Algieri Takes It to 13-0
By Allan Scotto, MaxBoxing (Feb 11, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Long Island’s own Chris Algieri,13-0 (6), returned again to his hometown of Huntington, New York to square off in an eight-rounder against southpaw Curtis Smith, 10-6 (5), on January 28th 2012, in front of another packed house at the Paramount Theater.
As is always the case whenever Chris Algieri fights, the crowd was not disappointed. 
The first round was uneventful as both men were feeling each other out. Smith tried to launch a body attack but Algieri either blocked most of the shots with his elbows or simply danced out of harm’s way, using his jab to keep Smith at bay.
In round two, Algieri started unloading right hands and hard shots to the body but Smith showed some slick southpaw movement and started introducing his jab. Algieri cleverly covered up when Smith threw but his counters did not find their mark. Seeming a little frustrated, Algieri began lunging at Smith, smothering himself- and his punches- on the inside.
Smith found his rhythm in round three, pinning Algieri against the ropes and ripping hard shots with both hands. About halfway through the round, it appeared that Smith had punched himself out as Algieri took over, dominating the second half of the round with vicious body punches and right hand leads to the head.
Rounds four through six were pretty much mirror images of each other as Algieri stalked Smith, landing hooks off a stinging jab. At times, Algieri pinned Smith against the ropes but the cagey Smith survived and fired back.
In round seven, Algieri began to follow his jab with hard right hands to Smith’s body and at the end of the round, one could see that the body work was taking its toll on Smith who returned to his corner rather tentatively.
Round eight begins with Algieri immediately resuming his attack to the body, trying to finish off Smith. For a while, it looked like that would happen as Smith began to wilt. Suddenly, Smith caught a second wind and began unloading on Algieri with both hands. The crowd roared as both men finished the fight in the center of the ring, trading blows.
Algieri took the unanimous decision by the scores of 80-72 (twice) and 78-74.
After the fight, Algieri was asked to evaluate his performance.
“In terms of my performance,” Algieri said, “I’d give myself a C+.
“I felt a little off,” Algieri continued, “and was having trouble finding Smith’s rhythm. I could have used my jab more consistently to set up my power shots instead of stalking and trading.”
Asked about Smith’s performance, Algieri stated, “He took a good punch, which we expected.”
When asked what he’ll take away from this fight, Algieri said, “This was a learning experience for me. I need to listen to my coaches and use my boxing skills instead of trying to get the knockout.”
“But,” Algieri continued, “I’ll be back in the gym this week to work on those things and I want to get back in the ring as soon as possible.”
And that’s a good thing for boxing fans.
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