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Watch Live Boxing Stream: Oleksandr Usyk vs Johnny Muller - WBO Inter-Continental Cruiserweight Title
By Dog House Boxing (Aug 29, 2015)

Oleksandr Usyk vs Johnny Muller
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Right here on Doghouse Boxing, watch live streaming of Oleksandr Usyk vs. Johnny Muller - WBO Inter-Continental Cruiserweight Title.

To watch the event live (starts at 12 pm, eastern time), just press play on the video player embedded to the left. ENJOY!

The full card and what to expect from this free live streaming boing event...

Cruiserweight - Oleksandr Usyk VS Johnny Muller - 12 RDS WBO Inter-Continental cruiserweight title (supervisor: Istvan Kovacs)

Referee: Ingo Barrabas judge: Mickey Vann, Yuri Koptsev, Zoltan Enyedi

Super Welterweight - Khusein Baysangurov VS Nodar Robakidze - 8 RDS

Super Lightweight - Denys Berinchyk (debut) VS Tarik Madni - 6 RDS.

Featherweight - Oleg Malinovskiy VS Bahyt Abdurahimov - 8 RDS.

Super Welterweight - Oleksandr Spyrko VS Eduards Gerasimovs - 8 RDS.

Super Middleweight - Petro Ivanov VS Beqa Aduashvili 6 RDS Super Lightweight - Aram Faniyan VS Vitaliy Manuylenko (debut) - 4 RDS.

Middleweight - Maksym Ponomarev VS Levan Shonia - 6 RDS from the Sport Palace, Kiev, Ukraine.