The Harder They Fall: “Stop, in the Name of Glove…”
By Sunset Thomas, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 18, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photos © Nevada Nichols)
Larry Flynt & Sunset Thomas
Larry Flynt, Sunset Thomas & from the Black Eye Peas and the bevy of beauties
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“Stop, in the Name of Glove…”  Frankie Gambino was channeling chartreuse Diana Ross after watching Showtime’s fabulous fight card last Saturday night.

Of course my able-bodied apparition was speaking, or should I say, singing about the twin stoppages (Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez / Josesito Lopez and Marcos Maidana / Jesus Soto-Karass).

I agree that both Kenny Bayless and Joe Cortez might be guilty of pre-mature pull-out but to err on the side of caution is a far better thing than letting a fight go too long and these decisions must be made in the moment and an arm-chair chorus is nothing more than tail-gate party pundit prattle.

What a night for Las Vegas and what a night for boxing. HBO had Sergio Martinez / Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Showtime there aforementioned bout…

Two major cards in two of the best venues in the world, on the same night in the same town and baby, this is Vegas and there was lots of other stuff going on as well but that didn’t stem the swell!

I was able to catch the Showtime card because it was on early enough for me to doll up for my appearance at Larry Flynt’s 2nd Anniversary party at the Hustler Club.

I think of Larry Flynt as the Muhammad Ali of the Adult Industry. Ali a pugilist, Larry a pornographer—both fearless—both warriors—both loose lipped—both heroic Americans!

(Top Photo: Sunset Thomas and Larry Flynt - 2nd Photo: Sunset, Flynt, from the Black Eye Peas and the bevy of beauties. PHOTOS © Nevada Nichols)

And on this night when I was out supporting the maverick that essentially launched my career—Frankie and I still had our minds on the matches taking place simultaneously around town.

It was no surprise to either my Ghost of a Gumbah or me that Martinez beat Chavez Jr. In fact, I’d publicly stated that I thought Sergio would knock out the son of Senor Chavez.

Josesito Lopez deserves a huge pay-check next time he fights—hopefully, at a more natural weight—what a gutsy guy!

By nights end, while the traffic stalled on the Strip and revelers rallied around Sin City and hot babes bounced on enough laps to make Santa jealous—we were, once again, able to raise a rousing toast to the Squared Circle and its ability to carry the day!

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