Dog Fight: Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz
By Coyote Duran vs Debbie Duran, (Feb 28, 2009) Photo © Will Hart/HBO Sports  
Coyote Duran (Juan Diaz): Oh, it's gonna be sweet, Howlers. The World Lightweight Champion Juan Manuel Marquez defends against 'The Ring's' number one contender and former WBA/IBF/WBO titlist Juan Diaz. What's a more perfect fight in a division chock-full of big fights? Right now? None. The victor? Diaz. This flies in the face of oddsmakers; but barely. Marquez is a counterpuncher of the finest degree but it takes a fighter of the finest degree to stem Marquez' tide of activity and power. Marquez has a dangerous measuring jab that works toward an equally dangerous breakdown of his opponent (See Joel Casamayor). Distance has always helped as a contributor toward that jab's success but Diaz doesn't believe in distance.

As a volume puncher, Juan Diaz works toward the accumulative victory; whether or not that results in a knockout. Most times, it doesn't but every fight, other than the loss to Nate Campbell, results in a win for 'The Baby Bull.' That's because the formula is that sound. Work, work, work and make it happen to the body first; then find the head.

Is it a possibility that Diaz scores the knockout? Of course. Is it feasible? Against Marquez? Nope. But expect activity from Diaz as he takes advantage of the early rounds where Marquez is at his most lax. A consistent attack will keep the Diaz lead intact and gain a hard-earned unanimous decision win for the new champion.

Debbie Duran (Juan Manuel Marquez): Why wouldn't Juan Manuel Marquez beat Juan Diaz? Marquez would beat Nate Campbell and Campbell surely schooled the young Diaz in what would be 'The Galaxxy Warrior's' last fight at lightweight. I know the whole 'A beats B who beats C' myth is ready to be used but that's not an equation that applies. It's just a fact at this point. If a fighter that is right below the level of elite status can take you to school, then someone hyper-dangerous like Marquez will smash the 'Youth is king' concept. When it came down to digging deep into the trenches against a wily, anything-goes veteran like Joel Casamayor, Marquez made him look silly when it really counted and remixed the song. Juan Diaz isn't prepared for the wisdom Juan Manuel Marquez has to teach. The lesson learned will be to lose to one of the best fighters in the business.

The two best fighters in the division right before Marquez entered were Casamayor and Diaz and Marquez beat the more skilled and tricky one. Diaz isn't going to be an easy mark but his aggression and work to the body will be the greatest threat to Marquez' world championship. Marquez will counter with the jab as an opener to breaking down Diaz’s confidence then fire off combinations. Finally, right around round 10 or 11, the ref will stop the fight due to Diaz taking way too much punishment.

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