Book Review: "From Fightin' to Writin'" Serves as Boxing Time Capsule
Review by Dan Horgan (March 2, 2008) Doghouse Boxing 
For any hardcore fight fan that truly appreciates the art of good boxing journalism, the PC files of editor Tom Gerbasi must be a gold mine. In those files lie countless stories from the past eleven years on a myriad of characters in the fight game. From the sport's biggest names to its most fascinating individuals, Gerbasi captures the heart of the sweet science in his articles.

In 2000, Gerbasi let out a portion of those stories to the world with his first book, "Ring Ramblings: Tales of a Cyber Journalist". That collection of columns contained Gerbasi's work from from 1997-1999. Ask anyone who read the book, and you'll know that Gerbasi's writing is top notch, creative, and thought provoking.

Not until about a month ago, however, did Gerbasi release his second book, "From Writin' to Fightin': More Ring Ramblings". The title comes from Gerbasi's failed attempt at an amateur fight career in early 1997 and his subsequent enterprise of boxing writing.

"From Fightin' to Writin'" (iUniverse publishing), much like "Ring Ramblings", scores five gloves out of five. Gerbasi divides his work from -- a website that later turned into -- into nine chapters packed with lengthy feature articles from 2000-2001. This time around, Gerbasi leaves his opinions out of the book; he instead focuses strictly on the fighters.

As soon as you pick up "From Fightin' to Writin'", you won't be able to put it down. Gerbasi tells the story of a fighter like very few can, and as soon as you become entrenched in one boxer's tale, you'll quickly want to move to another. In "From Fightin' to Writin'", Gerbasi focuses mainly on heavyweights, champions, standouts from the 2000 Olympic Games, and women's boxing. He delves into the lives of fighters from the aforementioned categories, and gives a postscript telling readers what has happened in the fighter's career since the article was written.

Perhaps what makes "From Fightin' to Writin'" so special is its duel-purpose in the world of boxing media. Gerbasi writes about both big name fighters and fighters who you may not have heard of; consequently, the book serves as both a time capsule of boxing from 2000-2001 and as a forum for lesser pugilists to share their story.

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