Fandom Howlings on Jin Mosley
By Coyote Duran, (Feb 18, 2009)  
Read on for reactions, positive and negative, on my recent interview with Jin Mosley. To an extent, everyone behaved themselves; which means no one took a shot at me. Carry on, Howlers, and keep the e-mails comin’!

I read the previous interview with Jin and this was a nice follow up. I always thought well of Shane, but I suspect the failure of the marriage was not due to Jin's not giving her all.

It appears to me that she did a great job holding the family together and helping with the business dealings (she understood and probably protected Shane from some of the toxic vultures in this sport/business). She will continue to do well. I wish her and the children the best.

John Stiller, M.D.
Neurology Service
Washington, D.C.

First off, thank you for the props and feedback. The fact of the matter, Dr. Stiller, is that we'll never really know everything that led to the dissolution and we're not entitled to. But I do honestly believe Jin worked for and toward Shane's best interest. Not just because she was his wife, but also because she's the mother of three of his children. To slight Shane would be to hurt what they gained together; personally as well as professionally. From what I can ascertain, the former Mrs. Mosley felt no need to rake her ex-hubby over the coals. She knows she'll be OK, especially since she no longer has the desire to stay involved in boxing. Your thought on Jin's protectiveness is probably spot-on. As someone who didn't give a rat's ass about boxing prior to marrying Shane, she gave management a helluva go. Come to think of it, not being boxing savvy, pre-Shane, gave her a leg up on how important is to protect one's own from those 'toxic vultures' you mentioned. And they're out there, my good doctor. They're out there (Coyote putting on his Horatio Caine shades before exiting stage left)...

Wow. It seems like Shane grew up to be a machine. Sort of like the Jacksons. All they knew was music. All Shane knew was boxing. I hope this isn't the case


Aw, come on, Gregoire, I think Shane deserves a little more credit than that. Certainly, Jack Mosley can't really compare to Joe Jackson; parentally and motivationally. That's like comparing a five-dollar foot-long BMT (not top-of-the-line grub but substantially satisfying) to peanut butter spread on crackers (dry and unfulfilling). And yes, that's in reference, to the senior Mosley and Jackson's parenting skills; respectively. When I say 'not top-of-the-line' in reference to Jack Mosley, I mean that with realistic respect. We dads all wanna be top-of-the-line. Guess what? Nobody's perfect. And, more often than not, we'll take 'substantially satisfying.' It's a lot better than it sounds. If Jack maybe motivated his son a little too much, look where it got the younger Shane in life. Plus, Shane shows none of the signs of dysfunction so associated with a whacked-out moonwalker with a plastic puss. Shane wanted a new coach more than once but isn't making it a personal thing. That shows me a kid who's still in control of his life and came out better than we all anticipated. "All Shane knows is boxing" is correct in every sense of his professional expectations. I'll bet he's better at so much more in every sense of his personal expectations. Except for maybe the marriage thing. That didn't go so well. I've been there. But I've gotten better too since.

Very nice interview with Jin. She's a very nice person, and it was nice that you gave her the opportunity to get her side of things out.

Brad Cooney

Thank you, Brad. Jin's never been anything but gracious to me in the few times we've chatted. I respect her as a parent and a businessperson and as long as she was associated with Our Sport, there wasn't a reason to not talk to her. I knew she would tell me what she wanted me and our readers to know and that was that. Hers and Shane's relationship brought her into the fold. She had something to say and that's good enough for me. Realistically, I doubt Jin will ever have the need to ever go on record again with us again. And, from the looks of things, that's probably really good for her.

What a piece of work that bitch is! She made Mosley leave camp to finalize her divorce!! Jin Mosley is an example of a woman who is allowed to walk all over her man! Mosley gave her a purpose and a job, which she did poorly! she set up stupid low paying fights for a mega star (see the mayorga fight!), and embarrassed him in public (everyone knew she was the BOSS!!). When she felt that his career was winding down she shows her true colors and leaves!!! But since there is a GOD, Mosley scores one of the biggest wins in his career (certainly in a long time!) and she must feel stupid! She rubbed everyone wrong and as the saying goes, EVERYONE can not be wrong! Her marriage was destroyed by Mosley being away so long!!!, what a crock of shit!!! It kills me when women marry famous athletes who provide lavish life styles for them (lets face it what else would this would be world conqueror have done!!??) and then they cry about the attention they receive, or the lack of time their men have for them! What a crock of shit! Only in America!! the crime is that Shane gave up his spine to this blood sucking, loud mouth vampire and got shafted in the end! I hear there is a nice fat factory job waiting for her ass! OH wait!!! she hit lotto off of Shane's hard working ass! Shane I love you but you got raped!!!

David Gonzalez

From what I gathered from the HBO broadcast and other sources, the finalization of the divorce occurred on the day of Shane's win over Antonio Margarito. Hell, the freshness of the divorce couldn't have doused Mosley's fire as it didn't paint a target on Margarito. 'The Tijuana Tornado' didn't know it but he just might've been the effigy of Jin Mosley on that unfortunate night and all the illegal hand wraps in the world wouldn't have helped.

And what really is the definition of 'allowance' when it comes to what a grown man can or can't do? If Shane didn't wanna go along with something, he has every right to say 'no.' He holds an executive position in Golden Boy Promotions. Jin doesn't. Shane can only get embarrassed if he allows himself to. And it's not hard to be disliked by the masses when you're a female in an almost all-boy's club. Why do you think women's boxing is nowhere near as popular as men's?

In defense of both Shane and Jin, unless Shane tells me otherwise, I don't think he was the shaftee or she was the shafter, Dave. From what I know, the marriage ultimately ended as amicably as dissolution possibly could. And becoming the WBA welterweight titlist as well as the number one welter in the world sure doesn't sound like the wail of the dissatisfied. It sounds like a man who did it Sinatra-style: his way.

Oh, and Brother Naazim Richardson helped too. As a natural transition from Bouie Fisher, Richardson kept Bernard Hopkins himself from changing styles (whether that’s good or bad depends on the fan); therefore retaining consistency and longevity. A less natural transition from Jack Mosley. Richardson made ‘Sugar Shane’ a natural again. I think that might be something we can agree on.

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