Shane Mosley's Turn
By Eric Marks, (Sept 11, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Like Felix Trinidad and Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley will get a crack at Ricardo Mayorga in a fight set for September 27th, 2008. Like Felix Trinidad and Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley will be fighting a crossroad fight of sorts against a trash-talker. And like Felix Trinidad and Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley will knock out Ricardo Mayorga.

It really is the perfect fight for Mosley given he hasn’t fought for a while and lost his previous fight by
a close decision to Miguel Cotto. Fighting a high profile but skill deficient opponent like Mayorga boosts one’s stock, provides a nice payday, and is as close to a guaranteed victory as one can get. There really is no reason Mosley should not win with ease thereby ensuring a big follow-up fight.

Mayorga is in some ways very fortunate to get this fight. His most recent win last year against a severely diminished Fernando Vargas permitted this fight to occur. Nevertheless, Mayorga seems to have nine lives; and like Zab Judah, he continues to find himself in high profile fights despite performing poorly (for the most part) against elite competition.

For those who may have forgot, Mayorga’s two wins against Vernon Forrest gave him status so to speak; but he really has not won any significant fights since beating Forrest several years ago. Some have used the absurd logic (particularly Mayorga himself) that since Mayorga beat Forrest twice and Forrest beat Shane Mosley twice, then Mayorga will beat Mosley. Of course we know styles make fights and Mayorga doesn’t really have a style other than trying to take his opponents head off (though he smokes his cigarettes in style). Nonetheless, let’s consider it for a moment.

Perhaps the thing that Mayorga has going against him the most is that Mosley has a solid chin, making a Mayorga KO unlikely. Otherwise, Mosley is faster, moves better, more technically sound, and an overall smarter fighter. Consequently, Mayorga (with his slight size advantage) will probably try to bulk up before the fight in an effort to bully Mosley in the ring to achieve the knockout. Mosley will be able to pick his shots at will and dodge the Mayorga assault.

The fans may win in this one, as the fight should be action-packed while it lasts, with Mayorga probably generating some entertaining antics along the way. However, Shane Mosley may be the one who is smoking a Nicaraguan cigarette after the fight as he celebrates in victory.

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