Who's Number One? Manny Pacquiao or Joe Calzaghe
By Chris Strait, SocalFightFan on Doghouse Boxing (Nov 26, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
I can't help but notice that Manny is being advertised as the best fighter around now. Certainly, one can make a case for this. And a couple years ago, his case was better than Calzaghe. That is no longer the situation, and I present the following three points as to why I believe Calzaghe stands clearly alone.

1) Barrera and Morales were no less over the hill when they fought Pacquiao, than Hopkins and Jones were when they fought Calzaghe. Pacquiao's wins against fellow stars are therefore no more impressive than

2) Pacquiao has losses. Calzaghe doesn't. Period. Not that Pacquiao's losses don't come with slight asterisks (low blow, drained from weight loss, close decision), but he does/can slip. Calzaghe always comes through, no matter what.

3) Calzaghe can say he beat top contemporaries like Lacy and Kessler, in dominating fashion. Pacquiao's only contemporary championship level opponent was Marquez, and his record there is 1-0-1. Either fight could have gone to Marquez, also.

Bringing his power and skill from 112 to 135, is indeed impressive, and he is a deserving number 2.. but Joe Calzaghe is in a category of his own.

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