor for Pryor’s WBA world Junior Welterweight title at the Orange Bowl Stadium in Miami, Florida. In one of boxing’s greatest classics of all time, Pryor survived many moments to score a spectacular 14th round knockout over the man from Nicaragua, 27 years ago. 

Then, on November 10th, 1983, Roberto Duran, former unified world Lightweight Champion, WBC world Welterweight Champion and then current WBA world Junior Middleweight Champion, took on Marvelous Marvin Hagler for “The Marvelous Ones” unified world Middleweight title. In a great fight, Duran, like Arguello, was close to making history but Hagler retained the Championship via a well deserved unanimous 15 round decision at the Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, 26 years ago.  

Arguello, Duran, Hagler and Pryor are all members of the International Boxing Hall of Fame now.  

Seen and on The Sceen 

Many world boxing Champions were featured this past week or so at the many classic boxing shows on Cable television shows. ESPN Classic in particular showcased “Rocky Marciano’s Greatest Hits”, where his fights with Jersey Joe Walcott, Joe Louis, Roland LaStarza, Harry Matthews, Ezzard Charles and Archie Moore, all of which except for LaStarza and Matthews were fellow world Champions and all time greats, were shown. In ESPN Classic’s studio for that special occasion were Teddy Atlas and former world Heavyweight Champion George Foreman were featured. Marciano, it shall be remembered, is the only undefeated world Heavyweight Champion in history.  

Following that, ESPN Classic showed the O’ Neil Bell-Jean Marc Mormeck I slugfest for the world Cruiserweight title, followed by Dick Tiger’s defense of his world Light Heavyweight title in 1967 against courageous but outclassed Montanan Roger Rouse, who was the first person from Montana ever to challenge for a world title, according to Don Dunphy, the man who carried the fight’s original broadcast.  

The 101 Channel has been showing a special about Miguel Cotto one week before the Puerto Rican WBO world Welterweight Champion’s super fight with Philippine sensatin and fellow world Champion Manny Pacquiao. And HBO keeps running it’s “24/7” show dedicated to that fight.  

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. opened a restaurant in Mesa, Arizona, which also became the physical grounds for the World Boxing Council’s Hall of Fame. Chavez Sr. promises much boxing activity in the place, including a bout featuring his son Omar. When I have the chance to visit the place, I will report to you.      

Our Hearts Are With 

Kyle Okposo. The 21 year old hockey player for the New York Islanders of the NHL, was diagnosed with the H1N1 flu virus, according to Okposo then becomes the first major league sportsperson in the United States to be diagnosed with the Infamous virus that has made millions sick and claimed the lives of many others around the world. Okposo will not be in the team’s line up for the time being, and a timetable for his recovery was not given. 

Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The NBA basketball legend, who won championships both with the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Lakers, shocked the sports world by announcing he had been diagnosed with Leukemia, or blood Cancer. Abdul Jabbar said that his prognosis is good. According to, he expects to continue living a “healthy” life.  


Lou Filippo, 83. Mr. Filippo was a legendary boxing judge and referee and a former professional boxer who once lost to Puerto Rican boxing legend Carlos Ortiz by a seventh round knockout, after having fought him to a nine round technical draw before. Lou Filippo was a World War II veteran and had a professional boxing record of 23-9-3, 8 ko’s. He refereed about 45 world title fights around the world and gained mainstream fame when he was cast as the referee for the Rocky Balboa-Apollo Creed rematch in Rocky II. He also played a referee in Rocky III, Rocky IV and Rocky V, and had other acting jobs in film. According to, he died on Monday, November 9th in California. 

Jorge Vargas, 68. Vargas was a famous Mexican actor and singer. Recently, he had been on the news for his criticizing of his former wife, Lupita D’ Alessio’s, care of their children. The couple had two sons, Ernesto D’ Alessio, who prefers to use his mother’s last name and who is himself a famous actor and singer, and Jorge Vargas Jr.  

According to, website for the Spanish version of People Magazine, Vargas died on Monday, November 9th, of complications from a surgery related to his colon Cancer ailment.  

John O’ Connor III, 79. Mr. O’ Connor was a well known lawyer in Arizona and the husband of Sandra Day O’ Connor, supreme court justice and first female member of the Supreme Court of the United States in history. According to news releases, Mr. O’ Connor died of Alzheimer’s disease, on Wednesday, November 11th. 

Forest Evashevski, 91. Mr. Evashevski was an NCAA college football coach with the Iowa Hawkeyes who led the team to two Rose Bowl wins, in 1957 and 1959. He had been a star player with the University of Michigan team from 1936 to 1940, when he was the team’s captain. Mr. Evashevski was elected to the Iowa Sports Hall of Fame in 1987, and to the College Sports Hall of Fame in 2000. According to, it was announced he had liver Cancer in mid-October of 2009, and he passed away on October 30th.  

May they all rest in peace.

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