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Is Georges St-Pierre making UFC comeback? Trainer Roach says...
By or via Dog House Boxing (Nov 11, 2015)

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The question is, will Georges St-Pierre (34 years of age) be making a return to the UFC? His trainer, Freddie Roach believes there is a strong case that St-Pierre will make a comeback if after 6 weeks of training he feels up for it.

In this new video interview (embedded to the left), Roach states: "St-Pierre is gonna have a 6 week camp. If he feels he can fight... he will fight."

Description: In this Georges St-Pierre video, Marcos Villegas speaks to Roach about St-Pierre returning to the UFC and says he will have a 6 week camp to see if he will fight again. Check it out!

This video interview with Freddie Roach has a run time of 2mins and 7secs. Press play on the player embedded to the left and enjoy!

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