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By Antonio Santiago, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 3, 2009)  
I love the night life. All the lights, the speed, the people out on crowds and on corners. The music, the dancing and the irreverence. All of the sex, the mystery, the darkness of the sky, and the approving or disapproving looks of an entire city’s worth of co-conspirators.

And so when I had the chance of attending my friends’ concert on November 19th, I overjoyed at the fact that this concert was late at night and far, very far away from my house. Me and my brother in law Nick attended the concert by our friends, a group named Corvus (check them out on MySpace) whom Nick has known since his high school days and I met through Nick, but I myself have been part of their “crew” for about five years now. Hopefully, if I ever become as famous as Ernest Hemingway and when they become more famous than Kiss-and they will-someone will write in some book about “the times Corvus and Antonio Santiago hanged together”. I can honestly tell you that in that concert, I felt among my people. I felt I belonged. There were many with green hair, men with earrings on their ears and women with the same jewelry on their tongue. I myself have a few Metallica shirts and a couple of earrings, and one Che Guevara necklace. I might just begin to use that style all the time, but the problem is that with the summer weather at the hundreds where I live at, it’s not very recommendable to wear dark clothes all the time. Besides, I’m a poor man, so it’s not like I can go to Hot Topic every three days and buy stuff there.

As we were returning from the concert, at about 1 AM that night, my brother in law told me he was going to play relaxing music. I understood the message. No more talking from this blabber mouth! He put on some Taos Indians tape. And that took me to another level of consciousness. As you all know, I am a huge aviation fan, and we happened to have to get past the airport from the concert place in order to get to our neighborhood. Here I was watching the planes fly low in order, on a straight line, as they landed. On the other side, you could see other planes taking off. The entire motion of landing and/or take off in order is an International Air Travel Association law worldwide, to prevent airplanes from colliding with each other at the airport.

Watching this and listening to the Indian music, it hit me. Our entire lives, we are in constant, perpetual orderly motion. I saw the planes landing one after the other, and cars driving alongside us to the north as other vehicles, on the other side of the freeway, went south. And the entire sequence gets repeated time and time and over again. As you walk southwards, you join billions of people around the world who are walking the same way at the same moment. Likewise, at the same time, billions others are walking to the north, east or west. If you prefer to be a dominator, you join millions who are “dominating” at the same time as you are, and your couple joins the millions who are “at it being submissive” just at the same time.

We are all people in a world that’s in perpetual motion. Once again, like I said recently, planes take off, and they land. Not only that, but lights come on, then they come off. We wake up, then we sleep. The day gives way to the night. Sadness falls away as our hearts are filled with happiness.

I just wish that all that perpetual motion, all that constant movement, could someday lead us into a world in which every race and every country could live in peace with all others. No more wars, no more hunger. And if an outcome needs to be decided in a fighting way, let the combatants use boxing instead of weapons.

I can wish, can’t I?

Tiger Boom!

I guess we all know about Tiger Woods doing a Mike Tyson and landing his golf car on a tree. Unless you were in Mars when it happened, that is. According to police near Orlando, Florida, Tiger Woods was taking off his mansion on a golf car when he slammed it into a tree, his wife then aided him, police came to the scene and he was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. He was released the same day. That’s the version we know, at least.

Well, what we did not know about and what has been coming on the news slowly but steadily, is that the entire incident may have been caused by Tiger having an affair with a woman. With his money and his looks, I always thought the one having an affair would be his hot wife!

And if that wasn’t enough, now, according to, there may be a recording of a telephone call where Tiger tells his alleged mistress that his wife may be calling her!

Hey Tiger, why didn’t you mention Anne Wolfe to your mistress instead of your wife? Now, if someone told me Anne Wolfe might be calling me, I might be the one scared! I mean, Wolfe has a good body and all, but if the call was to beat the s(tuff) off me, then I’d scare to death!!

Something Smells Fishy

When you are dating someone, it’s supposed to be that the person you are dating always trusts you, and the decision he or she made when dating you, right? That’s how you’d think the person who will spend the rest of his or her life with you would feel about you, at least! Well, but that’s not the case for Hockey player Mike Fisher.

Fisher is dating none other than country music superstar Carrie Underwood. The Ottawa Senators NHL Hockey member’s girlfriend told Ellen DeGenerated in her show that she had doubts about him upon learning he did not have his own set of teeth, and that he lived in Canada, according to

I suppose that George Chuvalo or Matthew Hilton would not have been candidates for the former American idol winner either.

As far as Carrie, I’d love to see her “under my wood”!

Rumble, Young and Old Men, Rumble!

Marv Albert, the former NBC boxing commentator and current YES Network and MSG NBA basketball man, seems not to mind seeing his toupee fall off every once in a while. The man formerly known as the one who allegedly wore panties and bit a woman in Dallas, Texas, is at it again. And, in the other corner, his rival is none other than Hip Hopper 50 Cent!

The odd couple were at the Jimmy Kimmel show recently. Apparently, Albert went unrecognized by 50’s entourage. According to AOL’s Inside TV, a show guard screamed “It’s Marv Albert!” 50’s entourage did not acknowledge the sportscaster’s presence. Then, all hell broke loose and the two parties threw punches at each other.

I bet Michael Buffer would have loved to be there. His famous “let’s get ready to rumble!” phrase would have never sounded more proper!!!

Cruise Control?

Ok, what part of “Leave little Suri Cruise alone!” don’t periodistas understand? That sneaky kind of our breed to which I now belong to, news reporters, do not want to let Suri lead a normal childhood. But, since she is the latest scandal line’s star, here I am to inform you. I mean, I might as well!

The daughter of Suri Cruise and MILF Katie Holmes was seen recently in New York City walking with a pair of golden kitten heels. Since it’s the Christmas season already, she also wore a red dress and coat. Making her look like a little Ms. Santa. I’m not trying to make fun of little Suri either, just look at her photo published at!

I feel sorry in that aspect for Suri Cruise. She is what, 3, 4 years old? And she already has to wonder in her head why all the ugly, old reporters and paparazzi follow her! At that age it must be scary. LEAVE HER ALONE, YOU NEWS MUNCHKINS!

Geez, at least Laila Ali, Marvis Frazier, Julio Cesar Jr. and Omar Chavez and Freeda Foreman had relatively compared normal childhoods! Even when their fathers were swapping punches with other boxers all the time!

Talking of Swapping Punches

Star Jones is another MILF. In the lines of Donna Summer, Pam Grier, Diana Ross and Mike Tyson’s ex, Robin Givens, here is another mature Black woman who I’d love to spend the rest of my life with.

Ian Halperin, of course, does not share that view with me. Halperin is the writer of “Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie”, another of the many star themed gossip books out there. Halperin was recently at “The Insider” to discuss his new book, and Jones began throwing jabs at him. Halperin said he did not want to “spar” because he’d “knock her out in a heartbeat”, according to

Wow, Ian, some gentleman you are! You do not hit a lady unless provoked! Maybe you should visit the same jail as Paulie Spafadora!

And hey Star, don’t forget to call me! You are the star of my fantasies!


Have you ever heard of the term “mercy stoppage?” That’s the term used in boxing when a referee stops the fight after one boxer has been having his nuts or her nipples knocked out of themselves by the opponent. Well, it looks like we may be getting a mercy stoppage on tv as well soon.

It’s been reported that “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” will be finished this summer, according to Before you scream “huurah!”, let me remind you, thanks to magazines such as National Enquirer, Star and others, these two individuals (Jon and Kate) and their offspring will likely find new ways to stay on our mouths for years down the road.

And, as they are still on the news, US Magazine reports that Jon took his sextuplets to a firehouse to sell lemonade, and the reason the two older twins were not taken was that he had grounded them.

Jon Gosselin selling lemonade…..geez one would think with all the money he’s made off the show, he wouldn’t have to settle for a 5 cent a cup sale!

Well, some things, like Israel Vazquez-Rafael Marquez, we ask more of. Others, like Jon and Kate Gosselin, we ask…no, better said, we hope, for a “mercy stoppage”!

Boxing Anniversaries

On December 3rd, 1982, I was officially inaugurated as a boxing fan? The crowning event? The Fights that night at New Orleans, Louisiana, between my compatriot, Wilfredo Gomez, versus Mexican great Lupe Pintor, and my other compatriot, Wilfred Benitez, against American great, Thomas Hearns. Gomez and Benitez defended their WBC Super Featherweight and Super Welterweight world titles, respectively. It would be the only time the two original “great Wilfredos” (later to be joined by Wilfredo Vazquez as the “three great Wilfredos” of Puerto Rico) would fight at the same undercard. In one of the greatest fights of all time sans none, Gomez retained his title by knocking Pintor out in round 14, and Benitez would lose his to Hearns by majority decision in a fight (Benitez-Hearns) marked by intelligent and elegant fighting by the stars on it.

Our Hearts Are With

Z Gorres. The Filipino boxer won a fight against Colombia’s Luis Melendez recently, but he was sent to the floor by a Melendez punch before the end of the 10th and last round. He got up and was able to survive and hear being declared winner on points, but he soon collapsed and had to be taken to a local hospital in critical condition. He responded well to early treatment, avoiding having to be induced into a medical coma, but he is still hospitalized and his boxing career is over. With a record of 31-2-2, 17 ko’s, Gorres has a wife, Datchness, and four kids.


Francisco Rodriguez, 25. “El Nino Azteca”, a Mexican boxer living in the United States, passed away on November 22nd, 2 days after being knocked out in round ten by up and coming Teon Kennedy in a Super Bantamweight bout. He died of head trauma, leaving a wife and five month old child behind.

Evan Chandler, 65. The former dentist was better known as the father of the first child to accuse Michael Jackson of sexual molestation. He and his son had been estranged for a couple of years. They had received $20 million dollars from Jackson. According to, he was found dead with a gun to the head early in November at his home in Jersey City, New Jersey. Police are calling it a suicide.

Solange Magnano, 38. Ms. Magnano was Miss Argentina in 1994. According to, she died on Monday, November 30th, of complications resulting from a plastic surgery on her buttocks.

May they all rest in peace.

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