Coyote's Eye View - Prediction for Casamayor vs Marquez and Campbell vs Guzman
By Coyote Duran, (Sept 12, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
World Lightweight Champion Joel Casamayor has proven that age and wisdom can win the day if applied properly; as seen against Aussie tough guy, Michael Katsidis. In bestowing a first loss on 'The Great's' ledger, a great many of us were still wiping egg off our faces even after Katsidis suffered a second loss against Juan Diaz just last weekend.

Casamayor is a consummate boxer and one helluva technician but Juan Manuel Marquez, Saturday night's
challenger has a fire in his belly and it ain't no backtalk from a chimichanga; I'll tell you what...Marquez will play the part of the antagonist in a foul-filled ugly extravaganza that won't be easy for ether fighter. It'll just be less difficult for Big Brother.

Juan Manuel Marquez SD 12 Joel Casamayor for 'The Ring' Magazine World Championship and an extra trinket that he can use to attach 'No-Pest Strips'' to.

I like Nate Campbell a lot. Brash, at times, no-nonsense, double-tough...but has problems in the overall dominance department. Before you break out the keys to me what the hell is wrong with me, let me say that 'overall dominance' is relative to his career; not any one opponent. Campbell beat Juan Diaz because Nate Campbell is smart and Juan Diaz is easier to read. Campbell knew what he was going to get and he had a game plan set and ready to go. Not so much against Juan Guzman.

Guzman's going to fluster Campbell with the thrill of the chase and the lack of power. Guzman might put the punches together but he won't gain the KO...unless Campbell sticks his chin out. Damn, that was bad. I apologize. Hey, it could happen.

Anyhoo, no knockout but a razor-thin split decision win for Guzman. It just comes down to the man with the better skills.

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