Jean Pascal Survives Scare; Rising Super Middle remains Unbeaten
By Phil Santos, (Jan 12, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Jean Pascal moves to 21-0 (14) by scoring a UD victory over a game Omar Pittman. The fight began slowly with lots of swings and misses but with Pascal securely in control. With the exception of an off balance slip up, that could have been scored a knockdown; Pascal was cruising winning the first six rounds with relative ease. He had Pittman down in the second, courtesy of a sharp left hook, and he overwhelmed his lesser talented opponent with superior speed and movement.

As the 6th round neared its conclusion Pascal held out his arms and taunted Pittman to fight, a move he would soon regret. In the 7th round Pittman smashed Pascal with a right hand, left hook combo that left him wobbly and doing his best to survive the round. Luckily for Pascal, Omar Pittman is not a highly skilled fighter and he just couldn’t find a way to finish.

Pascal regained his composure in the 8th; although he was still shaky, and got back to out boxing the over matched Pittman.

In studio with ESPN’s Brian Kenney, top rated Super Middleweight, Allan Green gave his take on Jean Pascal stating “Jean Pascal should be locked up for impersonating a fighter”.

Green did have more respect for Miranda saying only that the physically gifted Miranda had improvements to make technically.

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