The TV Numbers: Premiere episode for “All Access: Mayweather-Alvarez”
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The TV Numbers: Premiere episode for “All Access: Mayweather-Alvarez”
By Steve Kim, MaxBoxing (Aug 28, 2013)

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The premiere episode for “All Access: Mayweather-Alvarez” had 225,000 viewers (according to Nielsen Media Research) this past weekend. By comparison, the debut of “24/7” on HBO for Mayweather's bout against Oscar De la Hoya (the fight this promotion is most being compared to in terms of financial expectations) premiered at 1.4 viewers.

But again, it has to be pointed out: Time Warner Cable subscribers are blacked out from Showtime currently. And this “All Access” was replayed on Univision, CBS Sports Network and various internet platforms like Also, Mayweather-De la Hoya was the premiere edition of this genre and it had “The Sopranos” and “Entourage” as its lead-ins.

More current editions of “24/7” now debut at around the 400-500,000-viewer range.

Also, HBO does have more subscribers (HBO is said to have between 28-30 million to Showtime's 21-23 million, depending on which media report you believe).

So take these figures with a grain of salt and put them in whatever context you want.

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