The Little Dog Laughed
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The Little Dog Laughed
By David Tyler, Doghouse Boxing (June 25, 2015)

Adrien Broner
Adrien Broner

The Little Dog Laughed

  • Should Adrien Broner continue to subject himself to further punishment by fighting at 147 pounds? He can beat Pacman but not the top fighters in the welterweight division.

  • How did Shawn Porter ever lose a fight?

  • Andre Ward is back…now let’s see him take on a top notch super middleweight or give GGG a boxing lesson.

  • Speaking of GGG, isn’t it a bit odd that an Olympic Medalist is 34 years old and not fought anyone other than Joe Tomato Can? Maybe Team GGG knows something about his chin that we haven’t discovered yet?

  • If not then GGG is the worse promoted fighter in the long history of boxing.

  • Is Pacman the poorest sore loser in the history of boxing? Because of his bad behavior after being schooled by Mayweather, the fans are now in the great one’s corner.

  • Hope you watched the Broner/Porter fight on NBC and saw the standing ovations Mayweather was given by the crowd. The great one is finally getting the credit he deserves for beating all contenders without a stain on his record.

  • Don’t you just love referees that give a hundred warnings prior to deducting a point form a fighter? Why isn’t one warning enough then start taking points? Maybe Tony Weeks can answer those questions.

  • My top ten pound for pound:

1. Mayweather, 2. Mayweather, 3. Mayweather, 4. Mayweather, 5. Mayweather, 6. Mayweather, 7. Mayweather, 8. Mayweather, 9. Mayweather, 10. Mayweather.

  • Somewhere down the list is Andre Ward. He needs to fight at least twice more this year on a major network to get his PPV ratings up.

  • I love hearing Marv Albert call blow by blow boxing for NBC. How about more of him and less of the other two talking machines.

  • I was watching the sports report on ESPN and to my astonishment, Jim Lampley is being inducted into the boxing hall of fame. My French bulldog was laying asleep in my lap. When she heard the news, she looked up and laughed!!

Many Blessings,

David Tyler

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