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Ishe Smith's message to Manny Pacquiao: "C'mon, that sh!t is crazy!"
By Dog House Boxing (Aug 29, 2015)

Ishe Smith
Ishe Smith doesn't feel Manny Pacquiao's injury was legit, and he's certainly not impressed over what he believes is Pacquiao's overuse of playing "the God Card."

In this new video interview with Ishe Smith (embedded to the left), the former jr. middleweight champ has a message for Pacquiao. Smith states: "C'mon, man, that shit is crazy! Salt water rehab! God healed you!?"

Smith goes on to add in his message directed at Pacquiao: "You can only play the God card so many times. God was also going to make sure he won, he lost to the better fighter."

Regarding Mayweather Jr's retirement battle vs. Andre Berto, Smith states: "Berto's going to put up a better fight than he (Pacquiao) did."

Check out everything Smith, had to say as he shares his thoughts on Pacquiao's shoulder injury and talks about Mayweather vs. Berto.

This video featuring Ishe Smith (Of TMT - The Money Team), has a play time of 4mins and 11secs.

Press play on the video embedded to the left and enjoy!