Maidana Against the Odds vs. Mayweather
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Maidana Against the Odds vs. Mayweather
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing on Doghouse Boxing (April 30, 2014)

Marcos Maidana against the odds vs. Floyd Mayweather - By icheehuahua
Image by icheehuahua, Doghouse Boxing Inc.
Image debuted w/ this article by Steve Kim
- April 30, 2014.
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If you haven't heard, Marcos Maidana, who faces Floyd Mayweather this Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, is a heavy underdog. Some books have “Money” as high as a 14-1 favorite. Is that reflective of Mayweather’s superlative skills of Mayweather or Maidana’s limitations? And is this number from the oddsmakers - who, again, are the real experts - indicative of the type of competition we'll see between the two?
Many are taking this as an indictment of Maidana but ask yourself this: Other than Manny Pacquiao (who is on the other side of the current “Cold War” that plagues boxing), or bigger men like Gennady Golovkin, how many fighters wouldn't be such prohibitive underdogs versus Mayweather?
You keep hearing the comparisons of Maidana to Carlos Baldomir, largely based on the fact that both are Argentines. But this rather lazy narrative is not only an insult to “Chino” but is simply untrue. For the most part, Baldomir was a career journeyman who rose to prominence largely on one night against the perennially inconsistent Zab Judah for the recognized welterweight title. This victory was enough for him to parlay this into an eventual payday versus the undersized Arturo Gatti and a cash-out versus Mayweather, basically ending his relevancy at the world-class level.
Maidana, on the other hand, has always been on a higher plateau than Baldomir. Who can forget his Stateside debut when he was brought in as the B-side to the heavily-hyped Victor Ortiz at the Staples Center five years ago? Having to get off the canvas a couple of times, he was the first to expose the front-running tendencies of Ortiz and out-tough him on his way to a memorable sixth round TKO. From that point on, Maidana - for whatever limitations he's saddled with - has consistently been one of the most hardnosed and fan-friendly fighters in the sport. When you see Maidana, the chances are you're going to see some ol' fashioned fisticuffs and a real fight. He's as honest a fighter there is in the game today. He has no real airs or pretenses about him; he's there to knock your block off and he's not hard to find.
Maidana has a solid set of victories that includes the names of Ortiz, Victor Cayo, DeMarcus Corley, Erik Morales, Petr Petrov, Jesus Soto Karass and Josesito Lopez. But he forever became a fan favorite by delivering a brutal comeuppance to the brash Adrien Broner last December in San Antonio, which wasn't just so much a victory for him but a legion of boxing fans who wanted “The Problem” solved, embarrassed and taken down a few notches. It made Maidana a heroic figure.
And in many ways, it was how he leap-frogged Amir Khan in the Mayweather sweepstakes while Khan was putting himself on the sidelines and bypassing matches against the declining Devon Alexander. Meanwhile, Maidana did what many fans yearn for: he actually went out and stated his case inside the ring. While Khan was hoping his marketability and the lucrative foreign rights in the U.K. would be enough to get him this opportunity, Maidana just went out and punched out the likes of Lopez and Broner in entertaining affairs. Fighters fight and Maidana did just that. It's why he's on the main event and why Khan is relegated to facing Luis Collazo on the undercard.
But there is a reason why no one outside of Buenos Aires or Oxnard are giving him much of a chance this weekend. Because for all his wins, what stands out are the three blemishes in his career: Andriy Kotelnik, Amir Khan and Devon Alexander. This trio was able to outbox and outmaneuver Maidana, who's as heavy-footed as he is heavy-handed. Last week, this scribe believed John Molina had a legitimate “puncher’s chance” against Lucas Matthysse. Perhaps, Maidana does too but not all “puncher’s chances” are not created equal. Molina was facing a fighter who was coming off a loss and perhaps had some lingering self-doubts. Also, by nature, “The Machine” likes to mix it up and his style was conducive for Molina to touch him up a bit. In this case, Maidana is facing one of the most elusive and slippery boxers in the history of the sport.
There is a chance that Mayweather puts on another display of master-class boxing and shuts out Maidana over 12 rounds. But you get the sense that unlike a Victor Ortiz or Robert Guerrero, there will be no meltdown or capitulation from Maidana. He might lose all 36 minutes of this fight but he'll never stop fighting.
Yeah, I get it, to see a guy “try” for 12 rounds - while you fork out over $70 – might not float your boat. And there is a plenty of backlash and derision over this fight and Maidana as the dance partner but that seems unfair. By all accounts, Maidana has done what should be reasonably expected of him to get his number called. Perhaps his biggest crime is that he isn't Pacquiao and is caught in the crossfire from fans who are frustrated by the inability (or is it unwillingness?) of Mayweather and Pacquiao to ultimately face each other.
Yeah, there's no doubt Maidana is a longshot.
But it's also a (long)shot he rightfully deserves.
It has to be noted that under trainer Robert Garcia, Maidana is undefeated and while they haven't reinvented the wheel, what is now evident from Maidana is improved balance. On Saturday night, Maidana will have to pressure from the beginning of the fight (and in an intelligent manner) and not let up. Again, versus Mayweather that's easier said than done.
“Those that have tried and come forward, they have failed but the fact is that Floyd has never faced somebody with the power and the heart, the determination that ‘Chino’ has. This is a fighter who doesn't worry about anything. He's not worrying about ‘I'm fighting the best pound-for-pound in the world or the best fighter in history.’ He's not worried about that. He gets ready to fight and do what he does best and he does it against anybody,” said Garcia on a national media conference call.
“[Maidana] doesn't have to be the best in the world. He goes out there just to try to hurt his opponent and that's what he's training to do. He throws punches from different angles. He has tremendous power in both hands. Everybody knows that. There is no secret to that,” continued Garcia. “He doesn't respect whoever is in front of him. That's one thing that he's going in and not thinking of or not having in mind. ‘I'm [indiscernible]. I have no chance against him.’ No, he doesn't feel like that. He feels like he could beat him and anybody else in the ring in front of him.”

Maidana states, “I’m better now that I’m been working with Robert Garcia. I feel much better. My punches are connecting even stronger now because the punches are being thrown in a better location and with precision. I feel a lot better. I feel much, much better now that I've been working with Robert Garcia.”

This man speaks softly and carries a big stick.

“I am a champion and I am ready to fight for my title. Most importantly, I am preparing to beat Mayweather. The last thing that I'm worried about is my title. I want to just train and beat Mayweather.”


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