The Harder They Fall: Pacquiao, Bradley and Mayweather - The Perfect Storm
By Sunset Thomas (June 12, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley
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The wife beater and the born-again basketball fan will meet for sure toots—bank on it!” groused my grizzled ghost of a gumbah Frankie Gambino.

Such a tongue on that Frankie!

“The perfect storm kiddo! They send Mayweather to the hoosegow for 3-months. They steal the fight from Pacquiao—but conveniently have a re-match clause,” he ranted on.

“Do the math. Floyd gets freed. He trains for a few months and has a tune up bout right about the same time Pac-Man and Bradley do it again. They both win. The big fight stage is set.”

Frankie is something of a conspiracy crack but he might be on to something. When HBO’s Max Kellerman commented about the “money fighter” usually getting the nod, he may have spoke the truth, however, there was no “money fighter” Saturday night—just a “money re-match!”

Jeez, what a rotten day it was. First no I’ll Have Another in the Belmont (he was hurt and they scratched him, which was noble, but why retire a 3-year old superstar? Why not rest him and let him race at least once more—for the fans, for history? Sadly, (much like boxing), it’s all about money and he’ll be off to the stud-farm.

Well at least I did hit the exacta in the Belmont (Union Rags w/Paynter)

Following the Belmont came the “Dupe in the Desert,” that farce of a fight—a clear hack job and Jim Lampley, Emanuel Steward and Harold Lederman were spot on in their indignation!

Of course, I really don’t see Manny beating Mayweather—both of his past two performances (Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley) were less than stellar…

“Manny has lost his mojo,” Frankie moaned. “Something’s gone from the guy—he’s as flat as day old beer now.”

Nonetheless, Frankie sees the writing on the wall—Floyd and Manny fighting early next year—if he’s right, the question begs—will anyone really care?

Nights like Saturday are bad for the business of boxing—the casual fan always fears the fix and decisions like this one just might drive gamblers to Greyhound racing—or perhaps the MMA or Rocky re-runs…

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