Michael Moorer Kayoed by Freddie Roach?
By David Tyler, Doghouse Boxing (July 24, 2009)  
Boxing fans last saw former Heavyweight Champion Michael Moorer carrying Manny Pacquiao around the ring on his shoulders after the Filipino Ninja had knocked out Ricky Hatton, May 2, at the MGM Grand.

This bit of showmanship confused many boxing fans and HBO announcers Jim Lampley and Manny Steward added to the confusion by commenting that Moorer was hired to be the heir apparent to Roach as his health was deteriorating (Roach suffers from pugilist Parkinson’s disease.) Roach denied these allegations and said his Doctor’s have not seen any deterioration of his health.

Don’t look for that to happen again as Moorer is no longer employed by Freddie Roach, Manager, President, and CEO of the WildCard gym in Hollywood. When ask what happened, Freddie replied “things just didn’t work out.”

After questioning the employees at the Gym, it became apparent that Moorer, who was hired as a trainer, did not fit in with the culture at the WildCard. It was also rumored that Pacquiao and his entourage were upset with Moorer’s behavior during training camp and did not appreciate Moorer carrying their fellow countryman around the ring after his astonishing Kayo of Hatton.

Roach added that “he wishes Moorer all the best in future endeavors.” As for Roach, he looks forward to many more years working as a boxing trainer.

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