Boxing Prediction on Ricky Hatton vs Paulie Malignaggi
By Danny Serratelli, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 21, 2008) Doghouse Boxing
I don't like the idea that Ricky Hatton is working with Floyd Mayweather Sr. He will not beat Paulie at his own game and Paulie should open up an ealy lead on the cards. Ricky will resort to what he does regardless of what Floyd tells him by the middle rounds and he will start to go after Paulie.

Ricky will let his hands go, and if he can't land clean punches, he will hit Paulie anywhere he can in an attemt to slow him down and rough him up. The good thing about Hatton is that he won't go through the motions,
if he feels he is falling behind he will step up the pace and go after Paulie. That is when the fight will become very interesting, because Paulie will not catch him cold when he does that like Mayweather did.

If Paulie can continue the pace, and continue to outslick Ricky he will be OK. Paulie for all his resourcefulness and toughness will not be able to keep Ricky off of him like he has done with many lesser opponents if he doesn't have both of his hands working for him. This will be a very good, hard fought fight between two tough guys and the fans will get their money's worth on regular HBO.

Final Prediction:

Paulie Malignaggi by majority decision.

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