Freddie Roach Interview - On Manny Pacquiao's TKO of Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Shane Mosley, Mike Tyson, Margarito, Marquez, Clottey and More!
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He is the trainer of Manny Pacquiao. Through Freddie’s tutelage, Pacman has become the first seven belt holder in boxing history. Freddie has won more trainer of the year awards than any trainer in the history of boxing. He has trained more champions than any trainer in the history of boxing. The most recent issue of Sports Illustrated calls him boxing’s greatest trainer ever! As of this date, he has not been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Once again, let’s welcome this living legend into the doghouse.

David Tyler – Fred, how was your last trip to Las Vegas?

Freddie Roach –
I’d say it turned out pretty good.

DT – Let’s get down to business. Did the first round give you any jitters?

FR –
I was a little surprised but Manny told me between rounds that he just wanted to see if he could take his punches because Cotto is a true Welterweight. Manny was in control.

DT – When did you know the fight was yours?

FR –
After the first knock down I knew it was a matter of time. Manny was going to be too strong and fast for him.

DT – Did Miguel Cotto surprise you by running away from Manny?

FR –
No not really. I could see that coming and I thought he might quit but I believe he wanted to say that he went the distance with Manny Pacquiao.

DT – Should referee Kenny Bayless have stopped that fight sooner?

FR –
I don’t think so, I would say his corner should have thrown in the towel and kept their fighter from taking a beating and embarrassing himself by not boxing. His corner is young and inexperienced.

DT – Could we compare Manny to Mike Tyson in the sense that other fighters seem afraid of Pacquiao and run?

FR –
Manny is even more fearsome than Tyson, he is also more of a complete fighter with great power in either hand which was on display for the world to see last Saturday. I’m sure that Mayweather is afraid of him.

DT – Manny told the world that he will stay at 147 lbs. Can anybody come close to beating him at 147 pounds?

FR –
I have no problem saying that there is not a fighter in the world who could come close to beating Manny Pacquiao at Welterweight.

DT – Fred, the entire galaxy wants Manny to fight Mayweather next. What would be the biggest challenge in making this happen?

FR –
The biggest challenge will be to get Mayweather to agree to the terms of the fight. I would like to see the fight at 145 lbs. and Mayweather will go for 160 lbs. The terms of the fight would have to have a clause that includes penalties for coming in overweight. He needs us, so if he wants to fight at a heavier weight then he will have to pay for it.

DT – You have said that you would fight Mayweather at any weight in past interviews.

FR –
I still feel that it would be to our benefit if Mayweather is heavier but at the same time I must look out for my fighter while the negotiations are happening.

DT – Fred, the early rumors have the fight at Yankee Stadium with Arthur Mercante Jr. as the referee, any problems with that?

FR –
I have no problem with Yankee Stadium and you know that I think that Arthur Mercante Jr. is a great ref. However, I was thinking more like filling the Grand Canyon for this type of event.

DT – Fred, does Manny hit harder than Margarito or Clottey?

FR –
Certainly, Cotto was never knocked down by Margarito, he took a knee. Clottey never knocked down Cotto. My guy put him on his butt twice.

DT – Manny was seen wrapping his own hands on HBO. I have had a lot of readers ask why he wraps his own hands.

FR –
Dave, you know that he has always wrapped his hands, from day one. That’s fine with me if he feels comfortable wrapping his own hands. Other fighters have done the same while some like their trainer to warp the hands.

DT – How long would you keep Manny inactive if the negotiations with Mayweather just kept dragging along?

FR –
Not too long. There are other options like the winner of the Mosley/ Berto fight or another Marquez fight. Another option that Manny would like is to fight Yuri Foreman. That would give Manny another belt and we can easily beat him.

DT – How is Manny’s ear?

FR –
It’s fine, we took him to the Doctor to have it drained so it wouldn’t cauliflower.

DT- Is Manny in the Phillipines now?

FR –
No, he is here in his mansion in Los Angeles. He will be in the gym tomorrow, so stop by and say hello.

DT – Fred, I can’t think of a better job by any trainer in developing a fighter like you have done with Manny. I have personally watched him grow from a left hand only fighter to the most feared boxer alive on this planet. Just to see great warriors like Cotto run from him is littlerally jaw dropping. Many, many, congratulations on the job you have done with the next President of the Philippine Islands!

FR –
Maybe he will make me the Vice-President. I am very happy to have had this once in a lifetime chance with Manny. People are always asking me who will be the next Manny Pacquiao, I tell them that there will never be another Manny Pacquiao, he is a once in a lifetime fighter.

DT – Fred, as usual thank you for this interview. I know you are busy with all the interviews and training Amir Khan.

FR –
Don’t get too mad at me for making you wait a day before I could get back to you. I have been swamped by the media and all the speculation about a possible Mayweather fight.

DT – No problem and good luck across the pond with Amir Khan in his battle with Dimitry Salita.

FR –
Thanks and once again tell the fans that Manny appreciates all their support. He draws strength and energy from all his fellow countrymen and his other supporters around the world.

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