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By Coyote Duran, (Nov 26, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
I wish I had a lot more to add, but I'll take what I can get, Howlers. Read on for reactions to my last two articles 'One Mo' Joe?' (regarding Joe Calzaghe's last World Light Heavyweight Championship defense) and 'It's All Too Possible' (questioning if Manny Pacquiao would return to lightweight for a third fight against World Champ Juan Manuel Marquez)!

Sir, Just read your post in doghouse, regarding comparing pacman to jones, they really diff. as you can see, PAC
Marquez III would be great but timing is not great for those two.

Jones is really nothing as you can see only Vinny Pazienza that catapulted him to HBO regular, then of course Virgil Hill, of course his Fighting style attracted Cable NETWORKS, also we know that the Bhop time was not really big name of that time even James Toney.

Likewise PAC defeated 2 3time div title holder like Barrerra and Morales and 2 div champ Marquez in slim margin, these people are surely lock Hall of Famers.

The problem with RJJ he just move down from Heavies to LHW, thats the big diff like PAC as Roach said they are not comin back to LW and also planning for retirement next year coz his political plans in 2010, theres no goin back its goin forward fighting like Hatton, or Marquez at 140 even Mayweather Jr. but not goin back on LW. 7lbs is not really big issue from PAC current situation.

We'd expect 2-3 fight for the PAC next year, could be Hatton, Marquez or even PBFJr.

More Power

Good points, Lev, but still a speck debatable. For instance, Pacquiao defeated Barrera, Morales and Marquez well after he caught the eyes of subscribing fans when he whacked Lehlohonolo Ledwaba on the undercard of the Oscar De La Hoya-Javier Castillejo fight over seven years ago. Like Jones, it was Pac's style that pleased fans and brought them back for more; opening them up to facets of Pacquiao such as his manners, smile and fan-appreciation.

Where I catch your drift big-time is quality of opposition; which, IMHCO, Pacquiao's is better than Jones.' That's not saying Jones' was altogether lousy but consider Pacquiao's last seven years since Ledwaba. The late Agapito Sanchez, Jorge Julio, Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym, Emmanuel Lucero, the aforementioned Marco Antonio Barrera, Marquez (twice), Fahsan 3K-Battery, Erik Morales (thrice!), Hector Velazquez, Oscar Larios, Jorge Solis and David Diaz. Post that against (to be fair, since Jones has fought comeback-compatible opponents as of late; with the exception of Joe Calzaghe and Felix Trinidad) Jones' opponents over the last 12 years and it would be hard to argue against Pacquiao fighting the better opponents of his time. Pro-Jones factions could also argue that in Jones' prime, his opponents from Mike McCallum on down to Antonio Tarver (fight one) were the best the light heavyweight division had to offer.

My assessment of a possible Marquez-Pac rubbermatch was purely hypothetical, however. As the days go by leading up to De La Hoya-Pacquiao, I consider the possibility of Manny returning to the lightweight division very remote. And I hope he keeps it that way; because, Lev, that cat looks like a freakin' monster from what I've seen regarding his training!

But if it did happen, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Marquez finally got what he wanted and then some.


Well written article.

One thing I gotta say is Hopkins and Winky Wright, for that matter, have great defensive skills but can be boring as hell to watch for the layperson boxing fan.
Because of the way Hopkins fights I don't think he could be knocked out and he could be around for a while. I don't like the way he throws a punch then charges in and clinches, almost a la John Ruiz.

Calzaghe has a crowd pleasing style. He and Jones was a good matchup.
Hey Roy should get credit for hangin' in there and not foulin' to end the fight.

Thanks for reading.

Joey L. Smith

That's why B-Hop and Winky only speak the purest of the purists. :)

Hopkins' 'Ruiz-esque' style, as you might put it (although John Ruiz' punches are less pronounced), is part of the key to his longevity. Lead with the head and that sneaky, crooked right while lunging and maybe topping it off with something sneaky when the ref is on the opposite side of said infraction. And that crafty bastard pulls it off with a grin that says to ringsiders, "You see what I just did? Pretty good, huh?" And you're right. I can't see Hopkins getting KO'ed; even at this very late stage in his career. Evander Holyfield must secretly hate him. LOL (Just kidding. I doubt Holyfield has ever really hated anyone. Just wanted to clarify that before the ‘misinterpreters’ come out of the woodwork)

Regarding Joe Calzaghe's style being 'crowd-pleasing, I think that depends what crowd you're talking about. Personally, I dig Joe's style of fighting. I've always thought he had a stinger of a left and when he throws combinations, the sting builds up ever so subtly. It might just be me, but since Joe beat Jeff Lacy, I've heard less and less about Joe being a slapper. Fortunately, I'm one of the few who appreciated him relatively early (The first fight against Mario Veit). I can imagine that's still a minority group if it's one of American fans.

Credit to Roy Jones Jr., post-Calzaghe? In spades, my man. In spades.

Thank you for reading!

You got it man.

When Kelly Pavlik said he would knock Hopkins out
I was thinkin' W-T-F? C'mon Kelly.

Evander fights like Hopkins with the clinching and throwin' elbows on the inside
leadin' with his head
he just isn't as polished as Bernard.

Calzaghe's pleasing style I meant lots of action and punches thrown.
Like Sam (King) Salomon but more exciting.
I gotta confess Jeff Lacy was the first Calzaghe fight I saw.

I think Joe's showboating was a reaction to Roy talkin' to him in the ring.
Roy was in that fight to the end and took it like a man.
That blood didn't mean shit.

Have a great day Coyote.

Joey L. Smith

Joey, I think a lot of us had that WTF thing goin' on, my man. LOL! Pavlik's power is more than adequate but it's only relative to the opponent. Jermain Taylor got caught because he doesn't possess a defense like Hopkins. Had he just listened to Emanuel Steward for once, he might still be Undisputed Middleweight Champion today. Anyhoo, I'm glad Taylor regrouped and made his move to 168. It was time.

Ah, yes. Evander leadin' with his head. Remember when Vernon Forrest was accused (was it by Shane Mosley?) of having a head-first-style learned by Georgia fighters? It was something like that. I probably don't remember the exact details because the geographical context was just plain goofy. That's ok. Unless Nicolay Valuev fights on his knees, 'The Real Deal' ain't headbuttin' anything but a chest.

I get a kick out of Sam Soliman's style. Whatever that cat's on, I want some. I think there's a good parallel to the Hopkins-Holyfield comparison because like Soliman, Calzaghe has a good output...when he's up against solid competition. It makes me wonder if he truly is less effective against a lesser opponent because relaxation isn't in his vocabulary. Some people, fighters or not, excel best when pressures on. To me, that's Calzaghe and thank goodness for that. If it was the other way around, Joe wouldn't have a championship; let alone two.

Joe's showboating was just that and it was glaringly uncharacteristic; to be kind. And if I didn't say it before, Roy Jones Jr. should be proud. Still, it was weird to see Jones bleed...

Have a great rest of the weekend, buddy!

Just A Quick Howling...

Saturday night, Ricky Hatton successfully defended his World Junior Welterweight Champion via 11th round TKO win over former IBF titlist Paul Malignaggi. Malignaggi, usually a defensive stylist, was whittled down, bit-by-bit by the seemingly boundless Hatton; who looked as if he was having the time of his life. HBO's Larry Merchant was right in his assessment of how it was Hatton that changed Malignaggi; opposing unofficial judge Harold Lederman's opinion that the 'real' Malignaggi wasn't there. It still was surprising to see how little Paulie had to offer after the first round and that's truly a testament to Hatton's improvement and ease under new trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr. 'The Hitman's' focus was clear and almost, if not as, as effective as was on the night he beat Kostya Tszyu for his crown almost three-and-a-half years ago. Hatton didn’t find holes in Malignaggi’s defense. He made them.

As for the stoppage, Paulie knew he couldn’t win in the 11th; but that was no reason for trainer Buddy McGirt to pull the plug. I see where McGirt’s coming from but ‘The Magic Man’ did have one more round. True, all it does take is one punch and, yes, there was a little over five minutes left in the fight; however, there was a little over five minutes left in the fight. I think Paulie could’ve toughed it out and walked out with a decision loss –and his pride- fully intact.

Hatton-Pacquiao at 140, anyone?

I’d like to hear what you think, kids…

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