David vs. Goliath
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David vs. Goliath
By David Tyler, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 15, 2014)

Gennady Golovkin vs. Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Saul Canelo, Andre Ward, Carl Froch. Image made by icheehuahua, Dog House Boxing Inc.
Poster by icheehuahua, Dog House Boxing Inc
Sometime in the year 1019 BC on a warm night in the Valley of Elah, boxing’s first major upset occurred. A young middleweight fighter named David decided he had heard enough boasting from a large heavyweight named Goliath. David also knew that in the unlikely event that he were to win this bout, it would be his signature victory that would carry him to greater rewards in sports and politics.

As we all know, David scored a one punch knockout of the much feared Goliath. David had the guts to take a challenge and it paid off big time for this young man. He had unified all major belts from middleweight to heavyweight champion of the world. David became a legend and went on to score big in the political arena.

Is there any David’s in the boxing world today? Who will step up and try to beat the great Gennady Golovkin aka GGG aka The Triple G? Let’s take a look at the pretenders:

Manny Pacquiao – Boasting more fans than King David, probably the most in the history of the sport, the king of the Philippines appears to have no interest in a match with GGG at 154 lbs. Why? Pacman fought Oscar De La Hoya and Antonio Margarito at that weight? Manny, a victory over the G would cement your legend. Fans would forget that you were knocked out cold by Juan Manual Marquez. Step up and show your fans that you fear no man!!!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Recognized for his perfect record and superior boxing abilities, Floyd is the best of his generation…maybe. As the saying goes, there is a fool born every minute. These are the fans that would pay any price to see you fight Pacman. Floyd, you call yourself the best ever? Prove it and fight the GGG. A victory takes you to the very pinnacle of greatness in this sport not to be denied as the greatest ever!!!

Miguel Cotto – What’s up with this character? He IS the lineal Middleweight Champion of the world. Why you are afraid of GGG is a mystery. Here is an opportunity to make millions of PPV dollars and immediately go to boxing’s Hall of Fame with a victory over the great Golovkin. It’s sad to see you fear another middleweight as you hold such a prestigious belt, the lineal middleweight champion of the world!!!

Saul Alvarez – You have a middleweight belt and have stated that you would fight anyone who would stand in front of you and throw down. When it comes to a fight with the Triple G, you tremble with fear. Look what you have to gain with a victory. That disgraceful loss to Mayweather would immediately be erased from everyone’s memory. Forget the great Julio Cesar Chavez, a victory over Golovkin cements your legend as the greatest Mexican fighter ever….the Grand Champion. Millions of dollars are yours just for taking the fight. But then again, we have all seen false machismo before and will again!!!

Andre Ward – Why Andre? You owe it to your fans to explain why you are afraid of a fight with Triple G. Are you afraid of a loss? Team Golovkin has offered millions of dollars and yet you still refuse. Maybe you are afraid of being exposed as a one dimensional fighter with no power. Only you can answer the question of why you panic at the thought of a fight with GGG!!!

Carl Froch – Kudos for flat out admitting you are scared witless just thinking about fighting the GGG. Boxing is a very dangerous sport and at least you have the guts to admit that you tremble at the thought of a fight with the Triple G. Good luck with the rest of your life!!!

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. – Forget it, you have absolutely no chance and would most likely end up in a hospital for a long, long, time. You made the right decision not to even entertain the nightmare of a fight with GGG!!!

It would appear that once you have reached the Multi-Million dollar level of boxing…it’s called Pay per View (PPV), then you just kick back and take life easy. You have no pressure to fight a credible contender and you have accumulated enough fans that are eager to pay $75.00 just to watch you dance around the ring. I’m tired of these type shenanigans from these false champions.

Give me someone that will fight the top contenders. Someone that has the determination to actually fight instead of trying to last 12 rounds in a dancing or hugging match.

And the winner is YOU!!! Boxing fans still get to see the pound for pound champion as subscribers to HBO. You don’t have to pay the extra $75.00 because Gennady Golovkin has not reached the Golden Plateau of PPV. Maybe it a good thing that he strikes fear in the hearts of the PPV kings.

And speaking of the GGG, his fight this Saturday on the west coast, specifically in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson, California is a sell out and yes that does include the standing room only area. However, if you are a HBO subscriber then the Triple G fights in your living room in High Definition. Check your local listings for channel and time. You do not want to miss the most exciting fighter in boxing. He just might be the Goliath of boxing without the boasting.

Additionally, please visit this website tomorrow for a rare interview with the Triple G. (UPDATE - CLICK HERE NOW FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW WITH GGG: Gennady Golovkin steps into the Dog House ) You will enjoy the comments from this very gracious and humble pugilist. This Saturday, the 18th of October, only on HBO!!!

Many Thanks,
David Tyler

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