Ramon Montano: "If Diaz wants to win this fight, he has to kill me!"
Interview by Realtorchill (March 15, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Four years ago, Ramon Montano left Sonora, Mexico for Las Vegas, Nevada.  The 25 year-old proud Mexican fighter looks back at his journey.  “As a teenager, I began doing karate, kick boxing; I tried all kinds of sports.  When I saw Julio Caesar Chavez and Erik Morales, I wanted to be like them.”  But famous fighters from his homeland aren’t his only motivation.  “Also, I’m interested in the money.  I want to be recognized around the world.”
As of now, Ramon is an unassuming busboy at a Mexican restaurant in Summerlin, Nevada.  Despite his humble surroundings, he is grateful for everything he has attained by displaying a strong work ethic.  “When I came to this country, I worked two jobs and trained full-time.  I took advantage of my opportunities to box professionally and saved to buy a house.  My daughter was six days old when I got the call for this next fight.  This will be for her.”
Montano’s next fight will be a huge step up against lightweight titlist, David Diaz.  Saturday’s bout is the co-feature to the sold out Manny Pacquiao/Juan Marquez rematch at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas and will be watched by millions of fans on HBO PPV.  He is not naïve about how he received this golden opportunity.  “Because I have only one knockout, they don’t think I’m a threat to David Diaz.  They think I’m a good boxer without power.  But what people don’t know is that when I started boxing, I fought guys much bigger than me.”  Nor is he unaware of the expected outcome.  “I know they’re assuming that Diaz is going to win.  But I don’t care about that.  I’ve been an underdog all the time and that gives me more strength to fight him and win.  I know he’s a big, tough fighter, but I will win.”
Ramon Montano seems to have a bright future.  He is a loyal, hardworking, intelligent young man.  Currently, he has a one-track mind.  “I don’t want to talk about it (my future) right now.  I’m not interested in that.  Right now, I’m focused on Saturday’s fight.  To me, there’s no Sunday, just this Saturday.  That is my day.  That is my future.  If Diaz wants to win this fight, he has to kill me.  I thought it was my biggest fight when I fought Dmitriy Salita and I prevailed.  I received some recognition and then I fought Americo Santos.  I thought that was my biggest fight and I won.  But now this one, with David Diaz is the most important fight of my life.  This is the BIG one.”

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