The Dr. Theodore Atlas Foundation
By David Tyler, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 29, 2009)  
This foundation was started by Teddy Atlas in 1994 to honor his late Father. Teddy’s Father was a Physician for 55 years. Dr. Atlas believed in helping others and was known for his humanitarian work. No patient was turned away because he or she did not have the money for medical care. Dr. Atlas went into the worse parts of the city and was not afraid to help others in need. Dr. Atlas felt good about himself when he performed these acts of charity.

Now I am going to tell you how you can feel better about yourself. I want you to take an envelope and address it to:

Dr. Theodore Atlas Foundation
543 Cary Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310

Don’t forget to put your return address and a stamp on the envelope.

Many readers have read my two part article about Teddy Atlas. During my three hours of interview time with Teddy, he spoke of a few incidents that touched me emotionally. I would like to share a couple of these with you.

He told me a story about when he was a boy he went with his Dad as he made house calls. Teddy noticed that his dad had been to one house twice in one week which was unusual. Teddy watched from the car as an elderly lady came out to greet his father. When he came back to the car 30 minutes later, Teddy asks his Dad “this lady must be really sick, right dad?” He Dad said “No, actually she is pretty healthy for her age.” Teddy was shocked and asks his Dad “how can she be really healthy when you came here twice in one week?” His Dad said, “Sometimes people are just lonely, she has no family, and that can be a sickness just being lonely.”

I next asked Teddy what amount of money I could donate to this remarkable foundation? He told me the story about many elderly people in the city who live on very limited incomes but every year they send a one dollar bill to the foundation. Teddy personally replies to all donations. From one cent to a million dollars you are still treated as someone who cares about others less fortunate than you.

I receive hundreds of e-mails from readers. I appreciate every one of you who has taken the time to e-mail me with compliments about my articles. I am totally convinced that the readers of have very big generous hearts. I have the e-mails to support my beliefs.

What if, God forbid, you or a member of your family suffered from a life threatening injury or disease? Where would you reach for help? The Dr. Atlas foundation turns away no one. Many of us understand and have experienced the power of helping others. The volunteers at the foundation understand this feeling. It takes us to that special place where we feel good about ourselves in a very spiritual way.

I want you to understand this feeling of helping others. Take that envelope and place one dollar inside and mail it to the foundation. I am 100% sure that you will experience the wonderful feeling that comes from helping others.

But what can one dollar do? It can buy that kid a meal, it can go toward the purchase of a wheelchair, to the sick child whose medical treatment is not being paid, a machine that is needed to circulate the blood in a sick child’s legs, a single mom who has fallen behind and is in desperate need to help keep the utilities from being turned off.

That single dollar will help many people who would otherwise fall between the cracks, the Dr. Atlas foundation acts immediately and without the red tape. Amazing the many ways that one single dollar can help others less fortunate.

Also, if you place a note in the envelope that you heard about the foundation on, then you are literally giving twice that amount. I have a sponsor who is willing to match dollar for dollar every cent that you donate to the Dr. Teddy Atlas Foundation.

As Teddy told me, “when you live a life worth living, you are remembered, and in that way you are never gone.”

God Bless each and every one of you who donate to this foundation.

Vaya Con Dios,

David Tyler

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