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Why Boxing has been waiting for Al Haymon as explained by Lamon Brewster
By or via Dog House Boxing (Nov 16, 2015)

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In this new video interview, Lamon Brewster explains why boxing's been waiting for a guy like Al Haymon.

Among some of the statements made, Brewster states: "I think that this is something that boxing's been waiting for. They've been waiting for Al Haymon to take boxing to the next level."

Brewster goes on to explain: "The fighter was getting crumbs, now Al's making sure that everybody eats!"

Check out everything former heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster had to say as he shares his thoughts on Al Haymon.

This video featuring Lamon Brewster has a run time of 2mins and 30secs. Press play and the video player and check it out!

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