Rising Heavyweight, Tyyab "Brick City" Beale: "I'm putting people on notice right now, I'm coming."

Rising Heavyweight, Tyyab "Brick City" Beale: "I'm putting people on notice right now, I'm coming."
By Pamela Li Vecch, Doghouse Boxing and Brick City Boxing (Dec 17, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

In a Heavyweight Brick City Brawl...Newarks Own, Tyyab Beale (7-3-1, 3 KOs) will be fighting Aaron Kinch (4-0-1, 1 KO) on 12/21/12 at the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, New Jersey.
At Dew Drop Gym in Newark, Tyyab Beale took a break from training on the last weekend before the fight with Aaron Kinch. The gym is owned by Charlie “Dew Drop” Young, a former pro fighter and the father of Alan Lawrence who is a several time National and World Jr. Champion.

Tyyab was there with his trainer, Derrick “Nas” Graham. Nas, a former light heavyweight is also the father of Driicky Graham who is a rap artist with the popular single "Snapbacks and Tattoos". Between training boxers and being supportive of his son, Nas seems to be a natural at seeing talent in others and understanding what to do to help them to reach their potential.

Dew Drop, Ibn, Tyabb "Brick City" Beale, "The Fight Lawyer" Danny Serratelli, and Nas Graham.
Also in the gym was Tyyab’s sparring partner Ibn Akbar Richardson of Newark New Jersey, a New Jersey Golden Glove and National Champion. In the near future, Ibn will be making his professional debut. Their old training partner and lawyer, “The Fight Lawyer”, Doghouse Boxing's and BrickCityBoxing’s, Danny Serratelli was also there. Serratelli is always looking for new talent as a trainer, agent/advisor and promoter with KEA Boxing and is always happy to help his boys from the Brick City.

Pam: How did you get started in boxing?

Tyyab: Yeah, born and raised.

Tyyab: Actually, just from walking in the gyms, sitting around watching all of the guys work out and I wanted to give it a shot myself, I was always a good athlete, I played basketball and football in high school. Seeing the guys in the ring, they said to me “you get in here and see how tough it is and I said alright I’ll give it a shot, let’s go” and I haven’t stopped since.

"The Fight Lawyer" Danny Serratelli, Ibn Akbar Richardson, Tyyab "Brick City" Beale and Nas Graham,
Pam: You’re from Newark?

Pam: Still live here?

Tyyab: Yup.

Pam: What’s your nickname?

Tyyab: Brick City

Pam: For that reason?

Tyyab: Yup, for that reason alone.

Pam: You plan on staying here?

Tyyab: Good question, we all have that ‘save the inner city mentality’ but at the same time if an opportunity presents itself to go then I would. But, I’ve been here all my life, I love it here. I’ll probably stick around, not move too far away, not out of driving distance at least.Pam: How old were you when you went pro?

Tyyab: 27, I got a late start.

Pam: How come?

Tyyab: Just sat around and waited too long. I broke my foot playing basketball and so I sat out, at least two years. I was working and paying bills, coming to the gym sometimes, I just sat down and said “I’m going to do this and that’s going to be that” and that’s how I got my start.

Pam: Who are your favorite fighters?

Tyyab: Ray Leonard, Riddick Bowe, those are my top two fighters. Evander Holyfield, Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali. Jack Dempsey, I like his heart, his grit. And, the list goes on and on.

Pam: How do you describe your style?

Tyyab: I like to think I’m a boxer/puncher. I like to mix it up. I like to be smart at the same time, using my strength and athleticism.

Pam: What fighters have you sparred with?

Tyyab: I’ve been in with Bryan Jennings, Joe Hanks, Mo Harris, Alfred “Ice” Cole, Faruq Saleem, Jameel “Big Time” McCline, I’ve been in there with the top heavyweights. Mariusz Wach, he just fought Wladimir Klitschko for the title, we were in camp with him before that Klitschko fight. I’ve been in with some pretty tough guys over the years.

Pam: You sparred with Aaron Kinch before?

Tyyab and the Brick City Crew after he KO'd Kevin Howard recently
Tyyab: Yeah, actually we sparred a few times. A while back, about maybe a little more than a year ago we mixed it up a little bit in the gym a few times, good experience, tough guy. Pam: How are you and Aaron different fighters? Tyyab: I look at my style as more of a boxer/ puncher. I like to use my legs and get around, and if the opportunity presents itself I move in for the kill. Aaron, I look at him as more of a brawler. I don’t believe he’s as technical as I am, but if you don’t stop him then you get stopped. That’s how I’m looking at it.

Pam: What did you take away from that last fight with Kevin Howard?

Tyyab: I took away a lot. He was gritty, he came to fight, came to win, his intentions were to win and he hurt me. He actually caught me with a good punch and I took away grit, experience, knowing how to get out of trouble, because anyone over 200 lbs can hurt you if you get caught. I got up and I got myself together and I handled my business, but it was a pretty good experience.

Pam: Were you surprised that happened?

Tyyab: Oh yeah, I was definitely surprised. But, I was always there mentally and I accepted it and told myself to bite down and get myself together, it was alright. It was a good punch, it happened but it won’t happen again.

Pam: Are you doing anything differently to prepare for this fight than you did with Howard?

Tyyab: We’ve had it full throttle, we’ve added more technical things from the last one, a lot more running, harder rounds of sparring, changed diet a little bit, and just taking more advice from my trainer Nas Graham.

Pam: How did this fight come to happen?

"The Fight Lawyer" Danny Serratelli and "Brick City" Tyyab Beale
Tyyab: That’s a good question, I’m not exactly sure, when they first said you have a fight with Aaron it was like a shock. I said “Aaron? I know Aaron, what do you mean Aaron”. His people were pushing for a fight, and at first I thought it was a camp thing, a managerial thing with his manager pushing my manager. But, then they said that “Aaron said he could knock you out”. Then, it becomes a little more personal, once it starts to get past that point. I know him, I know what he’s capable of and he knows what I’m capable of and apparently he thinks he can beat me. So, we’re going to give the fans a good show.

Pam: What do you predict is going to happen?

Tyyab: We’re going to win. We’re definitely going to win the fight. It’s going to be six rounds or less.

Pam: How long have you been with your trainer Nas?

Tyyab: This is two years now, we’re undefeated together. We’ve got a nice chemistry. It’s been two years since I went to him to ask him to work with me and he gladly accepted. We got a nice rapport, nice relationship. He gets on me, gets on my ass constantly, and it’s almost scary how well it’s been working. We haven’t lost since 09’ and the sky is the limit right now. Putting people on notice right now.

Pam: So do you think that’s been the reason for the change in your career, more success later because of your trainer?

Tyyab: Definitely. I’ve had two trainers in my career and definitely the time he’s put in, the knowledge that he brings to the fight game, a former fighter himself, still a fighter if he wanted to fight, and he’s been there. He’s been through the fire and he’s been there so there’s nothing I can get over with him on, nothing I can tell him that he doesn’t already know, and that’s the difference.

Pam: Why have you had so few fights, is it because you started later?

Tyyab: I would say managerial issues all the way. There was a fight every 8 months or 9 months. I was working, and there just wasn’t a good mixing in the beginning. I freed myself from that, got my mind clear and have been training and on the road ever since.

If you keep winning in 2013 who would you want to match up with, who could be a good fight for you? Tyyab: They got top guys out there. Seth Mitchell, I’d like to see him. Johnathon Banks. To be the man you’ve got to beat the man, so I’m putting people on notice right now, I’m coming.
Who would be your dream fight?

Tyyab: Whoever had the undisputed title, in my hometown, and at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Pam: Is this going to be different because you and Aaron are both from Newark?

Tyyab: Yeah, I believe so. But, at the same time the difference is I’m from Newark through and through. Born and raised, school, you name it. There’s a difference between training in Newark and claiming Newark as your home city and actually living in the projects in the inner city of Newark. That’s me. It’s going to be a big night.

Pam: So what would you want your readers and your fans at Brick City Boxing to know about you?

Tyyab: That’ I’m humble, I’m an aggressive fighter, I’m dedicated to the sport, I love this sport, I don’t disrespect it. Whoever comes out to see the fight can expect to get more than their money’s worth.

And they got that the last time.

Tyyab: Definitely.

Pam: How do you know the Brick City’s Fight Lawyer, Danny Serratelli?

Tyyab: I know Danny from coming in the gym, working out, back in the day at the old Gladiators gym. Through boxing, we trained together and talked boxing. He’s a good guy, and a Jet fan. I’m J hater, I’m a 49ers fan, and that always makes it interesting.

Well, better than being a Jet fan this year.

Tyyab: Yeah, pretty much.

Pam: And here with you is your trainer.

Nas: Only thing I can say is I only take on guys that I see have a belief in themselves and have a focus and a desire. Guys who have a loss or two, and that loss gives them a fire. I like to teach a guy who has the talent and the fire, take his career a whole another route, to another level. I can trust him to go out there. I believe in Tyabb. He is humble, he doesn’t talk about or brag about himself but he has the talent. He’s the right size and didn’t even know how much power he had until he started knocking these guys out. I train him to beat guys for 12 rounds. We don’t expect to dominate without getting hit. It’s a war in there. Don’t worry about getting knocked out, worry about getting back up. I’m going to try to not let you knock us down, but if it happens, pray that you knock us out.

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