Oscar De La Hoya – Still Loved but no longer Relevant
By Phil Santos, Overhandright.com (March 18, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
The once brilliant boxer Oscar De La Hoya has established himself as one of the best promoters and businessmen in the boxing world. Golden Boy Promotions continues to land big stars, most recently inking Ricky Hatton, furthering their status as the newest player among the games major promoters. He is and has been a global figure with influence and money making opportunities that reach far beyond the squared circle for years. His popularity and ability to sell tickets even now makes him the most attractive opponent for anyone from Welter to Middleweight.

On May 3rd the “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya will take on Steve Forbes. Without question people will watch, but I can’t help but wonder; why should fans be excited for this fight? Sure Oscar is still an above average fighter and Steve Forbes is a solid opponent. But is this really a fight that should lead to a rematch with Floyd Mayweather? Assuming, as most experts do, that De La Hoya takes care of business against Forbes a September 20th scheduled match with “Pretty Boy” Floyd would be next on the agenda.

Firstly I for one have no desire to see Oscar and Floyd replay their uneventfully predictable first fight. Ricky Hatton tested Floyd more than De La Hoya was able to and with another year behind him there is little reason to believe that he can do anything differently in the rematch. Secondly how does a fight with Steve Forbes, regardless of how impressive Oscar may look, make him worthy of a rematch with the top pound for pound fighter in the sport? It doesn’t plain and simple.

Oscar has had a terrific career. That cannot be denied. He is a shoe in for the
Hall of Fame and he will always be remembered as one of the best fighters of his generation. Lately however De La Hoya has posted a 2-3 (1) record in his last 5 fights with losses to Mosley, Hopkins and Mayweather. His two wins came versus Felix Sturm, which was slightly controversial, and Ricardo Mayorga who was a taylor made opponent for the slicker more skilled De La Hoya.

Over the last 9 years Oscar De la Hoya has compiled a 7-5 (5) record which in addition to the aforementioned losses include another loss to Mosley and a loss to Felix Trinidad. Clearly Oscar has earned his stripes and now stands to profit from the good name he has built for himself over his career. But to my best recollection I can’t remember anyone with as pedestrian a record as 7-5 over nearly a decade of competition receiving as much hype and recognition as Oscar.

I will say this, De La Hoya can still fight and he deserves to go out on his terms. My only beef is that he is no longer an elite fighter and does not belong in the ring with the best fighters out there. Oscar you made your money, you made Floyd so much dough he’s calling himself “Money”, give somebody else a shot. You can beat up on the Forbes and Mayorga’s of the world but inevitably at this point in your career you lose to Floyd, Cotto and the rest of the current class of elites.

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