Jones Speed Kills Tito; Jones floors Tito twice, Wins Unanimous Decision
By Phil Santos, (Jan 20, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Battle of the Titans, or so it was billed, featuring two living legends of the fight game went off with a bang tonight. Live from Madison Square Garden and televised on HBO Pay-Per-View Roy Jones Jr. and Felix Trinidad put their respective legacies on the line. History will always remember these two boxing immortals as winners, tonight however only one man would emerge victorious.

This was a fight that Felix Trinidad simply could not win. Everything that mattered within the squared circle pointed to a
Roy Jones victory. He was bigger, stronger, faster and fresher. End of story. The question that remained was just how it would happen. Would Jones put Tito to sleep? Would he box circles around Trinidad , mimicking Winky Wright, en route to an easy decision? Would this supposed epic clash deliver the type of thrills that their names have become synonymous with?

Tonight Roy Jones looked sharp and Felix Trinidad was respectable enough to make the contest entertaining. The judges scored it 116-110(2) and 117-109 for Roy Jones. I scored it 118-108 in favor of Jones who lost the first two rounds and swept the rest on my scorecard. The outcome was fairly obvious before the bell ever rang.

As far as answering the questions at hand, well Jones couldn’t deliver the knockout that he predicted but that may be more a tribute to Tito than a knock on Roy . Tito picked himself up off the canvas twice, once in the 7th, and once in the 10th, and fought bravely despite being outgunned.

Roy did, predictably, box circles around Tito and as the fight wore on matters
only got worse. If not for a slow start for Jones it appeared that he could have taken every round with his much quicker hands and superior skills. This fight did very closely resemble Trinidad ’s fight with Winky, a slick boxer beating the big puncher.

In regards to the fight meeting expectations the answer was a resounding yes! Both men came to fight and although he wasn’t a vintage Roy Jones he was an entertaining sharp puncher who still has the ability to amaze you at times with his hand speed. Tito showed the heart that fans have always loved him for by fighting hard, forcing the action and getting off the canvas. All in all the fight was a success; both men could exit with their heads held high and their legacy in tact. Neither was embarrassed and perhaps another big fight or two lie in wait for these two giants of the fistic arts.

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