Brian Vera stops hot prospect Andy Lee
By Phil Santos, (March 22, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
It looked as though all three undefeated fighters who highlighted ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights March 21st card would improve their records and remain flawless. That was until Brian Vera scored the biggest upset of the series thus far in 2008.

All the hype surrounding the Main Event centered around undefeated Middleweight prospect Andy Lee. At 15-0 (12) Lee seemed to be on the fast track to championship contention. He had the guidance and praise of Emanuel Steward, one of the sports top trainers, and now he had a national stage to show an American audience what he was made of.

As the fight approached very little was made of Brian Vera. Yeah he was a contender alum, yeah he had a solid record, 16-1 (9), with his only loss coming to Jaidon Codrington. So What!? This kid has no chance. He was merely supposed to be an opponent. I guess Vera never got the memo.

Things unraveled just as they were expected to at first with Lee scoring and early knockdown. Vera looked over matched and struggled to find a way to counter Lee’s heavy left hooks. After surviving the 1st round Vera slowly, but surely, began to assert himself with thumping right hands which eventually earned Lee’s respect.

With the fight now seemingly up for grabs it was Vera who began to separate himself as the hungrier, though not necessarily more talented, fighter. Blood trickled down the face of the unbeaten Andy Lee as he tried to withstand numerous right hands that were now landing with greater frequency. Lee continued to counter but now Vera with new found confidence walked through many of the Irishman’s best offerings.

As the 7th round rolled around you began to wonder how much longer Lee could absorb the punishment Vera had been dishing out for the last few rounds. Again Vera attacked this time landing just one crushing right hand and referee Tony Chiarantano stepped in and stopped the fight.

A somewhat surprising stoppage considering the fat that Lee responded to the shot that caused the stoppage with an immediate counter punch. Lee did not dispute the referee’s verdict and Emanuel Steward concurred following the fight saying that he had no problem with the referee’s decision to stop the fight.

If Andy Lee is to become a major player in the Middleweight division he certainly didn’t look the part tonight. Both he and Vera were easily hit and showed little or no ability to make defensive adjustments. All in all an entertaining fight between to average fighters.

Undercard Results:

Matt Remillard scored a Unanimous Decision win over Jesus Salvador Perez. Remillard improves to 13-0 (7) and Perez falls to 25-19-3 (14).

Aaron Pryor Jr. defeated Alphonso Williams by Unanimous Decision. Pryor remains perfect improving to 9-0 (6) while Williams losses his second straight fight running his record to 10-4 (8).

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