Friday Night Dog Fights: Abner Mares and Javier Jauregui Notch Wins
By Sergio Martinez (December 17, 2005)  
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This past Friday night, live from Austin, Texas, and televised on Telefutura’s ‘Solo Boxeo’ boxing series, Golden Boy Promotions presented two action packed televised contests featuring an up and coming prospect in Abner Mares, 7-0 (5), and a gritty former lightweight champion in Javier ‘Chatito’ Jauregui, 51-12-2 (34), in separate bouts. The fireworks got underway early as the opening televised bout of the night featured former 2004 Mexican Olympian representative and current 122-pound professional prospect, Abner Mares, taking on the tough and vastly more experienced Yamin Mohammad. In the opening stanza, it seemed that it was going to be another quick night for Mares as, midway through the round, he landed a quick, sharp left hook that sent Yamin reeling back, causing his glove to touch the canvas, registering a knockdown.
Undeterred by the flash knockdown, Mohammad roared back, making the next seven rounds of the fight very competitive. Yamin employed a stiff jab, troubling the young Mexican-American as Mares used little in the way of upper body movement. Still, Abner used his speed and heavy hands to punish his opponent’s body relentlessly. Mohammad fired back with overhand right counters that landed effectively. In the end, as game as Yamin was, he was simply outgunned by the younger, stronger, more talented Mares and ended up losing an eight-round unanimous decision by the scores of 80-71 twice, and 77-74.
Overall, it was a great learning experience for Abner as Mohammad gave him a tough fight and made him go hard, grueling rounds; always a good thing for a young, up and coming prospect. Just for the record, as naturally talented and fast as Mares is, he is still very raw, and lacks a lot of upper body movement. He is easily drawn into brawls and tends to leave himself open for wide, looping shots. Still, it is hard to argue with his talent, speed, and potential and it will be exciting to see this young prospect grow over the years.
In the main event, Javier ‘Chatito’ Jauregui notched his fifty-first career win and thirty-fifth knockout, by stopping Jose Quintana in four heats. The action got underway quickly as Javier, from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, came out focused on Quintana’s body, landing vicious hooks to the ribcage. Jose, from Ponce, Puerto Rico, circled the ring, and landed hard body shots of his own. The hard Mexican pressed the action and landed a pair of hard left hooks to the liver to really seem to do damage. Jose seemed very frustrated as he was just not able to get much done. As the round ended, Quintana landed a right hand to the back of Chatito’s head which drew a warning from the referee.
Jauregui continued to mercilessly pursue Jose, punishing his body and landing hard, straight right hands to the face. Quintana attempted to stem the tide by engaging the Mexican, but he was not able to ward off Jauregui’s onslaught. By the end of the second stanza, the Puerto Rican’s right eye was quickly swelling shut. It did not seem that Jose was going to be able to go on for much longer.
As the fight progressed, Javier continued to apply relentless pressure, working the body with hard hooks to the plexus, and started to find a home for hard right hands to the face. It was clear that the swollen right eye was starting to become a problem for Jose as he was continuously caught with power punch after power punch to the head. After the beginning of the fourth round, referee Gregorio Alvarez decided that he had seen enough and called a halt to the contest, awarding Jauregui a TKO victory. It was a good stoppage as Quintana was really starting to eat some leather and could have easily suffered a severe injury. We will see if Javier can continue to win and position himself for another shot at a world title.
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