Manny Pacquiao the Great
By Eric Marks, Doghouse Boxing (May 5, 2009)  
Can Manny Pacquiao fight again soon, like say every month? Manny Pacquiao’s destruction of Ricky Hatton has left us begging for more of this sensational fighter. It was quick work for two plus months of training…so hopefully he can get back in the ring ASAP. Any potential fight with the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Juan Manuel Marquez winner would probably not occur until December of this year—seven months from now. That seems like a long way off for fans who crave seeing this phenomenon fight. We heard the names of Shane Mosley and Miguel Cotto being tossed around as potential opponents, and a fight with Mosley could be made sooner, like say September. This would also give Pacquiao the chance to claim a belt in yet another weight class, the welterweight division.

Pacquiao must assess what is in his best interest, and of course a potential Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight is the biggest prize to be made in boxing, thus fighting Mosley or Cotto first jeopardizes this possibility. Nevertheless, either fight would be huge and winnable for Pacquiao, despite Cotto and Mosley’s power and size advantage. Can you imagine Pacquiao winning a title in a seventh weight class? Hell, maybe he could fight the dangerous but vulnerable junior-middleweight champion Vernon Forrest for the chance to win a title in his 8th weight class.

It probably is the right thing for Pacquiao to remain idle and fight the Marquez/Mayweather winner on July 18th, which is what will likely happen. And fans will just have to exercise a little patience for the next six or seven months. With some already cementing ‘Pac Man’ as the greatest ever, beating Mayweather (assuming he beats Marquez) would further the case and certainly create the biggest fight in recent memory. The only question that remains is who would win: Pacquiao or Mayweather? Let the debate begin.

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