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Joel Diaz speaks out on split with Timothy Bradley
By way of Dog House Boxing (Sept. 4, 2015)

Joel Diaz
Timothy Bradley Jr. parting ways caught trainer Joel Diaz off guard. In this fresh new video interview, Diaz not only explains how Bradley's decision to leave him caught him off guard, but also confirms there is no returning on his part.

Regarding the sudden split, Diaz states: "Well you know the situation between me and Bradley, I just believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe there is better things for us, better things for him, and better things for me, probably."

"If he decided to make that change, it's great; we move on."

"We built this together, so for him to make that all of the sudden decision... you know it just throws me off a little bit. In a way it gives me that motivation to keep working. I got a lot of fighters, I have a great stable."

"I don't blame him, he has too much people around him telling him what's wrong and right. The tension was already there, but I wish him the best."

Diaz adds: "I'm going to be here longer than he is. It caught me off guard... there's no return on my part."

Check out everything world-class trainer Joel Diaz had to say as he talks about his recent split with two-division world champion Timothy Bradley Jr.

This video (provided by with Joel Diaz has a playing time of 7mins and 47secs.

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