The Dog's Of War: World's best prospect? Robert Guerrero or Rocky Juarez
By JoeJabber vs. Joey (April, 25, 2005)  
Robert "The Ghost' Guerrero
Forum Members from the DogPound know it's a "Dog Eat Dog" world out there. Each week from the DogPound Boxing Forums, we pit one Dog against another for the ultimate in DogFighting. This week from the Dog's Of War Files we pit JoeJabber vs. Joey. Their spelling and comments remain in tact.

The Topic they will DogFight over: World's best prospect? Robert Guerrero or Rocky Juarez.
The Ref in Charge of the Action is: Boss Dog.

Boss Dog: Post stating the side you will debate.

Joe Jabber: Robert Guerrero

Someone please .. anyone,... I hate to debate myself agian I always lose.

Joey: I'll try it JoeJabber. I got Rocky Juarez. I'll be on tommorrow, and I won't start until you have made a post since it's your topic.

JoeJabber: The Ghost has what it takes, a 5ft 10 126 lbs lefty, man thats unreal for a feather to be that tall and he has fast hands. But what I like about him is his confidence, this is what he said about the big guys. 1 more year and its time for the ghost to go after a big name fighter.

Juan Manuel Marquez: Great fighter! Great counter puncher. He is sharp and always game. A little more experience and I'm there.

Manny Pacquiao: Big puncher. Everyone has seen it with Marquez. Marquez had never been down before, not even in sparring. And he is a southpaw. I think I could do well with him. I have fast hands and power. I have the height (Over a 70 inch reach), the power, chin, and legs.

Ricardo Juarez: Solid fighter. Always relaxed in the ring. It would be a great fight and we can make it.

Last two together, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales: Really tough guys. With Marco, you never know if he is will be in good or great shape but he will be in shape.

I would do good with all these guys. I have confidence in John Bray and we are contenders

He is hungry and can't wait to be a top tier fighter. Rocky is sound but his victories vs a big name fighter will only be with fighters that are similar height as Rocky, The ghost has a big time advantage at 5ft10.

Joey: Rocky Juarez' power is getting downright freaky in his last few fights. I remember coming out of the olympics he had the hype that he would be perfectly suited for the pros, although his first few matches the knockouts weren't coming so easily. However things have changed recently. When Rocky hits a guy, it doesn't stun them, like "The Ghost" does, Rocky's punches actually send them straight to the canvas with one single shot, if he lands even close to square. His destruction of Guty Espadas in 2 rounds was devestating, and he did a perfect little move, stepping back and firing the knockout punch from the perfect range where he has his full power. Then he was supposed to be tested by tough Juan Ramirez and he destroyed him in a single round, and Ramirez had battled Morales for several rounds and even lasted with hard hitting Acelino Freitas for 4 or 5 rounds.

I just think Rocky's punch is phenomanal at that weight, I think it's as strong as Manny Pacquaio with one punch. Rocky isn't as fast as the Pacman but with that amatuer experience he is able to do more things in the ring. Rocky's power is what is going to make him the best young prospect because he's going to build a huge fanbase if he continues getting devestating knockouts.

As for "The Ghost", that would be a hell of a match. I've mentioned these 2 possibly having a Barrera Morales like trilogy, but of course that's wishful thinking. Guerrero's height would be tough for Rocky and Rocky has struggled with tall fighters before. But Rocky does have that American Olympic experience so he might develop a larger fan base because of his Mexican heritage and non-Mexican American's will also embrace him as one of their own because of his representation of the U.S. in the olympics. Of course Guerrero is going to have no shortage of fans himself, right now I know he is beginning to develop a big following in the Mexican community, but what if his heart doesn't prove to be as strong as the old dogs, Barrera, Marquez, and Morales? I'm not saying it won't be, and he did show some heart his last fight against Valdez, because to tell the truth Valdez probably hit Guerrero way more than he should have. I can't pretend Rocky hasn't stuggled a couple of times himself, but he has pulled them through eventually.

This is going to be hard to argue as it's basing on young talent. My strongest case I can have for my boy Rocky, is that I don't think Guerero has great power, not like Rocky. To me, and maybe I've not seen enough of him, but Guerrero likes to box. Rocky will box as well but to me Rocky is more of a Barrera mold, short, stocky, and I think he will brawl when he has to, and he can be a pressure fighter. If Guerrero dances around a lot I don't know if a lot of the Mexican fans will like that very much, although they will certainly still cheer for him. Rocky's experience and his slightly higher maturity level may be what pushes him over the edge. I don't think the Mexican people can go wrong with either fighter.

Okay Joe, is this a one punch a piece fight? That's fine with me, I mean we can go ahead and get Glaxor to give us a judgement if you want. This was kind of tough to argue anyways, I truly feel that Juarez is a Chi knockout away from being a star.That's my final word, I guess.

JoeJabber: Robert has growing up to do in the ring but he is further ahead of Rocky at this time, Rocky lacked focus early on vs Weaker fighters , Robert Hasnt but he has gotten a liitle too happy and not patient enough in there, Loosing Gossen hurt but he'll be fine in years to come, He has all the tools now Like I keep saying throw his height in there and he will be tough to beat.

Boss Dog's Judgement: Another short one and its a shame really, Decision goes to Joey.

Winner: Joey

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