Jin Mosley: "I have to forget how I feel and remember what I deserve"
Interview By Coyote Duran, DoghouseBoxing.com (Feb 11, 2009)  
For years, a familiar face in WBA welterweight titlist Shane Mosley's camp was that of his wife, Jin. A blunt, forward spirit who took 'protective' to a whole new level, Jin went from doting wife and mother to businessperson; managerially guiding the latter years of her husband's career. That is, until now.

Most observers didn’t know Jin and Shane were divorcing until the evening of January 24; the very same evening ‘Sugar’ Shane dealt a nine-round beating to former titlist Antonio Margarito, when it was referred to on the HBO broadcast, pre-fight. Just as many probably breathed a sigh of relief as quickly.

The last time Jin spoke to Doghouse Boxing, she staunchly defended herself against widespread criticism and lashed out at promoter Gary Shaw; unabashedly firing off opinions along the way. It was nothing short of fearless. And it set wrong with most male fans of Our Sport.

When Jin recently spoke with Doghouse, there was a more pensive approach and vulnerability thoroughly entrenched in her answers. But like us, she’s nothing more than human. Read on for what Jin has to say on ex-father-in-law Jack, rumors about the split and where she goes from here.

Coyote Duran: When did the split begin and why?

Jin Mosley:
We have been having problems since the summer (of 2008). And due to the long periods of being in training camp, we grew apart. Anyone close to me knows what it would take for me to go through with an actual divorce.

CD: Was the seemingly strained relationship between you and Shane's father, Jack, part of the reason for your split with Shane?

Shane's family was a strain from the beginning due to the fact he (Shane) was the bread winner in the family. And greed has a way of ruining people's morals. They didn't like any girl he was ever with and chased them all away. I was not that weak and stood up to Jack which caused a strain; but he is not powerful enough to destroy my marriage.

CD: Was there ever talk of counseling or reconciliation?

We tried a few sessions but when you have one person giving 110 percent into a relationship and the other giving 35 percent, it's not a healthy balance.

CD: What things have you heard or read about your private life that are totally untrue?

I have heard all kinds of rumors. Some funny, most ridiculous. People have a very demented view of who I am because I am blunt and don't take any shit but my inner circle knows who I am and that's what matters to me. One rumor I would like to clear up is that I filed for divorce; not him. I also did not hire a lawyer. I refuse to put myself or my children through the agonizing drawn out bitter trial. We brought in a mediator. We sat for six hours and everything was done. I walked away from a lot and didn't fight him for anything except that my children be supervised while at his parents' or sister's house. I left it in the hands of the judge and let him decide what I was entitled to or not; contrary to what people think. The mediators and judge said this was the easiest divorce they had done in 30 years. People criticize me for doing this during (Shane's) training camp but my whole life has revolved around fights or training camp and I wanted it to be done with ASAP. Truth be told, had I waited an extra week, which many people begged me to do, I would have been entitled to half of the Margarito purse. But this has never been about money with me and anyone that personally knows me will vouch for this. People think I am at home shopping all day. I worked hard for our life and never was one to overspend or sit around all day.

CD: How hard are your children taking it and which are taking it the worst?

My younger children don't know what is going on. They now have a clue due to the fact that HBO aired it. They are not stupid but the good thing is that they are used to Shane being gone and this is not out of the norm for them. The older boys are saddened by it and I don't think they really believe it yet. My daughter will probably take it the worst because she is obsessed with love and husbands and boyfriends. And she asks about him the most.

CD: Despite your dissolution, how strange was it for you to not be there at Shane's side, prior to and after his win against Antonio Margarito?

It was harder than the actual divorce. That was a huge part of my life. I had my own entourage that would fly in and come support Shane and those times are over. Thankfully, they still flew out and we had our own party. I did not watch the fight and I asked people to not give me a rundown of it. I'm very happy he won. He deserves it but it is too soon and too difficult for me to watch.

CD: Is there still a life for you in boxing?

No. This was never a love of mine. I did it to help my ex-husband and our future. It would be too weird for me to still be involved.

CD: Where do you go from here?

I am rebuilding my life and starting over. I have some projects that I have been working on but that I put aside due to the fact I was consumed with boxing.

CD: Are there still feelings for Shane?

Of course. You don't spend nine years with someone and then shut off. But I have to forget how I feel and remember what I deserve. I will always wish him well and hope the best for him no matter what.

CD: Do you have a solid support system throughout all of this?

I have an amazing circle of friends that have been here before Shane and will be here long after. I am humbled by the way my friends have been here for me. This has changed me for the better and more than ever I am grateful for the real in my life. I realize how my life before was surrounded by clouds of fantasy and it actually feels good to see again. This is the true test of friendship. When you're up, it's easy and convenient to be a friend. It's when a person is down that truly tests the depth of the friendship. My mother and about four friends have been my rock through this storm.

CD: It's been tough for you to gain acceptance in the boxing community long before your split with Shane. How are you being perceived now by your peers?

The people I can call my friends in boxing have been supportive and neutral which I am happy about. We don't have the daily interaction that we once had. I am still cool with those that matter in the business.

CD: Has anyone you've done business with turned his or her back on you?

Yes. I always knew the loyalty in this sport is rare but I was shocked at some of the actions of people I was once close to. But they are groupies and this is fulfillment to their empty lives. People who became relevant because of me now act as if I never existed but I am cool with it because I never lived my life through Shane as most of these people do. I have always had a separate life and maintained my identity. I am good. I am glad they showed their true colors.

CD: Will you go back to using your maiden name?

Yes. Eventually. I don't want many drastic changes because of my babies. Everything will regain normalcy eventually but I am dedicated to making this transition for my children as easy as possible.

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