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Amir Khan or Andre Berto? Mayweather Jr. explains why there is no difference
By way of Dog House Boxing (Sept. 9, 2015)

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Amir Khan or Andre Berto? What's the difference? Floyd Mayweather Jr's answer to the latter question is nothing. There is no difference bettween Khan and Berto and in this new video, Mayweather Jr. explains why.

Here are some select quotes...

Mayweather Jr. explains: "19 years ago, he was a young kid... Andre Berto, he has 3 losses... Amir Khan, he has 3 losses."

Mayweather Jr. adds: "Andre Berto is two-time world champion, Amir Khan is two-time world champion."

Press play on this video to listen and watch as the undefeated pound-for-pound king explains why there's no difference between fighting Amir Khan and Andre Berto.

This video with Mayweather Jr. (provided by has a playing time of 6mins and 6secs.

Press play on the video embedded to the left and enjoy!