Pacquiao-Cotto vs Mayweather-Marquez: Top Rank over Golden Boy in the Early Rounds (Plus ask Freddie Roach!)
By David Tyler, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 6, 2009)  
Two mega bouts just months apart and Top Rank has won the promotional fight by fueling the media with doubts. Of course I’m referring to the Manny Pacquiao / Miguel Cotto fight. Bob Arum may be a genius or is it raw luck? Since he announced that the Ninja and Cotto had agreed to throw down in November the following events have captured the boxing fans attention:

- Arum goes on vacation leaving both camps to negotiate a deal.
- Both teams can’t agree on money or the weight limit.
- Pacquiao’s camp says they might fight Mosley instead of Cotto.
- Arum gets back from vacation and settles all disputes, maybe.
- The Ninja wants belt number seven but Cotto and the WBO say he gets it at 147lbs. not 145 lbs.

Now let’s take a look at the other mega fight set for next month. That would be Floyd Mayweather Jr. / Juan Manuel Marquez. What’s happening in this camp? No news is not good news in the world of boxing promotion. Why is Mayweather Jr. not talking to the media? Where are the controversial statements? Why the trouble selling out this event? Could it be no publicity coming from Golden Boy Promotions? Oscar where are you when we need you? Are you counting on 24/7 to draw the PPV viewers? Haven’t we already seen Marquez up in the mountains pounding tires with a hammer? How about Mayweather Jr. bragging how he is the greatest boxer in history? Been there done that!

Do you really believe that Cotto would turn down a fight against the Ninja which would fill his bank account with millions and millions of dollars? Do you think that a two pound difference would cause the fight to come to a screeching halt? Mosley belongs to Golden Boy and Cotto belongs to Top Rank. Let’s do the math together, if the Ninja fights Cotto then Arum gets all the promoters share of the fight. If the Ninja fights Mosley then Arum splits the money with Oscar De La Hoya. No way Mosley takes Cotto’s spot against the Ninja.

In a nutshell….Pacquiao / Cotto was a done deal the night of the Cotto / Clottey fight when the Ninja told Bob Arum he wanted to fight Cotto. The rest is all hype benefiting the promotion of the event.

Super trainer Freddie Roach says “he is tired of the back and forth nonsense, I just want my fighter in camp preparing for the fight.”

Lee Samuels of Top Rank believes that Pacquiao/ Cotto is capturing the public’s attention because “both fighters are so evenly matched no clear winner, it’s up for grabs.” Hmmm…not so sure about that Lee. The last time I saw the Ninja he was throwing power punches so fast they left vapor trails.

Early on it looks like the Mayweather Jr. / Marquez fight will have trouble selling PPV buys. The flip side of the coin is everyone can’t wait for the Ninja to do his thing against Cotto. Fireworks for sure!!!

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