Manny Pacquiao One of THE GREATEST of all time... Floyd Mayweather Jr are you out there?
By Danny Serratelli, DoghouseBoxing (Nov 16, 2009) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)  
Manny Pacquiao padded his legacy Saturday night in front of a packed house at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, by soundly defeating a true welterweight and champion in Miguel Cotto. It was a brilliant performance that follows brilliant showings against Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton, however this was the most impressive of those three considering all other factors.

Pacquiao has continued to improve his game through out his career, and trainer Freddie Roach has also earned
his paycheck along the way. Pacquiao's ability to both take a punch and hurt people at welterweight, after turning professional at 106 pounds, and making his name in the lighter weight divisions is mind blowing to anyone who has been in the ring or knows boxing.

Pacquiao's accomplishments are unheard of in this generation of boxing where action, excitement and big fights are often tough to come by. Every time Manny fights, if his opponent is up to the challenge, it may end up as the fight of the year. Otherwise Pacquiao dominates, and he never coasts, he wants the knockout and he wants to perform for the people. He is genuinely concerned with entertaining the fans. He is a true champion both in and out of the ring, who uses all of his God-given ability while he still has it. Unlike other athletes who retire while they are in their prime, essentially wasting talent and depriving the fans and the sport of great fights, such is not the case with Pacquiao.

In my opinion, if Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not fight Manny Pacquiao now, no one, not even Floyd himself, his uncle/trainer Roger or father Floyd Sr. can deny that he will be blatantly ducking him. Regardless of negotiations, there will be a lot of money to go around and Pacquiao not only deserves more, but he does not need the fight as bad as Floyd does. This fight should be made now! The public needs it, boxing needs it and Mayweather needs it if he ever intends to have half of the legacy in boxing that Pacquiao has already secured.

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