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Angel Heredia disses Victor Conte - "He doesn't have a degree"
By way of Dog House Boxing (Sept. 3, 2015)

Angel Heredia
"I helped Andre Berto in his last fight; we beat his (Victor Conte) guy by knockout," says Strength and Conditioning coach Angel Heredia in this new video interview provided by

Heredia has a few choice words on Conte... "He's always trying to find fighters that are going against my fighters so he gets the free publicity."

Heredia adds: Vanes (Martirosyan) could be a difficult fighter because of his style, but he's weak-minded."

Heredia goes on to diss Conte as not having a degree.

Heredia states: "Let's clarify this, Victor Conte is not a Strength Conditioner! He doesn't have a degree in anything."

Check out everything Strength and Conditioning coach Angel Heredia had to say as he talks about the upcoming battle between his fighter, Ishe Smith vs. Vanes Martirosyan, who works with Victor Conte. (The Smith vs. Martirosyan fight is set for September 12.)

This video interview with Heredia has a playing time of 4mins and 50secs.

Press play on the video embedded to the left and enjoy!