5 under 25 - Heavyweight Boxing
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5 under 25 - Heavyweight Boxing
By Kris N. Tims, Doghouse Boxing (April 30, 2014)

Hughie Fury
Hughie Fury
Heavyweight prospects are fun. Many great pugilistic discussions have revolved around a Heavyweight prospects future. Will he become a future contender? Is he being protected too much? How many fights is he away from a title shot? In general a young prospect is better than an old one. As the natural age limit in the sport increases it is no longer uncommon to see legitimate prospects in their mid 30's, an age which professional fighters used to retire. Younger prospects have the benefit of a longer shelf life and losses are easier to recover from because the window to improve is still wide open. There are several exciting young prospects currently working their way up the rankings in the division that every fight fan should be aware of. They represent the divisions future and if the the Heavyweight division has a bright future then boxing does as well.

Andy Ruiz Jr. Age: 24 Size: 6' 2” 257 lbs. Record: 21-0 (15)

Andy Ruiz Jr. is the most developed of our five prospects. He is already fighting and impressively beating former fringe contenders and the usual suspects of stepping stones. Ruiz Jr. has lost weight and showed up in better shape than he did during his first year as a pro but in recent fights has gained some of that weight back. The added weight will effect his stamina when he begins his ascent into the top 10 but for now he can get by on his skill set. He possesses a solid jab and deceptively fast hands, he often simply overwhelms an opponent into an early TKO win. Ruiz Jr. holds impressive wins over fellow prospects Joe Hanks and Elijah McCall as well as former prospect and perennial quitter, Tor Hamer. Next up is former fringe contender Manuel Quezada and if he passes that test then fights against fellow prospects and top 15 fighters will surely follow.

Fights from a title shot? 8

Joseph Parker Age: 22 Size: 6'4” 230 lbs. Record: 8-0 (7)

New Zealand's Joseph Parker was an accomplished amateur fighter that turned professional after barely missing the 2012 Olympic Games. He has a fluid offense and a great killer instinct but does have a tendency to forget defense while going for the knockout. So far his level of competition has not been able to exploit that weakness but it will need to be addressed before he moves up the division. Parker's brutal knockout over the bloated white shell of Frans Botha put an impressive name on resume and little else. Parker has suffered cuts in his last two fights and while he was able to fight through and win the bouts the damage was done. His tendency to bleed will hurt him when he begins his climb into the top 15. Parker outworked the game but over matched Marcelo Nascimento and a won a seventh round stoppage in his last bout. He should dominate the domestic level of competition within the next year before fighting fringe contenders in early 2016.

Fights from a title shot? 13

Anthony Joshua Age: 24 Size: 6'6” 240 lbs. Record: 5-0 (5)

The United Kingdom's Anthony Joshua took up boxing late at the age of 18 but has already accomplished quite a bit in the sport by winning an Olympic Gold Medal at the 2012 games. Joshua has the ideal size and carries the power that comes with it. He is not quick handed but puts his punches together well. Joshua carries a powerful left jab and the ability to knock a fighter out with either hand. His chin has been untested in the pro ranks which is not surprising considering the level of his opposition. Joshua should advance up the domestic ranks in 2014 and I expect him to be fighting the best his country has to offer by late 2015 and if successful, the divisions top 10 by the end of 2016.

Fights from a title shot? 14

Hughie Fury Age: 19 Size: 6'6” 240 lbs. Record: 13-0 (8)

Englands' Hughie Fury is the cousin of current contender Tyson Fury and they have similar unorthodox styles (Both are trained by Hughie's Father, Peter Fury). Hughie does not have as much natural power as his larger cousin but is much better at putting his punches together. However Fury also has a habit of foregoing all defense when going for a knockout win and this leads him to taking unnecessary punches before eventually winning. Fury is very young and already starting his climb up the domestic ranks and regardless of the results his style should make him a popular fighter to watch. His needs time to develop his defense and grow into his size before going after fighters in the divisions top 15.

Fights from a title shot? 17

Alexis Santos Age: 24 Size: 6'0” 220 lbs. Record: 13-0 (11)

Alexis Santos is the smallest and perhaps greenest fighter of our five. What Santos lacks in size he makes up with stamina. He has a good motor and although he has already had some tough fights on the club level, he has shown steady improvement. Whether or not he can ever crack the top 10 remains to be seen but his exciting style is reason enough to keep an eye on him. Santos will need some more seasoning before advancing up the ranks and I do not expect him to face any serious challenges any time soon.

Fights from a title shot? 21

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