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Oscar De La Hoya explains his open letter attacking Floyd Mayweather
By or via Dog House Boxing (Nov 16, 2015)

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Why did boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya pen an open letter to Floyd Mayweather Jr? Because in his words, Mayweather started it. In this new video interview, De La Hoya explains his reasoning and reaction to Mayweather.

In the interview (embedded in the video player to the left), De La Hoya states: "It's speaking the truth, that's basically it. He (Mayweather) started it."

De La Hoya adds: "You want to talk about me, alright, I'm gonna talk about you!"

Check out everything stated by De La Hoya, who explained the reason why he penned an open letter attacking Floyd Mayweather.

This video featuring Oscar De La Hoya has a run time of 1min and 47secs. Press play and the video player and check it out!

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