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By Coyote Duran, (Mar 11, 2009)  
Before I kick off this edition of ‘Fandom Howlings’, I would like to make a correction of sorts. In my latest ‘Random Howlings’, I referred to John Ruiz as one of Don King’s heavyweights (in the paragraph that touched on Ruiz’ upcoming third fight against titlist Nicolay Valuev). That isn’t quite so, kids. Although Ruiz is still technically under King’s banner, a settlement is being pursued in order to cut ties completely; due to breach of contract. As for Ruiz obtaining another shot, the WBA allowed the title match due to judging rules being broken by Valuev’s corner knowing the final score before
the result was announced as well, as judge Takeshi Shimakawa allegedly altering a scorecard while keeping a running score (both against WBA rules). There is argument that Shimakawa also changed his final score; ultimately taking away a victory for ‘The Quiet Man.’ My excuse for screwing up? I had Valuev on the mind and Ruiz came out and it snowballed from there, Howlers. The lesson here today is: Never mix sangria and a laptop. I apologize to anyone I confused and humbly thank those who set me straight.

Now onto the e-mails, starting with frequent reader, Robert, who enjoyed my ‘Everybody Wants Some’ article on the lightweight division…

Hey man, great article! I was responding to your article in an earlier email and when I finished that l email it looked to me like it would be a great boxing article. I write some lightweight stuff for another web site so I submitted that email as a blog article. I read your stuff all the time and it gives me inspiration keep up the good work.

Robert Jackson

No sweat, Robert! I appreciate the props. And we've done some serious debating in the past so when we can come to an solid agreement on The Sweet Science, even better. I think you and I are looking for satisfaction in Our Sport and the lightweight division is delivering it. What makes lightweight so lovable is the fallibility of the division's stars. Every single one of them. Such fallibility makes a champion like Juan Manuel Marquez shine brighter when he faces a fighter of such high caliber like Joel Casamayor or Juan Diaz. And a fighter that's willing to take bigger risks at an older (or any, for that matter) age helps to define this sport. That Marquez is recognized as a genuine world champion makes me feel good. He deserves it. And with that comes the inspiration to motivate the rest of the division to be that much more dangerous. It also comes with the distinction of not needing any other belt.

And I'm privileged that my ramblings can make anyone want to write about the sport. As long as you have something to add, there's room, my man.

Firstly thank you very much for doing this interview with Shane's wife. I have been wondering where she is but this interview has now given me info. I am disgusted by what this woman is saying here. Firstly she gives an impression that the divorce is due to Shane being always away in camps. Come on now, she married Shane knowing he is a boxer and would therefore be away in camps in order to be in peak physical condition during his.

If I understand correctly Shane should have stayed at home even in the days leading to his major fights. We now understand what kind of influence she would have been to Shane's boxing career yet she still feels she is entitled to the money generated by his hard work? Screw her.

And she says she would have been entitled to half of Shane's purse against Margarito? Did she enter the ring and fight Margarito to think she could have made this ridiculous demand?

On reading this I cannot help but feel Shane is better off without this gold digger. Maybe the results are there for us to see if Shane's performance against Margarito is a yardstick.

I used to admire this woman, in fact I admire all women married to boxers because of the big sacrifices they make when they husbands are away or when they see their husbands taking a beating in the ring, but I have lost all respect for this woman. She can go and celebrate elsewhere but Shane is definitely better off without her.

Mendile Sithole
East London (home of Ali Funeka) South Africa.

Well, Mendile, what can you say about marriage? The thing is, when one's married, gains by one, typically, are gains for both. That's why when many couples dissolve their marriages, there's often an issue of what property gets split and who gets what. I don't believe the former Mrs. Mosley meant anything malicious when she mentioned what she could've gained had she waited to finalize the divorce after Shane's win over Antonio Margarito. I think it was her intent to show that she COULD'VE been a bitch; but didn't. Was it genuine? That's up to you or anyone else who read the interview.

Jin knew what she was getting into when she married Shane. Certainly, if it was up to her, Shane would've been done fighting in 2007. But fighters fight despite what those close to them want. That would cause tension in any family.

The bottom line is Shane was a fighter first and is still a fighter. His performance is more than the yardstick; it's solid evidence as to Shane Mosley's quality. And that on the very day of the finalization of his marriage, Mosley went out and took out Margarito in spades, speaks loud and clear that there's nothing he can't get past. Hopefully, both Jin and Shane can find happiness in the future.

Most important, to me, is your statement on how a fighter's wife makes those sacrifices. Many are busy moms as well. And to keep everything square at home while Dad risks his health for our entertainment, well, then that speaks loud and clear that these same women are, comparatively as brave as their men.

Good morning Mr. Duran,

Despite the win of Nate Campbell boxing world is shocked again when Nate failed to make the weight limit, this kind of boxer is very unprofessional and its unfair to the challenger, boxing world bodies must look into this. Anyway, now that Nate is out of the picture and he said that he will move up to jr. welterweight division. What will happen now in the lightweight division?

Ralph Vencer

Ralph, the sanctioning bodies look into the failure of making weight the way they mostly choose to: to strip belts and offer 'em up to the next rated guy who steps up and pays their fees; whether that's Ali Funeka or two other top contenders in a box-off. Now, that might sound cynical but, to be fair, if you can't make the weight, you should lose your belt. The late Diego Corrales failed to make weight for his lightweight championship defense against Joel Casamayor (in their rubbermatch) and lost his RING magazine strap. Needless, to say, Casamayor, defeated Corrales by decision so it could stand to reason that Corrales was meant to lose it.

But also consider that like Corrales, Nate Campbell had been making the junior lightweight and lightweight limits for years. Corrales had mad height to offset his weight while Campbell has age. But the shows went on for both men.

Currently, the WBC has procedure in place for periodic weigh-ins during training for title fights. Frankly, that’s a good thing. It makes sure everyone’s where they’re supposed to be, preparation-wise.

Campbell will have to make the absolute most of his time left in the sport in order to excel at his age. There are fights to be had and maybe even some titles to be won at junior welterweight (four, not including Ricky Hatton’s RING championship). The beauty will be who Campbell’s promoter Golden Boy puts in front of him. On the other hand, Zab Judah is so appealing right now and, at the least, it’d be a good show for the fans. Also, consider the WBA has Campbell as their number three contender (Wha?...) so when titlist Andreas Kotelnik is ready to lace ‘em up again (Kotelnik just successfully defended against Marcos Maidana last month), maybe ‘The Galaxxy Warrior’ will be standing in his way. Other potential fights of interest? Perhaps, Lamont Peterson, Paul Malignaggi or Francisco Figueroa.

As for lightweight? There’s plenty more fun where Campbell came from. I can see Juan Diaz vs. Ali Funeka for the vacant IBF title for starters. Nate Campbell migrating to a comfortable weight just frees up a spot in the lightweight ratings and there are plenty of deserving 135-pounders ready to fill it.

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