Mike Tyson Comes to Rescue of Motorcycle Victim - See Crash Photo - TMZ Report
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Mike Tyson Comes to Rescue of Motorcycle Victim - See Crash Photo - TMZ Report
By TMZ Sports, special to Doghouse Boxing (Sept 22, 2014)

Mike Tyson helps motorcycle crash victim - TMZ
Mike Tyson helps motorcycle crash victim.
When you need a calm, soothing voice to get you through a traumatic event, you don't think of Mike Tyson ... but that's exactly what happened to a motorcycle crash victim.

Ryan Chesley tells TMZ ... he was on his way to Las Vegas this week when a cab cut him off on the freeway ... sending him flying off his chopper.

Chesley says Tyson saw the whole thing ... slammed on his brakes and stopped traffic. Chesley says Tyson -- mindful the victim might be in shock -- kept him calm until paramedics arrived.

Chesley -- who has broken bones, muscles, ligaments, nerve damage and needs shoulder surgery -- tells TMZ he's sending Tyson a thank you note and a fruit basket.

Mike Tyson ... he can hurt you bad, and help you good.

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