Coyote’s Wild ‘N’ Crazy Winky vs. Tito Doggy Bag
By Coyote Duran (May 13, 2005)  
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It’s getting closer to “Do or Die” day and the debates are getting hot and heavy as the Winky-Warriors and Tito-Maniacs are coming out full force to try and do their damndest to convince each other whose man is going to walk away from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas a winner this Saturday night. I should know. Y’ see? I sort of tempted fate a while back with an article here at Doghouse Boxing stating why I thought Winky Wright was going to defeat Felix Trinidad, at least by a split decision and boy, did I pay for it. Never, ever have I received so much mail about one article or one fight since I became a writer. And did the readers tell me what they thought. Few e-mails were in agreement (One being a very excellent writer and ex-fighter by the name of Jeff Mayweather. You may have heard of him.) but quite a few were of the “Burning a stuffed coyote in effigy” variety.

So in the grand tradition of Maxboxing’s very own Doug Fischer (who has the best mailbag on the internet, bar none), I’m sharing these tidbit’s of fandom with you, the great readers of Doghouse Boxing, because without you guys……….well, I wouldn’t have an article, now would I? In all fairness, most of these e-mails I did answer personally but a few I didn’t so for those that I didn’t, the response is here. You guys know who you are. Now, mind you, I’m not editing these in any way. The spelling and grammar as well as the intent are just as pure and groovy as they were on the days I received them. Enjoy.

Here’s one from a fan named Octavio:
Good article. I agree with you that Winky will win. I'm a big DLH fan, and I admit that he did dodge Winky a few years ago. I also saw Vargas lose against Winky, but was given the decision.
My friends think I'm crazy when I tell them Tito will lose.

Thanks, man! I'm glad you liked it! I'm also glad when Tito fans can disagree with me but understand where I'm comin' from. I believe that Winky has a monstrous chance of coming away with the win.

 You're definitely not crazy! LOL!  Thank you again for reading it!

This one came from an anonymous fan who obviously doubles as a psychologist:
Your crazy for thinking Wright will beat Tito. He'll hang around for a while but Tito will eventually knock him out. Tito is on a mission to get another fight with Hopkins and he wont be derailed. Did you talk to Jim Lampley and he convinced you to pick Winky because we all know he always roots against Tito except for now that Tito has to be the savior of boxing.

Just for the record, Doc, I don’t know Jim Lampley personally but I’ve seen him on TV before! Also, no one convinces me to pick anyone. Speaking of saviors, I’m quite sure that if boxing needed to be saved, it was pretty damn well saved by last weekend’s dynamic duo, Diego Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo. Thank you, guys. From the absolute bottom of my heart.

A fan named Kenneth says:
  I won $800 on the 1st Winky - Mosley fight.  What were they thinking by making Mosley a 4-1 favorite.  Being a student of the game, I understood that you must have 1 of 2 things to beat Winky:  a busy work-rate, or big punching power.  Being busy against Winky is good, even if you don't land many punches, because he normally waits for you to stop punching before he starts.  He won't punch with you.  (This is why he chose to vacate the IBF rather than face Kassim Ouma)  Shane Mosley hasn't been able to maintain a fast pace since he moved to 154, due to the weightlifting giving him that muscular frame.  His muscles fatigue. 

  Punching power will either hurt Winky through his guards, or fatigue his arms in the later rounds.  Trinidad has that kind of punching power, as both David Reid & Mamadou Thiam discovered with their come forward, peek-a-boo styles.

  To beat Trinidad, you must have 1 of 2 things as well:  fast feet, as De La Hoya showed in that 1st track meet, and Hopkins perfected.  Or respectful punching power to keep Trinidad honest.  Winky has neither.  Winky also has a history of tiring in the later rounds, which will be very detrimental.

   Lastly, I'd like to comment on Winky's statement that everybody was ducking him.  He was ducked only twice, by the same guy.  De La Hoya skipped Winky on his way up to 160, and on his way back down to 147.  If Winky hadn't let Vargas outhustle him in the later rounds of their first encounter, he would've gotten that beating from Tito instead of Vargas.  Winky made a smart, calculated choice:  since he would lose to either guy, he may as well make more money by fighting Trinindad, rather than Ouma.  So, who's really ducking?
 Take care,

$800?! Wow, Kenneth, if you’re married, I’m shocked. Mrs. Coyote would have me neutered in a heartbeat. But seriously, I don’t believe that Wright vacated to keep from fighting Ouma, I think he wanted to honor a rematch with the cat who gave him a chance to shine and that was Mosley. The Inept Boxing Federation just couldn’t handle that and Winky was too smart to pay Marian Muhammad her $20,000 non-refundable “exemption fee” (Talk about a crock ‘o horseshit.). You’re definitely on about being a mover against Trinidad. I’m debating a very excellent Trinidad fan on these merits in The Dogs of War as we speak. What Wright lacks in lateral movement, he certainly possesses in head movement and that could make a difference, too.

IMO, De La Hoya did duck Wright so that much is true. As far as many others ducking him, I suppose that’s all in whom you ask. Many fighters felt that Wright was boring or felt they’d get short money against him or maybe even wanted a bigger name on their resume, win or lose. That’s why even as the IBF titlist, Wright had to cross the pond many times to get anyone to even look at him cross-eyed. As for Wright ducking Ouma, I really don’t believe he was worried that he’d lose to Ouma. I think Wright would decision Ouma handily, to be honest. Wright’s basically seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t blame him for finally taking the big fights after being denied them for so long. Be groovy, Kenneth, and thank you for writing!

Here’s what Richard McGarvey had to say:
boxing guy first of all im a huge tito fan lets get that out of the way so to tell you you are out of your mind would be to easy so i tell you what winky is tough skilled and hard nosed and tito will ko him in side of 4 rounds noone stands in front of felix and i do mean noone many have tried and you know the out come i respect you as a boxing fan and writer and i will be 14 rows back for this one to disrespect your foe is to disrespect yourself  but winky is tailor made for tito he is very hitable and that wont do against tito   have a good one
richard mcgarvey fairhaven ma

Hey there, Richard!
You wouldn't believe how many fans have e-mailed me to tell me that I'm crazy. LOL. It wouldn't bother me if you did! You're just being a good fan is all. You're going to be there live?? You lucky pup. I'm just happy to be seeing it, period! I was just e-mailing another Tito fan a little bit ago and I told him what I'm telling you here and that's that by no means is Winky invulnerable. There are so many variables that could contribute to his undoing and fighting Tito's fight or staying in front of him are two of them. With all honesty, I have a better than average track record of predicting fights and the ones that I'm almost certain of are almost always the ones that I get wrong. LOL. You're not alone in your assessment, Richard.

Believe it or not, I'm a huuuugggge Tito fan and I'm glued to his every fight. I hope that you didn't assume I was bashing him in my article. I was actually praising both men but making a prediction. I'm terribly pleased that you did read the piece, though and I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy more of my work. Agree or disagree, I also hope to hear your input again. That's what makes great debates possible!
Once again, thank you for reading.

William Cruz writes:
If you have been following Tito's carrier you know that He never looks for the easy ride. The Trinidad's have made a carrier of fighting real contenders time after time. Most of time it has paid, and one time it didn't as He made his reputation as a glory seeker fighting the best of the best time after time. Unlike Hopkins and other hyped up fights, Trinidad's fights lift up boxing with action packed fights due to the philosophy and the pursue of the best opponent to put on a show. Boxing history is been made almost bout after bout, and respect has been earned with fans and haters. Some day they will give this kid his due credit for beating guys that came to win fight after fight.
Thank you,
Will Cruz

Hey, guy! I appreciate that you read my article, man. You wouldn't believe how many e-mails I'm getting on this article! LOL. They run from the gamut from the very reasonably analytical (like yours) to just downright rabid. I think from reading your e-mail that you didn't think I was bringing down Tito but you were actually defending his merits and that's totally cool. I'm a huge Trinidad fan and I cheer like crazy every time I watch him. I was on my feet almost the whole time he was whacking around Mayorga! LOL. I hope you didn't think, however, that I alluded to Tito taking "an easy ride" against Wright. Up to Tito's "retirement", in my opinion, he was way high on the P4P lists and he didn't get there by facing soft touches. I don't think by any means that Wright's a soft touch. Will, I think the truest, impartial fans do give Tito his due. Hey, I referred to him in my article as a "future Hall of Famer." I think more people than you might realize are with me. I just made a pick is all and there's a very good chance, I might be wrong. (It happens a lot. In the Dog Pound's prediction league, I'm really sucking wind. You should sign up for the message board if you haven't already! We could use many more intelligent fans like you!)
I'm just glad you read the article and I really, really appreciate your frank analysis. I'm also glad you didn't give me the business. Thanks, man! I hope to hear from you again, soon!

Here’s Jose Lopez who was really questioning my sanity:

Hey men you are crazy ?, Trinidad will knock out Winky in no later than 8 rounds, you heard me 8 rounds, TITO,TITO,TITO ...
And Bernard you are the next.

Yikes! LOL. Hey there! You're not the first cat to tell me I was crazy. I've got so many Felix Trinidad fans e-mailing me and telling me I'm crazy that I'm almost convinced that I need to calla shrink soon! On a serious note, I'm very glad you read the article and responded. Honestly, I do love Trinidad and I don't think he's gonna lie down for Winky Wright at all. I hope you don't think at all that I was undermining Tito's talents. I am a huge Tito fan and I was merely making a prediction. The concept of this match was great from the get-go. I actually interviewed Winky before his second fight with Shane Mosley and he wanted Tito then. Now that's bravery. Felix just up and saying "OK. Let's go." speaks volumes for him. I did say that Tito is a future hall of Famer, I believe. And I believe that 100%. I basically predicted that it wasn't gonna be a walk in the park. I'm an absolutely fair writer, too. If Trinidad wins, I will certainly be the first to throw out my congrats. Just the same, if Wright wins, I will not be one of those nasty-ass "I told you so!" kind of creeps. That's just bad sportsmanship.

And yes, I would absolutely love to see a Hopkins-Trinidad rematch.

Once again, thanks big time for reading the article! I absolutely appreciate it.

Luis Cruz opines:
I am new to this forum but in all honesty I will make clear that I am a Tito fan.  I do give Wright a chance, this is what makes boxing unique.  But I feel that it is Tito who will decide the outcome depending on how he comes out to fight and not Wright.  It is my humble opinion that if Tito fights like the Tito of old he should not have a problem getting pass Wright's guard. By this I mean that if Tito digs to the body early Winky will eventually drop his guard and won't last. Wright is in no way a push over but neither is Tito.  Tito to me is the more seasoned and experienced fighter of the two.  He has been dropped on several occasions but he only loss once.  Also in my personal opinion, a boxer with a suspect chin would be one who falls and cannot continue, one who cannot absorb a hard blow and fall out of conciousness.  With the exception to his loss against the bigger more experienced Hopkins he rose to his feet and knocked out most if not all of the fighters who dropped him.  He has the true warrior's heart and I believe that he should dispose of Wright.  How should be the appropriate question? Either way, like every boxing fan out there, I just hope it's not a boring match.

First off, Luis, thank you for being so open-minded. Seeing a ray of hope (and from what it sounds like you’re giving Wright a decent one) for Winky is groovy. That tells me that you’re taking him seriously as an opponent for your man. You’re not alone in your assessment of Tito being more seasoned than Winky. He’s had the better challengers overall in his career but that’s also because a bigger spotlight has been shined upon him. Fighters want to try and beat Tito and that works to his benefit. Your definition of a “suspect chin” does vary from mine, though, because even if you get right back up, you still lose that point and if you have a penchant for being dropped, that just works against you in the end. You can have all the heart in the world but if your chin is like fry bread, you’ll get all ate up.

I’m with you, my brother. After last weekend, these characters have a helluva bar to raise.

Another anonymous reader shares: 

You know, you may have a point there, Anonymous guy. I just might not know anything about boxing because somedays I wonder, “If Mike Tyson took on Oscar De La Hoya, who would win?”

You got me, bro’. I’m just like all of those celebrities who get into fights for free and pretend they know Thing One about the sport. But the funny thing is, how many of them have ever heard of Ronald “Winky” Wright? But you may be right and I may be crazy. Because everyone knows that if you like Winky, you “don’t know nothing about boxing.” By the way, turn off your “Caps Lock” key. Thanks, little buddy.

The very cool Jeff Mayweather says:
Great story and great assessment of the fight We are both on the same page that Wink  can very well win this fight. I also wrote an stating that Wink has a great chance at pulling this one off.The only difference to me is that Winky has to find that Winky of old and use his legs to create distance between him and Tito and use faints to throw Tito's rhythm off. Tito has horrible balance and lateral movement gives him fits. Anyway this is Jeff Mayweather and it's good to see that I'm not out on an Island all by myself when it comes to this fight.

Jeff, it’s a huge pleasure for me to receive an e-mail from a guy who knows what being in that ring is like and now knows what slinging the vocab is like. Boy, am I glad you wrote. I was starting to think I was insane with all these amateur head shrinks telling me so. Seriously, I do agree with you about Winky’s movement. That’s a major concern of mine and something he and Dan Birmingham should have focused on for this fight. Who knows? Maybe The Winkster’ll surprise us.

I’m just as happy to see you on this island as you are to see me. Let’s just make sure we’ve got plenty of beer, “Cedric the Entertainer-style” and a copy of Corrales-Castillo to watch over and over again. Thanks big time, Jeff.

Antonio Melendez writes:
Maybe you have some point right, but always have a But, You remember all the great lefty boxers that Tito already beat it. Jake Rodriguez(140 ),Hector Camacho &
The triple word champion Pernell “sweetpea”Withaker. All of them better boxers than Wrinkly maybe the pounds can be a factor…but not in this case. Maybe our “campeon” won’t knock him out but he will win. Remember the fight of Vargas with Wrinkly , use that fight for an example… them think if Wrinkly get tire after 5 rounds,

What you think is going to happens??????

It’s tough to predict Trinidad’s performance against Wright (“Wrinkly”?) by his fights of old against Rodriguez, Camacho and Whitaker. Rodriguez was a lifetime ago (almost 14 years!) when Tito was a smaller welterweight, Camacho was over 11 years ago and Whitaker, IMO, still had a boatload of problems still stemming from his positive test for cocaine from one fight prior with Andrei Pestriaev. You also can’t feasibly use Vargas-Wright as a template because depending on who you ask, Winky won that one and has been over 5 years removed from the experience.

I’ve just got a zany feeling we might be surprised, Antonio.

Winky supporter Robert Jackson chimes in:

Hey man, I absolutely agree the Winky can defeat Tito! Here are my ‘ifs’  that will make Winky’s triumph possible; 1) develop punching power, 2) lateral movement and 3) punching from angles! Evander Holyfield earlier in his career worked on punching power drills and had more KO’s! Winky is a ‘straight on’ puncher he needs to be able to punch sideways and at/from angles after moving laterally! He had a much tougher time against Mosley during the 2nd fight because Mosley didn’t stay straight in front of Winky, like in the 1st fight! His victories over Shane Mosley were good but not defining, because Mosley like Oscar De La Hoya started out professionally as Jr Lightweight! I think Mosley would’ve been a better fighter at Welter and Super welter if he had made a 2 or 3 year stop at Jr welter! If Winky doesn’t add the aforementioned new twists to his game Tito will dominate him!

Robert, you are so right on in your analysis. Like I said in the article, Mosley was "divisionally troubled". He just wasn't home and that's OK! I wouldn't want Winky to get too confident because of the wins he has over Shane.

 Winky's forward movement is very good but he's going against someone with the same philosophy, but that someone hits a helluva lot harder!! You are very right about Winky needing to stick to the extra intangibles.

 I'm glad you dug the piece, man! I appreciate when fans can read an analysis and understand where I'm coming from. I've gotten so many e-mails where people are telling me I'm nuts and just downright goofy. They're actually all very funny, honestly I don't take offense at all. I'm just glad fans read my work! Thank you very much for reading it too, Robert. Also, thank you for supporting Doghouse Boxing!

Gracious Trinidad supporter Eduardo Espinosa approaches his man’s chances analytically:
Hello Duran
First of all do people ever call you Hands of Stone?

I just read your article on the Winky vs Tito fight and I enjoyed reading the article very much and it was well written.

I agree with you that winky is going to give Tito a good fight unlike most of Tito’ fans who believe Tito is going to win easily.

I’ve been catching a lot of grief from my fellow Latino/Puerto Rican brothers saying that I believe Winky can win, in my opinion his master boxing skills are on the same level of that of Tito, but the big thing is that Wiinky is a southpaw and is hard to hit, because I believe he has better defense that Felix.  I don’t think Wright is as strong as Felix, but if he can stick to his game plan by moving and using that right jab, along with his hard lefts he can confuse Tito, BUT sooner or later Felix is going to land that  hard left hook to the body and the head and his skills are just as good, he has  a good jab and I don’t think Winky has the power to hurt Felix. It will be interesting to see how Wright reacts when Felix lands the big shots, but if he sticks to his game plan and take Felix deep into the water, Felix might get frustrated and open himself for Wrinky.

My prediction is that I believe that Felix is just a little too strong for Winky I predict a close decision victory for Tito, but like I told other boxing fans I won’t be the least bit surprise of Winky pull of a split decision.

Write back let me know your thoughts about my prediction.
Thank you

Hey, Eduardo!
I've gotten "Hands of Stone" before but more "Paws of Stone" since I'm Coyote.  I think your prediction isn't unlike mine. I'd say we were pretty much thinking alike! I don't think Winky can hurt Tito but he can frustrate him and we might see that frustration come out in the ways that it did when Tito took on Fernando Vargas. Boxing is the theater of the unexpected and anything is possible here. This is a frighteningly even match-up that, truthfully, either guy can win. I'm thinking split decision, too, Eduardo. Whatever happens tho', I like to be a great sport about it.
I'm glad you liked the article. It's very flattering to get responses from fans who understand where I'm coming from. Thank you very, very much for your support! 

An anonymous Winky supporter says:
I think that Winky Wright has the style to perhaps beat Trinidad by decision. Trinidad has always had problems with fighters who can box, like Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins. When a fighter does not stand in front of Trinidad, by boxing him side-to-side, Felix can't plant his feet to throw his power punches. In fact, he is open to a counter, which Winky is capable of doing.

Also, Winky Wright is a superb boxer and defensive fighter with fast hands. I think Trini may have trouble landing his power punches against Winky. Winky will not stand toe-to-toe to trade punches with Felix. He will simply try to outbox him.

Well, I am picking Winky to win by decision.

I believe that Trinidad will have that same kind of difficulty against Wright that he had with De La Hoya and Hopkins. Wright needs to embrace good overall movement, though, because although it can pay dividends, sometimes, good head movement isn’t enough. I’m down with your view, guy. Thanks!

“Coyote sounds good, but not smart” says anonymous:

Sounds good but not smart Tito has also fought a crafty south paul in Whitaker and dominated him, with leftys Tito is patient but devastating! one thing you have to do to beat Tito is you must hurt him Mayorga can take a punch but he did hurt him but in the end Tito is too much now the ? is can Winky hurt Tito ? in my opinion it is a flat out no! so what must winky do? he must run lets not kid around here dont bet on it Tito will K.O Winky b/c Winky cannot hurt him look back at winkys fights and you tell me who has he hurt? whats Tito gets a wiff of this he will keep the pressure on and he will eventually catch you one way or the other look for a couple of low blows to piss off Winky and Tito will start working the body sorry pal Tito by a vicious k.o 8th round.

Trust me, Winky will not hurt Tito but that doesn’t mean he won’t score. Like I mentioned to Antonio Melendez earlier, Whitaker was a different beast when Trinidad defeated him. I can definitely expect some low blows, however. They seem to come out when the going gets tough. But you never know. Maybe they won’t bother Winky. Some “south pauls” are pretty tough.

Roberto Figueroa is quite angry with America’s Grooviest Canid. Here’s why:
Are you crazy.... you suppose to know boxing... recently I was reading a column on and your analysis was like a man who want to win 9 millions dollar on the lottery with only 1 dollar... come on you know more than that Winky Wright is not that good when you compare with Tito and not only Tito.. fighters like Mosley did two good fights with him, a fighter like Daniel Santos, Travis Ouma would be good fights for him because he can win or loose but he can do something....instead of Tito is too much for him....... I'm not a proffesional comentarist but I will said that Tito won the fight on  8 .........  save this message for your records.

I’m saving this message, guy, along with all the others so I can present them to a potential therapist in the future. With all this evidence of my lack of mental instability, I’m a shoe-in for a nice comfy strait-jacket. And there are other insane whack-a-doos just like Yours Truly in the fight business. If you’ve read the latest issue of The Ring, you’ll find that IBF Junior Middleweight titleholder Kassim Ouma (Is he related to this “Travis Ouma” you mentioned?),’s Dan Rafael, Oscar De La Hoya, Newark Star-Ledger’s Frank McNeil, Las Vegas Review Journal’s Kevin Iole, New Jersey Herald News’ Keith Idec, HBO’s Jim Lampley and ESPN2’s Joe Tessitore are just as cracked as I am. Maybe we can all share a padded cell and talk about boxing.

Fernando Iglesias gets down:
My friend I read your comments about Trinidad-Wright fight and it was a great disgrace than someone wrote that Trinidad would lose by split decision even when Wrigt is fighting for the first time in 160 pounds and you even mentioned that in your article (What an expert!).

If you saw past fights ok Winky, he get slower during 7 to 12 round and now he carry 6 more official pounds imagine what could happens when Tito (160 solid pounds) touch him with lemon (as we said here in Puerto Rico) and feel a pure solid punch not as soft as Shane Mosley 154 balloon ponds.

Sorry my friend but your so called boxing guy doesnt appear to know too much about boxing even when dont  mentioned the pound factor in your public article and doesnt exposed others factors that can inclinate the balance in favor of our " Gran Campeon Puertoriqueño" (this is the exact way to write it).

PS. When Tito wins please write another article gaving yours excuses to Tito and his fans because when someone make a mistake it is for Gentlemans to say sorry and cowards to hide in his mistakes.
Fernando Iglesias

A disgrace? Damn, you’d think I threw down the red, white and blue of Puerto Rico. C’mon, guy. Get a grip.

Who cares about the 6 extras pounds Wright’ll carry in the ring? It’s not like it’ll affect his “ power” and it won’t exactly make him look like De La Hoya looked against Felix Sturm, now would it? And if you actually read the article instead of just looking at the pictures, you would’ve noticed that I didn’t say that it was a lock for Wright to win and that I gave plenty of props to “Gran Campeon Puertoriqueno” (for the record, I just added “El” to mine, Captain Spell Check.)

If Tito wins fairly, I won’t make any excuses for Wright or anyone else because A) It’s not a mistake to make a prediction and B) if Wright wins, I’m not going to run around and say “I told you so.” That’s your job.

Here’s a quickie:

I agree with you on wright's split decision over trinidad, however hbo poll say's knock out trinidad.

Thanks, man (or ma’am. I don’t know.). Hey, polls are polls. This mailbag’s sure coming off like one, huh?

Steven Boucher throws in his two cents:

Wow Coyote you're probably the only writer that I've heard that think Wright will win against Tito. I'm not one of the Tito fanatics, but I do thinkthat Tito will KO Wright and will do it within the 1st 6-7 rounds. I justdon't see Wright being able to do anything that will steer Tito out of hispath. He does have an above average defense and a good jab, but to steer clear of Tito's power I think you either have to have great movement or something to back him up with and to me Winky doesn't have either. He just pretty much stands in front of you and you CANNOT do that with Tito or you'll get KTFO. What are you thinking about the Gatti -vs- Mayweather fight?

I appreciate your opinion, Steve. Like many Tito fans, you’re focusing on the concrete merits of Tito’s style and I’m hoping that Winky’s aware of these same merits. Winky does need some serious footwork if he thinks he’s gonna dazzle Tito into confusion. I hope Wright and trainer Dan Birmingham have taken this into consideration. Gatti vs. Mayweather? Call me crazy, young brave, but I’m going with a reverted “Blood and Guts” Gatti by 11th round KO………Damn. There goes my inbox.

Jose Mercado says:

I disagree with you, you did not mentioned the fact that Winky is coming up in weight to face a Heavier Puncher in Tito.  Who has Winky Beat?  Bronco McGart, Mosley that came from 135 Pounds.  Tito by Knock Out.  On the 8th!
Jose Enrique Mercado

Disagreements not withstanding, Jose, I didn’t need to mention that Winky was coming up to 160 from 154 to face a heavier puncher. I figured everyone knew that. It’s tantamount to me saying, “Hey, guys……I might be wrong, but I’ll bet when that Kent guy takes off his eyeglasses, he’ll look a lot like…….Superman!………” And it’s not like Mosley came up to 154 straight from the lightweight division. Be reasonable, my excellent friend!

Oh, by the way, the fight’s on the 14th, not the 8th.

So there you have it. I might just be crazy but I’m sticking to my guns, kids. All kidding aside, I thank everyone who shot me an e-mail for caring so much about his or her fighters. It just goes to show that when fans are passionate about their favorites, great debates are born. Much like great fans.

And I’m personally glad you were born.

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